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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Adcock Pew

"Adcock Family Reunion July 22, 2017
We had these great tee shirts for our annual family reunion to show we are a branch of the Adcock Family Tree. This is where our family tree started and has grown into many, many branches."


We wanted every one to know who they were speaking with in person and to get our name out. The shirts do both, personal name on front, business name on back.

Vi Green Team Cleanup

We ordered these shirts to help support a group down in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands that volunteers every other Saturday to help cleanup the island. We take suggestions and come up with a location that is in need of help the most, from beach cleanups to cleaning up busy roads up the mountains, we do it all and for the main cause of bringing the beauty back to the Virgin Islands.


I've began doin my own t shirt business and this was my first design.

6th Annual Aunt Season Weekend

Every year I take my kids and nieces away for an extended weekend that we call Aunt Season Weekend! We spend a day at an amusement park, a zoo, and doing other fun things as well as lots of swimming in the hotel. Each year we pick a different location and have been to Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, and Disney. This year, the 6th Annual Aunt Season Weekend was held in Erie, PA, and we had a blast. We buy t-shirts each year, but these were the best quality shirts we've had so far. Will certainly be a repeat customer...thank you!

Doe Lake

Design-a-Shirt asked for a photo of me wearing the shirt you printed for us. The attached photo was taken on Saturday, July 1st, 2017 - Canada Day - in Huntsville Ontario, Canada. Today marks the 150th year since Confederation when Canada became a country. Algonquin Provincial Park lies just outside Huntsville. The park is over 3000 square miles and remains largely a wilderness, to this day.

GreenMouse Summer Intern Program

We needed our interns to look dazzling as we foster philanthropy in the Silicon Valley this summer. We currently have 5 amazing summer interns from Santa Clara County's "Intern & Earn" program, they are playing a HUGE part keeping all of the eWaste in Silicon Valley out of the landfills :)

Totality or nothing

I read in an issue of Astronomy magazine about the total solar eclipse coming up on August 21, 2017 The writer made his point of witnessing the eclipse in a location where it will be total. He finished by saying we should make our anthem "Totality or nothing" I am a t-shirt junkie ( I used to make my own) and I wanted to have a shirt with the 3 simple words to remind of this magical event. I searched the Web but found nothing. I had a design of what I wanted so I got with the good folks at Design A Shirt and they worked with me on several fonts and different size of the letters. The rest is, as they say, history.

The Movement

I ordered these shirts to promote positivity and unity in our negative world.

Arizona Terrariums

At the 27th Annual Pine-Strawberry Festival vendors travel from many different states, take long car rides, or air plane rides to arrive here to show off their products. I knew I had to look sharp at this event that's why I ordered tshirts from the best to stand out.