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Outline Your Fonts in Illustrator

  • Outline your fonts in 3 easy steps

Outlining your Fonts in Illustrator

Here we give the step by step instructions on how to outline your fonts using Illustrator CS5 and then save your document as .ai or .eps vector formats.

Step One:

Open your file in Illustrator.

Notice the text in our document is editable. We can both add and take away text.

Step Two:

After you have your text exactly as you want it, click on it to select it. Then go to Type ---> Create Outlines. Click Create Outlines.

Saving your Document:

Lastly you need to save the file. Click File --> Save As.

The save as window will appear. Click the "Save As for" bar and in the drop down menu choose "Adobe Illustrator (*AI). You may also choose "Illustrator EPS (*EPS)" which will also preserve the documents vector qualities.

That's it! If you have any questions or need help with your artwork, send an email to or call us at 480.731.3144888-487-4478.

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