Glitter T-Shirt Printing

Elevate your custom prints with this unique ink effect & stand out.

Custom Glitter T-Shirt Printing

All that glitters is not gold but it might just sparkle! Glitter ink on your custom t-shirts is an easy way to make your design pop. From company swag, to apparel brands, this ink effect is a great way to stand out and create a print people want to wear. This article will give you the information you need on types of specialty inks for your custom apparel. When you are ready to create a one-of-a-kind glitter t-shirt design, reach out to us at for your free custom quote.

An Alzheimer's Awareness T-Shirt With Custom Glitter Flake Transfer

Custom Alzheimer's Awaress T-Shirt With Glitter Flake


Can I Print Special Effects On Custom T-Shirt?

Glitter iron-on decals can be a popular choice for adding a touch of sparkle and shine to a custom t-shirt. They can be a fun and easy way to customize a shirt or add some personality to an outfit. Iron-on decals are typically made of a special heat-sensitive material that can be transferred onto fabric using a household iron. Glitter iron-on decals are typically made with a layer of glitter on top of this heat-sensitive material, so the glitter will stay in place even after the decal has been applied. Glitter iron-on decals are a popular choice for t-shirts and other items of clothing, but they can also be used to decorate other fabric items such as tote bags, sweatshirts, and more.

If you looking to add sparkle to your t-shirt design, chances are you're looking to stand out. With no shortage of t-shirts in the world, getting people's attention can be a daunting task. What we often are reminded of when get a glitter, holographic, or speciality ink order is that clients are looking to elevate their message. They're looking to commemorate a family reunion, offer company t-shirts that employees love, or build an apparel brand that will stand out on a crowded retail shelf. The secret you now possess is that screen printing ink is not simply limited to bland colors. The inks you will see below unlock a new level of creativity that will leave people asking how you made it. When the Polytechnic campus at Arizona State University started their 2015 class year, they gave new students a custom t-shirt featuring a print of a lightbulb. This wasn't any lightbulb though, it was glow-in-the-dark ink. It was a unique print that also commemorated the beginning of a college journey while doing something unheard of by lighting up the darkness. The first two styles below are heat transfers. These durable formats feature glitter and holographic affects that are cut from a larger material sheet with an industrial plotter/cutter and applied to your garment with heat. After these two examples, you will find our custom ink applications for screen printing. When you are ready to place your order, you can contact us or submit your design request through our easy-to-use T-Shirt Concierge™.


Glitter Flake Ink Transfers

Glitter Flake heat transfer decals are available in 38 colors. This permanent application of textured glitter is very popular for fashion-forward sorority wear, spirit wear, and flashy sportswear. It can be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. These high quality heat transfers don’t result in flaking glitter and are extremely durable. The high luster, sparkle and shine is ideal as an affordable option to make words and names on decorated merch stand out.

This is an image of a pink glitter flake iron on heat transfer applied to white t-shirts

Glitter Flake Iron On Over A White Bella + Canvas T-Shirt


Custom Glitter T-Shirt Up Close
Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Close Up


Green Glitter Flake On A Custom T-Shirt
Green Glitter Flake On Heathered T-Shirt
Glitter flake close up on a custom t-shirt
Green Glitter Flake Up Close

DesignAShirt applies our glitter flake heat transfers using our industry designed heat press machine. Here's a general outline of the process:

1) We start by having our expert artists review your artwork to ensure it is vectorized and able to be cut from a vinyl sheet with precision. In some cases, the art work is mirrored to appear correctly once applied. 

2) Once the design is cut from a roll on a vinyl plotter, the excess material is removed and the material is prepped for application. 

3) Our Production team will preheat the heat press recommended temperature for the type of fabric you will be applying the transfer to. *This is important as temperatures may also vary by material, as well. It's easy to apply the glitter or halographic material, but more importantly, you need to be certain it bonds permanently. 

4) We place the transfer paper, design-side down, onto the fabric. Cover the transfer with a piece of parchment paper to protect it from direct contact with the heat press or iron.

5) Closing the heat press down onto the transfer, we apply pressure and heat for the recommended amount of time. *This time will vary by product material and vinyl composition. 

6) Remove the heat press and carefully peel away the transfer paper. The glitter flake design should now be permanently transferred onto the fabric.


What to know: Although there has been a rise in DIY solutions with products, such as the Cricut machine, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific type of transfer paper and fabric you are using, as the temperature and timing may vary.


Hologram Ink Transfers

Hologram ink transfers follow similar constraints of glitter flake but feature a prism effect that will add depth to your personalized t-shirts. The rainbow finish catches light and creates a brilliant effect making a bold statement with your branding or team name. Your design would have a smooth feel to it similar to a sticker, but would not peel off when worn or washed.  To apply a hologram ink transfer, you would follow a process similar to the one described above for applying glitter flake heat transfers. 

What to know: The light really sets this style transfer off. Consider this style for outdoor use or well lit environments. 


A photo of a hologram heat transfer on a custom t-shirt

Hologram Heat Transfer On A T-Shirt


A Holographic T-Shirt Up Close
Hologram Printing Example

Crystalina Ink For Screen Printing

Crystalina ink is a type of screen printing ink that is designed to produce a metallic or holographic effect on fabric. It is made with a special blend of pigments and reflective particles that create a shimmering, iridescent finish when applied to fabric. Crystalina ink is applied during our screen printing process, which treats the ink the same way it would a traditional colored ink on a custom t-shirt. The Crystallina ink is then pushed through the screen onto the fabric using a squeegee. The ink is cured by heat. Crystalina ink is often used for printing on t-shirts, bags, and other promotional items. It is especially popular for creating designs with a futuristic or high-tech look.

For screen printing, crystallina is a specialty ink we can apply on top of a solid ink color for a glittery effect. It is a translucent color with specks of glitter included in the clear ink. When printed on top of a solid color (such as pink) we are able to achieve a glitter outcome. Cystallina ink is a fun enhancement that can be used on top of any solid color used for screen printing. We do not recommend printing crystallina by itself. It is intended for printing on top of another color.


Crystalina T-Shirt Printing Up Close
Crystalina T-Shirt Printing

Crystalina Printing Example


Custom Metallic Inks For T-Shirts

Metallic inks are popular for screen printing because they provide a vivid, eye-catching finish. These inks are composed of metallic particles suspended in a liquid base, allowing them to be applied to a variety of surfaces. Metallic inks are available in a range of colors. Metallic inks provide a unique glossy finish that can make any design stand out. In addition, they are incredibly durable and can withstand washing and fading. Metallic inks are perfect for adding a sparkle to any design and can be used to create stunning prints on t-shirts, promotional merch, company swag, and more.

We offer metallic silver, ultra gold shimmer (our shimmery version of metallic gold), and copper. Metallic inks can add classy enhancement to any screen printed order. Your metallic ink of choice can be printed exclusively in a design or combined with other colors.


Custom Metallic Gold Ink T-Shirt

Gold Metallic Printing Example

Custom Metallic Silver Ink T-Shirt

Silver Metallic Printing Example



Crystallina Ink and Metallic T-Shirt Printing Videos

Metallic Ink Custom T-Shirts Video


Crystalina Specialty Screen Printing

Crystalina Specialty Screen Printing Ink Video

Custom Glitter T-Shirt Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum order quantity for glitter t-shirts?

At DesignAShirt, you can order a single custom glitter t-shirt or a thousand! While some glitter formats work better in large volumes, our Customer Service can work with you to find the perfect solution for your custom apparel needs. Design a single glitter t-shirt for yourself or in bulk for your crew or team.

How much does it cost to get a glitter t-shirt printed?

The cost of glitter prints on your custom shirt order depends on a few options: the type of product you are ordering, the quantity being ordered, the decoration method, and the number of print locations. While our team will work with you on the perfect solution, know that the cost of adding this unique look isn't a significant increase. In some cases, it may be no different than adding an additional color to a non-glitter print. 

How do I design a custom glitter t-shirt?

You can create your custom design in our Design Studio. Incorporating glitter into your design requires a little support from our Customer Service team to make sure you get a print you'll love. If using a heat transfer is your preferred decoration, designing with clip art or text may work best. For screen printing, there are few restrictions to creating a glitter print. Contact us for guidance on maximizing your time and creating a design you'll love.

How do I order a custom glitter t-shirts?

You have a few options when placing your order. For a design to go into production, we require the design to be saved in our Design Studio. This can be accomplished by designing on your own, having us create a design for you with T-Shirt Concierge™, or by contacting us at or by phone at 888-487-4478. 

How do I order custom glitter t-shirts for my group?

If you are looking to order glitter t-shirts in bulk, our specialty screen print inks are your best bet. With speciality prints like Crystalina, and glow in the dark ink, there is sure to be a solution for your group. All of our glitter choices require a specialized quote from one of our customer care specialists. So if you’re ready to add glamour, twinkle, glitz, and increase the perceived value of your personalized apparel, call us at 888-487-4478 today. Our team can guide you on the best glitter print solution for your bulk order. Contact us today for details.