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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Great Print - Crazy Daughter

Decided to dust off some old designs of mine from back-in-the-day and try my hand at a small start-up t-shirt line.  I've tried several other print companies for other designs, but this print from Design-A-Shirt is by far the best - colors pop + blacks are black. Las Vegas, NV.

At the concert with Grandson

Someone took this photo and posted it on facebook at the bands last gig.

Montross, Va

Volleyball PawPaw

My dad is a great athlete and a huge competitor (and an Episcopal priest). He has 3 granddaughters who all play volleyball. He had just officiated at a funeral the day his new volleyball t-shirt arrived. He couldn't wait to put it on (over his collar) and demonstrate how he would like to kill a volleyball like his grandgirls :) 

Tyler, Texas


Whatever You Said Sounds Good!

My dad is 87 and has either gotten hard of hearing and/or slow in processing what we say. After repeating ourselves about 3 times he responds with "Whatever you said sounds good!" So I made him a shirt.

"Great. Very easy to design a shirt with a lot of options for fonts." ~Julry

Do Better, Be Better

Jamie (standing in the back left), recently had a brain hemorrhage that resulted in a stroke. She’s recovering well, and had a personal phrase “Do Better. Be Better.” Her family printed it on custom shirts as a fundraiser for her. We wish the best for Jamie and her family and are inspired by her positive outlook and strong resolve. 

Moskovitz Family Vacation

"We took our children and grandchildren to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico's Mayan Riviera to celebrate Don's 70th birthday. We also renewed our marriage vows after 47 years. We all wore our T shirts to the wedding on the beach"

Girls Weekend

"We loved the shirts and I think they actually saved me from getting a ticket!!! After pulling us over, the police officer leaned in, looked at everyone in the minivan, smiled and said, "sooooo, why are you all dressed alike???" Our girls only weekend brought together family from Denver, Kansas City, Austin, and Dallas. It was a fun time of shopping, eating, swimming, laughing, laughing, and laughing!!!"-Lisa

Kate & Gregg Football Sunday T-Shirts!

2012 Family Turkey Day 5k

"We are family of originally 7 children. Some of us have married and had children. We are now a family of 21. We got everyone together this thanksgiving and did a family 5k to keep up the good year of getting fit!" -Mallory