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FedEx did not deliver my package to the correct address. I needed the shirts for a presentation I was doing out of town. Megan from customer service contacted me and immediately remedied the situation. She had the shirts re-printed and shipped to me in the city where I was delivering the presentation. The customer service was excellent and the shirts were awesome too. Thank you, Design A Shirt, for being an outstanding company!

Vera P. | Jan 12, 2019

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Excellent service, great product!

Katie A. | Jan 07, 2019

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shirts were good quality and shipped on time

Anthony V. | Jan 06, 2019

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Everyone loved their sweatshirts, my wife and daughters felt it a great gift in remembrance of our son, their brother who was killed in Afghanistan 2011. The silhouette is actually him kneeling and praying. Excellent work.

Travis V. | Dec 29, 2018

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You're an excellent company and I'm local, so I plan to patronize you as often as possible. My only complaint on my last order was that the color was far too saturated. No doubt it was my artwork, but I had no guide to know how to set it up on Photoshop to account for dot gain and whatever else happens on cloth. Would it be possible for you to place some properly adjusted sample photos on your website, especially face shots, that can be downloaded to our photo editors and used as "the standard" to allow us to adjust our photo(s) to match contrast, saturation, etc before sending them to you? Thanks, and thanks for being here in the Valley.

Jerry G. | Dec 27, 2018

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