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Finding a local printer for custom t-shirts used to be a challenging task. Before the internet, and online design studios, you would rely on local screen printers for quality, price, and product availability. If you couldn't find the perfect blend of these three requirements, you were stuck searching for another printer. Aside from being time consuming, there were few resources like customer reviews, access to reputable brands, and easy forms of contact to make the process seamless. As garment customization grew, and the merch industry exploded, decorators needed to meet the needs of customers in a new way.

By now, you're familiar with online review platforms that help build trust. Platforms like Google, Yelp, and website reviews help lend credibility for a t-shirt printer. Reviews encompass both service and product. DesignAShirt has collected a 4.9/5 service review rating since 2003. While many of these customers may have sought a local screen printer, the ability to ship orders nationwide in a few short days has brought all the important elements to you, directly. Two week delivery has since become a 10-day free delivery. You no longer have to bring in a copy of your artwork or company logo on a disc or jump drive. Files can be uploaded direct to our Design Studio and saved on your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, and more. You can preview your art on various t-shirt styles as well including 100% ring spun cotton and blends such as CVC and tri-blends. Here are a few advantages to an online design studio.

  • See your artwork on your favorite merch in realtime before you order.
  • View available products you can customize from tshirts, to hoodies, to tanks tops, and more.
  • Get real-time quotes on custom apparel and adjust your volumes to find pricepoints that meet your budget.
  • Switch between front and back to create multiple artwork placements.
  • Choose between colors that contrast well with your artwork. 


Design Studio

DesignAShirt Design Studio


Do I Still Need A Local Printer?

Local printers created an entire industry of custom apparel decoration. They will always be crucial to local business and economies. We started out as one over 30 years ago before starting an online service. What changed was the need of how to meet our customers. We no longer rely on the phone book to find a printer and the tools to research a printer are merely a few clicks away today. The question today is more aptly; what benefit does a local printer offer? If you prefer the in-person relationship of a local printer, then they are hard to beat (unless you're in Arizona, in which case, come see us anytime). Repeat customers typically prefer an ongoing relationship. Many of our customers know our Customer Service representatives by name.

As times have changed, and people are busier, the ability to stop in to meet in person has become more rare. To accommodate this, we've strengthened our communication with live chat, ticketing systems, and our toll-free phone number 888-487-4478. Social media channels also help clients reach out to us including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. If you can find a printer dedicated to good communication, you're in good hands, but that's not all that matters when choosing a printer.


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What Products Can I Customize?

Here's a big industry secret. Most commercial screen printers do not inventory all of their products. The products available to you for customization are frequently changing, and occasionally out of stock locally. Instead, we leverage a robust network of providers to complete your order. Need an order of 800 Hanes Beefy-T shirts in Dallas, TX by the end of the month? We may receive 200 from Los Angeles, 300 from Reno, and the rest from Denver. We can usually do all of this and have you order to you within the free 10-day delivery window. Sometimes we can do it even sooner. As you can see, the network a printer uses is very important to your order's success. 

Our network is not limited to a single supplier. Each supplier has a relationship with a manufacturer and may have different inventory levels of product. As you can see, a lot goes on within the 10-day fulfillment window for your custom t-shirts. You want to be certain that your order arrives on time. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. From product variety, to ease of ordering, and fast and free shipping, we are here to help. If you are local, we also offer pick-up as an option for your custom apparel. 


DesignAShirt Fulfills Your Merch From All Over The Country


How Fast Can I Get Custom T-Shirts Shipped To Me?

You may think a local printer is your quickest path to getting your shirts in hand. In most cases, we begin the process of ordering your product once your order is placed. Since you can upload artwork from the comfort of your couch, we can have your order processing before you would have left your driveway. We have one of the fastest delivery windows in the industry! Now that you know how many elements go into preparing to print your custom shirts, know that our free 10-day delivery isn't our only option. We have two rush options available you; quick and lightning. We have a timer on our homepage that will let you plan ahead on your order. You can use this countdown timer to determine which option best fits your needs. Keep in mind, various formats of decoration are available to you. Reach out to us to confirm your order, so we can help ensure we can meet your delivery needs.

We ship with some of the most well-known providers on the planet to get your order to you safely. Fedex, UPS, and USPS are various methods we use to meet delivery deadlines. We always recommend planning ahead. If you're still in the process of researching, feel free to contact us for more information on delivery timeframes. If you're still researching on t-shirt pricing, read more below.


DesignAShirt Delivery Calendar

DesignAShirt Delivery Options



Do Local T-Shirt Printers Have Better Pricing?

When shopping for custom t-shirts, pricing is a factor to consider. While larger printers have invested resources to improve your experience (higher quality machines, inks, web resources, customer service, etc) it should also be noted that our volume means better pricing for you. As we grew in size, so did our ability to purchase new brands, at better price points, to pass on to you. Our shipping volume means more affordable shipping costs, a critical consideration when meeting delivery deadlines. 

We would be remiss if we didn't mention data. When you fulfill hundreds of thousands of custom shirt orders, you have the ability to learn more about how to reach the customer within a timeframe, what products are the most popular (and dependable), and how volume affects pricing. Local t-shirt printers might not have this data and operate on an older, arbitrary volume, price point scale. That was us once upon a time. Today, we accommodate custom garment orders of all types. Single digital orders to bulk orders receive the same attention to detail, delivery options, and guaranteed quality. Our growth impacted more than just pricing, we can now offer free graphic design!


DesignAShirt Volume Pricing

DesignAShirt Volume Pricing


What Images Can I Use For Free On A T-Shirt?

This is one question we get often. Knowing what images you can use for yourself, or to resell apparel, is a common concern for anyone designing their own merchandise. This is why we developed T-Shirt Concierge™. Let's be honest, it's a ton of fun to design your own custom shirts but creating custom art for your shirts can be a challenge. With T-Shirt Concierge™, you have direct access to our team of graphic artists. Submit your design goals, and inspiration, and we will do the rest. We will handle the process of providing artwork you can legally use, with a rapid turnaround on artwork. This service is currently free of charge and is available to you by clicking the link below to get started. 

No more guessing about what you can print on a shirt or hiring expensive graphic artists. Here are a few benefits to using DesignAShirt for your custom artwork.

  • Professional graphic artists who are familiar with t-shirt design.
  • Rapid turnaround on art requests to help meet your deadline.
  • No need to worry about unapproved artwork or legal issues.
  • Custom artwork that is prepped for ink color-separation. 
  • It's free!

T-Shirt Conceirge


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