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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Weightroom Grind

We ordered this shirt for our newly-established fitness apparel brand. The story behind this photograph is quite simply, a blue-collar weightlifter doing what he does, which is grind. Balancing ourselves in order to maintain optimal heath while simultaneously being successful in other, more important aspects of life is what our brand is all about. Design A Shirt is the company that helps us bring our brand to life.


These shirts were ordered for the elementary school fall festival. This is a picture from the photo booth of daughter, mom and grandma all in design a shirt shirts.

Heading to the Inner Kung Fu Game workshop!

At the local Jewish Community Center, once a month we have an Inner Kung Fu Game workshop where we lighten our inner karma. These t-shirts are for the event.

Norris Family Reunion

T-shirts were ordered for our Family Reunion, and they turned out great! Individual families chose different colors for the t-shirt, and it was great fun to see which color everyone picked!

Reppin' Matt's Kimchi Ts

We ordered the shirts part out of demand from family and friends who love these shirts, and part to raise money to grow our kimchi business!

Dirty Ditch Dogs

5th year for the Tough Mudder. This is the team. Can't be a team without matching uniforms!!!

GEMS Advancement 2016

I ordered these shirts for GEMS, which is a women's ministry. This was GEMS first event, and we had a blast of a weekend together learning, loving, & laughing.
GEMS stands for God's Exquisite Ministering Stones. We all wore our tshirts the final day of our event and they were a huge hit! The fabric, the fit, and the design were loved by all. Thanks so much!

Lake Canyon Elementary

The mission of Lake Canyon Elementary is to personalize the learning of each and every one of our students through the provision of a quality and meaningful educational experience built upon access to unique and varied opportunities, especially for our students who normally would not have access to these opportunities because of their socio-economic, limited English language, or disability status.

Aimee's Bachlorette

Bachelorette party.

Dot's Forget-Me-Not's

Our team ordered these shirts for a Walk to End Alz. They were all we were hoping for & more! #ENDALZ