Custom Embroidery Services

Make your business stand out with embroidered polos and apparel.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Embroidered Business Polos

Take your company's professional look to the next level with custom embroidered business polos and apparel. DesignAShirt offers a wide range of high-quality polos that can be embroidered with your business logo, name, or any other design you desire. Our embroidery process ensures that your design will not only look sharp, but it will also withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Whether you're looking to outfit your entire team or just want to treat yourself to a personalized polo, custom embroidered clothing is the perfect solution for any business looking to make a lasting impression. Submit your request below and our embroidery experts will follow up with everything you need to get started today.

Top Reasons To Get Custom Embroidered Shirts

Embroidery Fabric Has Versatility

Looking for a way to make your logo or design stand out? Embroidery is the answer! With nearly limitless fabric options, we can embroider on everything from jackets and bags to blankets and polos. Our embroidery process is heavy-duty and produces long-lasting results that won't fade over time, making it perfect for uniforms, corporate apparel, and sports teams. The texture and dimension of an embroidered logo add a professional touch to any garment or accessory.

We offer a variety of thread options, including rayon, metallic, glitter, and matte. Each thread color has a Pantone/PMS color attached to it, making it easy to maintain branding guidelines for company logos. Our experts recommend puff embroidery for tonal hats, as it provides a 3D effect that looks great on black structured hats.

While certain fabrics can present challenges, we are here to help set up expectations and provide logo feedback to ensure optimal embroidery results. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll navigate through the order and design process together!

Embroidery Is Durable

When it comes to showcasing your brand or team, durability is key. That's why embroidery is a popular choice for logos on apparel and accessories. Our heavy-duty embroidery process ensures that your logo will last as long as the fabric it's sewn on.

Our machines and high-quality threads are designed to withstand regular wear and tear, making embroidery a great way to show employees, players, and coaches that you have faith in their commitment, work ethic, and strengths. Plus, we offer recommended products to complement the embroidery process and extend the life of your logo even further. If you want a logo that stands the test of time, choose embroidery. 

Embroidery Offers Dimension & Texture

Embroidery adds dimension and texture to any flat logo or text. The resulting texture is professional and suitable for all industries, whether it's a corporate environment or a baseball game. Eye-catching embroidered logos show others that you mean business.

For tonal hats, consider puff embroidery, which gives a 3D effect. Our experts recommend puff embroidery, especially for black logos on black structured hats, as it provides the best outcome and high-quality results.

Embroidery Has Longevity

If you're looking for a long-lasting logo or design, embroidery is the way to go. With embroidery, you can guarantee quality and longevity because the threads do not fade, nor do the dyes of the threads bleed together. Unlike digital printing, which can begin to fade after multiple washes, or screen printing, which can be prone to bleeding, embroidery ensures your logo will maintain its vibrancy and retail appeal over time. So if you want your logo to stand the test of time, consider embroidery for your next project. 

Embroidery Offers A Variety Of Threads & Colors

Discover the possibilities of embroidery thread colors! Our standard thread is made of rayon and offers a shiny, high-quality finish for your design. Each thread color matches a Pantone/PMS color, making it easy to stay true to your brand.

For a unique touch, try our metallic or glitter thread options. We offer metallic gold, metallic silver, and several glitter colors upon request. Keep in mind that glitter threads are brittle and may snap over time.

Prefer a more natural look? Our matte thread options are made of polyester and absorb light for an authentic color experience. Perfect for larger designs and decorative stitching.

No matter your preference, embroidery offers long-lasting, vibrant colors that won't fade or bleed. Upgrade your branding with high-quality, customizable embroidery.


How Can I Get An Embroidery Quote?

If you're looking to get an embroidery quote, we're happy to help! To give you an accurate quote, we need to know the product type and quantity of items you're looking to have embroidered, as well as a clear visual of your logo. You can preview all customizable apparel and merch in our product collection. The number of stitches required to sew your logo is a critical factor in determining the cost of embroidery, so it's important for us to see an art file. Simply send us an email with this information, and our team will provide you with a quote and help you through the process!

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Embroidery?

Our embroidery services have a minimum order requirement of 6 pieces. To ensure a cost-effective and efficient process, we recommend placing an order of at least 12 pieces. This will allow us to provide the best pricing possible. We offer significant price breaks at 48, 96, 288, 500, and 1000+ pieces. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get a quote today.

Is Embroidery More Expensive Than Screen Printing?

Embroidery is usually more expensive than screen printing, but the cost ultimately depends on the design complexity, quantity, and other factors. At times, embroidery may be the more cost-effective option for your needs. We offer quotes for both embroidery and screen printing, allowing you to compare the costs and make an informed decision. For an embroidery quote, you can click the embroidery request button on this page. For a screen printing quote, please visit our screen print and digital print pricing page.

How Long Does Embroidery Take?

At our embroidery production facility in AZ, the standard production timeframe for embroidery is two weeks. However, please note that shipping transit time is not included in this timeframe. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know upfront and we'll do our best to accommodate it. When searching for embroidery services, keep in mind that turnaround times may vary depending on the complexity of your design and the number of items needed. Contact us for a quote and we'll be happy to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

How will I know I'll be happy with the outcome?

To ensure your satisfaction with the outcome, we provide a sewout of your logo before your order is released to production. The sewout is a picture of your logo sewn on a piece of fabric in the exact way it will be produced on the items in your order. We will email the sewout to you for approval and you will have the ability to request any changes before we move forward. This allows you to approve the size, thread colors, and appearance of the logo, ensuring that the final product meets your expectations.

Can You Match The Color In My Logo?

To match the colors in your logo, we use Pantone/PMS color codes to select embroidery threads that closely match the specified color(s). We have a wide variety of thread colors available to choose from, including metallic and matte options. If you have specific color requirements, please provide us with the Pantone/PMS color code for the best results. Our embroidery team will work to ensure that the thread colors used in your design closely match your brand's colors.

Can you achieve fine details with embroidery?

Achieving fine details with embroidery can be challenging, especially when it comes to small text and intricate designs. However, our team has the expertise to make recommendations and adjustments to your logo to ensure a high-quality and legible outcome. We will provide a visual for your review and approval before moving forward with any changes. Keep in mind that there may be some variation between the digital file and the embroidered design, as some details may not translate perfectly in thread.

Here is an example of a detailed pizza chef. There are noticeable differences in how the details appear in the digital file vs. being sewn with thread. This is a realistic expectation of an embroidery outcome with this type of image. 

Are there sizing and placement limitations?

There is a fine line between limitations and recommendations. On a product such as a structured hat, we have a limitation of a 4.25” wide by 2.5” tall logo on the front of the hat. In comparison to a polo, we don’t necessarily have a limitation on the popular left-chest placement, however, we may recommend a width between 2” to 4.25” depending on the layout of your logo, product, and size range of your order. On a product such as a crewneck fleece sweatshirt, we can achieve an oversized width of 11.5” which can be a fun opportunity for a tonal graphic.

In terms of placement, that is typically up to personal preference. Most customers we work with prefer the traditional placements such as a left chest placement on a polo t-shirt or jacket, a nape placement on sweatshirts, or a center-front placement on hats. These will continue to be winning combinations! In addition, we do encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box. Use the unique lines and hems in some of our products to add a unique, eye-catching placement for your logo. Pass your ideas on to us and let’s make some magic!

Are any colors problematic with embroidery?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of thread colors we have access to! We can achieve most colors and, in the case we don't have a good match for a logo, we have options. We'll select a couple of thread colors we have on on-hand for the customer to consider. We also have the option for the customer to purchase a custom thread match for their logo. We would let you know the cost and production impact of that option prior to moving forward with the order. 

The one color palette that has posed a challenge is pastels. Since the standard threads we use are a shiny rayon material, they can clash with a pastel appearance. We had a hat request come through with softer colors and thankfully, we hit the mark for our customer! A visual of the request vs. outcome is laid out below.