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DesignAShirt Customer Reviews and Testimonials


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Love the shirts, they turned out amazing!!

Graham M. | May 24, 2017

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I liked the customization ability for the graphics better than Custom Ink.

Christine B. | May 23, 2017

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Was easy to upload our graphic and choose the shirts. Customer service was wonderful to work with since we needed different sized graphic for our range of shirts. We started rehearsals today and passed out the shirts, everyone loved them! I ordered the cheaper shirts and was nicely surprised at the thickness of the shirts. Thank you!

Mary A. | May 22, 2017

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I found the site easy to navigate and use. When I placed and order it arrived on schedule which is important. The associates dedication to getting the order done and to the satisfaction of the purchaser was wonderful after experiencing an issue with the initial product. Through ease of communication they offered to fix the issue and send me a a product that was exceptional and at no additional cost.

Richard A. | May 22, 2017

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Excellent customer service! Had an issue with the shirt that wasn't the fault of Design a Shirt and they fixed it right away! Thanks for great service and a great product!

Tyler M. | May 21, 2017

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