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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Legacy Leaders

After school empowerment club for high schoolers. Miami, FL. 

They ALL needed a shirt!!

The girls of Central Cass High 2014.
I decided to surprise my daughter and ordered a few shirts for her and 'her posse' of girlfriends. I used ideas on to get going. After sending her about 16 shirts..she had trouble deciding who to give them too. She 'suggested' to me if I just ordered a couple more, all the girls in her class could have one! The pricing at DesignAShirt was so reasonable I said 'get me the sizes'!! It ended up being 34 shirts for all the girls. These are just some of the girls of the graduating class! Yes, its a small school, but I felt like a King being able to buy ALL the girls a shirt!!  Thanks ANTON SPORT and DESIGNASHIRT!!!

Tempe High Volleyball Team

"Thank you Becky and Anton Sports for the AMAZING work! You all rock!" ~Tempe High VBall

Jewish Twin Sisters

"This is of me and my best friend Jenna. We've been through thick n' thin and no matter what she's still been by my side and I'll always be there for her. This is our last year of high school together and wherever life takes us, I know we won't be too far from one another because nothing can separate Jewish twin sisters. I'm glad I got to work with DesignAShirt because the outcome of the shirts were 10x better then what I expected."

Saguaro Sabercats Robotics Team

School of the Arts Singapore

Thank you, DesignAShirt!

Cover Girls

Without this group of girls, there would be no yearbook covers to sign at the end of the year. And no yearbook could be complete without the first order of business…Yearbook Club shirts and hoodies. ;)

Have a great year Higley High!

Homecoming Float Building

My senior class ordered shirts at the beginning of the year so they would have them to wear for spirit week, pep rallies, the class photo and other events! It has made a difference in class spirit and unity! In this photo, several students were working on our Class Float during spirit week.

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Higley High School

Our committee looked great in our t-shirts and sweat shirts. They really helped us show our school spirit and people were asking where in the school store they could buy them! Thanks DesignAShirt!