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DesignAShirt Customer Reviews and Testimonials


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The customer service from Stephanie is unbeatable. She is helpful, prompt and efficient. The quality of the shirts- including the printing- is really good. You can't find as nice quality for the price!

Megan K. | Feb 23, 2017

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So grateful and exactly what we wanted! Thank you!

Scott B. | Feb 22, 2017

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What a great experience doing business with DesignAShirt, even after we ran into a bit of a design hiccup. I had submitted my own designs in the studio, unfortunately the file type I used was .png. which was less than optimal and ultimately put my order on a temporary hold. The team at DesignAShirt was prompt to notify me of this issue and even made suggestions in their notification of ways to try and resolve the issue. I was able to provide them with a slightly better file. One with a slight better resolution, but had lost some image quality overall . The DesignAShirt Art team took it, and went to work in an attempt to restore some of that lost quality. Communication was quick and responsive with customer service and my order was fulfilled on time and shipped, arriving by the original expected date. The shirts look absolutely amazing, each with a crisp, clean, and high quality print. I am very happy with this outcome! Outstanding job DesignAShirt team, Thank you! Regards, Randy Forshay

Randy F. | Feb 21, 2017

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Excellent product, wonderful customer service, easy-to-use website -- no complaints, only positives.

Kris | Feb 21, 2017

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Overall I have been really pleased with my experience with Design A Shirt. Your print quality is the best! I did have one set of shirts that were printed with errors, so that was a bit of a downer (and that is why I put 4 stars for this particular order instead of 5). Your customer service however has been truly excellent at rectifying my problem. Samantha has been with me every step of my order and she has been really patient with all my questions. Her responses are always prompt, clear, positive, and helpful. She's really the BEST, and you should give her a raise. She's been outstanding. I had a suggestion about your website. I think it would be really cool if you updated your website to accommodate for many different types of orders and colors of various products at once. It would make ordering a lot easier if I was able to order several different colors and products all at once in one large order. Maybe even a group ordering type of setup, where people could all submit a payment together. I think that would be pretty cool. Just an idea. Thank you again for your quality, prices, and amazing customer service. I'll be ordering from you again in the future for sure.

Matthew T. | Feb 19, 2017

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