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Show & Tell: Show off your custom tees for a chance to win $100!

Pretty in Blue

My wife And I started a small business in appliance & ac repairs so we wanted some shirts to represent!

Serving Our community

Our company wanted a way to become a known group at our local community center. T-shirts have made that possible.

Walk for MS

MS walk Team Giese

Stand Together

For our 27th season closing concert, South Coast Chorale is performing a concert called Stand Together. The music featured is from various social justice movements over the past 100 years. We ordered t-shirts to wear a group during our entry in the Long Beach Pride Parade and to have as a show souvenir.

20th anniversary in St Martin

Family vacation to celebrate 20th anniversary

My daughter sporting my brand

Bought to advertise my brand

LHC Staff

At Lamb Healthcare Center we have the luxury of wearing t-shirts to work as long as they are in good taste. We wear are TShirts to advertise where we work at and what our hospital does for our community. We are very proud of our work place and want to show it.

Ship Faced!!

My husband's 60th birthday celebration with a group of friends on one of the largest cruise ships in the world!

My work hoodie!

My company awarded my department some money for such great job. Everyone wanted to use the money on shirt & hoodies. I googled up the top custom shirt website services and came upon which had excellent reviews. So I designed this hoodie & t shirts with a similar design which are in production and should be arriving this week. Unfortunately we were a little over our budget and couldn't include the hoodies in the shipment. So i decided to order my hoodie with money out of my own pocket which arrived last Friday. It came out pretty AWESOME! I posted this photo of me wearing it to see if i could win the $100 credit which would help ALOT in getting the rest of the hoodies ordered. Heres to hoping.

Catching the big one!

Having a great time in our shirts from Design a Shirt.