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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Roxy the Pug

My father is obsessed with our pug named Roxy. I took a picture of her a little while ago, and used the picture as a reference to make this colorful portrait of her. After several days I was able to successfully get the look I was hoping for. This design was mainly created to put on a t-shirt for Christmas.

Move on with Your Day

My step dad always yells at us if we are arguing and tells us to move on with our day so I had to make this shirt for him.

Order of Importance

If our family was a band, one of our twins would be John Lennon, the other Paul McCartney, so who's to say who should go first. Clearly we needed two versions of our very own band member t-shirts.

Cheesy Family

We printed a rock-band t-shirt with our family member names. Why? Cuz we're cheesy like that, just like our son's sandwich.

100th Birthday Party

My grandmother's 100th Birthday Party

Creekside Music

Saving an old building in historic downtown Frankfort, we wanted to bring our design to life so we could share our new music store with the community. Design a shirt did an amazing job. We are very pleased with the quality and ease of working with you. These shirts will be flying out the door. Thank you so much.

Rockin' My New The Movement Clothing Shirt

I have a clothing line entitled, The Movement Clothing, which takes a STAND against Bullying, Suicide, Violence, and Racism.

Catalyst Customs

My Hot rod shop needed new shirts, what better idea than printing a pic of our latest build then put shirt on cutest model we could find!

Helia Inc. - Of the Sun

This is our company shirt! That, in and of itself is awesome because it's not the cookie-cutter software designer silicone-valleyish-style shirt. So I took it skydiving with me. It's additionally cool because our company name is Helia, which means "of the sun", and I'm throwing it out of a plane in the sky; there's some correlation to be made by smarter people than myself.

Infected Rain - You're Intoxicating

"There's this really cool band called - Infected Rain - that is always really appreciative to their fans and they have been struggling to pay for everything because they don't have a major label yet. The band is really amazing, so I hope you'll check them out.
I hope I win because I'm going to make 50 of these custom shirts and give them to the band for free to help them. Sadly, I just lost my job, but I already promised to do this. The plan is that the band can sell the shirts as a limited edition with band signatures and keep the money because they really need it for touring expenses.
Please help my friends in the band Infected Rain and vote for me. I want to make like 50 more shirts like the one I'm wearing in the picture. Mine was a single shirt order to check quality, which is very nice I might add."