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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Hill Family Christmas Vacation

Went to Colorado from Florida for a Christmas vacation (gift from the parents) - traveled on Christmas Day - wanted all of us to look alike and festive!

Peace Rainbow

I have always loved rainbows, this one appeared via prism in our home so I had to get in on it. The timing had a lot to do with it too as it was right around the first week in November, around the election. I posted the photo on social media in support of peace, love and acceptance for all. I received feedback requesting it on a t-shirt so I went for it and couldn't be happier with the result!

The Healing Component

To find your own self love . We're here to reinvent the human being and give you insight on the power every human being is capable of. To teach how to love ,a natural component to the human being . The healing component. I suppose you can label it simply as a movement of human beings.

EPIC Christmas Cruise

As the designated "t-shirt designer extraordinaire", I once again handled the cruise shirts for our every other year Christmas family cruise. All 13 of us! We easily found each other in our bright blue shirts- they were great, and very comfortable.

Party like it's 1955- Tupperware!

Tupperware Team incentive.

Weightroom Grind

We ordered this shirt for our newly-established fitness apparel brand. The story behind this photograph is quite simply, a blue-collar weightlifter doing what he does, which is grind. Balancing ourselves in order to maintain optimal heath while simultaneously being successful in other, more important aspects of life is what our brand is all about. Design A Shirt is the company that helps us bring our brand to life.


These shirts were ordered for the elementary school fall festival. This is a picture from the photo booth of daughter, mom and grandma all in design a shirt shirts.

Heading to the Inner Kung Fu Game workshop!

At the local Jewish Community Center, once a month we have an Inner Kung Fu Game workshop where we lighten our inner karma. These t-shirts are for the event.

Norris Family Reunion

T-shirts were ordered for our Family Reunion, and they turned out great! Individual families chose different colors for the t-shirt, and it was great fun to see which color everyone picked!

Reppin' Matt's Kimchi Ts

We ordered the shirts part out of demand from family and friends who love these shirts, and part to raise money to grow our kimchi business!