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Custom Ink Colors For Your T-Shirts


You’re so happy once you have a custom logo or design created with custom ink colors representing your brand. But when you come to get it printed on a t-shirt you find that the “green” you had came out blue, or the “yellow” came out orange. This poses a problem, obviously, because your logo was green and yellow NOT blue and orange. If you could only have requested custom ink colors for your t-shirts.

Well at we have a specialized custom ink coloring service for your t-shirts upon request. We know that your custom ink colors in your logo or design are important to you. Getting you the right product you paid for is what we do best.


All custom ink colors are created in house per your specifications. We can get your custom pantone colors over the phone or you can even send in a printed sample of your design and we’ll match it!

Our certified custom ink color specialists will match any color to your garment or phone specifications. We are printers, it’s what we do. We use high quality ink colors to customize your orders to fit your branded logos or designs.

Start using our custom ink coloring to fit your printing around your needs. Start Designing and phone in your order, and we will do the rest.

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