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Judah Dance Ministry

Judah Dance Night of Worship

Five of our children participated in this amazing group during the fall/winter and thoroughly enjoyed it! Everyone wore their shirt for the celebration in January. This is a free ministry in our area and we are truly blessed by it!

"Judah Dance"

"We are a Christian Dance Company that has been around since 2002. Judah had not ordered new shirts for over 10 years but at that time we were still small enough that our costumes could cover everyone for performances and Worship Events. Three years ago we were busting at the end of our wardrobe seams and two years ago we needed HELP. With no money to buy new wardrobe for everyone we decided on T-Shirts that each dancer would purchase however we needed a new design. I sat down and began to design options. Upon approval of our new logo I submitted a rough draft to ""Design A Shirt"" . I did not think they could do anything with my design but they cleaned up the lines and made it into something we could use. They even did two different sizes of art since have dancers that need Youth X Small, all the way up to Adult XXL.
To date we have placed three orders with them and each fall semester we find our selves needing more than the last one.
Our Color this year is ""Cardinal"" and for the first time we also added special shirts for the instructors in a different color."

Spring Break 2.Old

A group of college friends got together for a week long relaxing Cancun vacation that was dubbed "spring break, 2.old".

Rough Giraffet

I started a Body Jewelry/Plug and Tunnel company last year and I wanted to start offering cool merch. This is the first of what will hopefully be a line of similar designs. Really thrilled to have our Rough Giraffet on a shirt! Had really great response to it so far.

Hi Chickie!

We ordered t-shirts to wear to help advertise for Grins & Pickin's CampFarm at the Ohio RV and Boat Show. This photo was taken for our Facebook page before heading out to volunteer at the show. We wanted to suggest that you can camp on a farm and eat fresh eggs too!

Hill Family Christmas Vacation

Went to Colorado from Florida for a Christmas vacation (gift from the parents) - traveled on Christmas Day - wanted all of us to look alike and festive!

Peace Rainbow

I have always loved rainbows, this one appeared via prism in our home so I had to get in on it. The timing had a lot to do with it too as it was right around the first week in November, around the election. I posted the photo on social media in support of peace, love and acceptance for all. I received feedback requesting it on a t-shirt so I went for it and couldn't be happier with the result!

The Healing Component

To find your own self love . We're here to reinvent the human being and give you insight on the power every human being is capable of. To teach how to love ,a natural component to the human being . The healing component. I suppose you can label it simply as a movement of human beings.

EPIC Christmas Cruise

As the designated "t-shirt designer extraordinaire", I once again handled the cruise shirts for our every other year Christmas family cruise. All 13 of us! We easily found each other in our bright blue shirts- they were great, and very comfortable.