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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

2012 Family Turkey Day 5k

"We are family of originally 7 children. Some of us have married and had children. We are now a family of 21. We got everyone together this thanksgiving and did a family 5k to keep up the good year of getting fit!" -Mallory

Thanksgiving Shirt Design: TurkeyBowl turned Snow Bowl

We recently received a submission from a group of football fanatics who show off their Thanksgiving t-shirt designs here. One of the organizers explains:

Every year on Thanksgiving morning we play football. Everyone that participates gets a shirt (thanks DesignAShirt) and we get a great group picture. Last year it dumped over a foot of snow on us while playing- it was crazy! But everyone was still so excited for the shirts they had no problem taking off coats and layers to proudly wear them for the group photo.