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Planning a KickStarter Campaign?

  • We have some great incentives for customers who use DesignAShirt in their kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign

Hey there Kickstarters! DesignAShirt is proud to say that we are offering a great incentive program for customers who use DesignAShirt in their Kickstarter Campaign.

When planning your incentives, take time to think about the DesignAShirt products you will use for your campaign. A custom tote bag with your logo and printed T-shirts work as great incentives to get people excited about your project.

Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to funding your dream project!

  1. Log on to to create and save your design. We will provide a preview image of the product for you to show off as an incentive reward.
  2. Set up your Kickstarter campaign, include your incentive rewards.
  3. When the campaign has concluded, tally up the number of backers for each reward.
  4. Log on to your DesignAShirt account and place the order for the shirts, totes, hats ect. that you have previously created.
  5. Send out your product and enjoy the benefit of your backers representing your cause with awesome custom T-shirts, totes, or other promotional product you designed.

When using for your incentive rewards we will knock $25 off your entire order with a minimum of 12 purchase. If you mention us directly in your campaign we will take off an additional $0.50 per item ordered. i.e. “$35 pledge: Receive an exclusive custom T-shirt featuring our original artwork printed by”

You are under no obligation to order from us at anytime. We simply wish to offer great pricing for Kickstarter projects that are in need of quality incentive rewards. Good luck on your project and we look forward to working with you!

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