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Sending Large Files Using DropSend

  • Easily send files 20MB plus
  • Free 10 day shipping

NOTE: As of Oct 2021, Dropsend is now a paid service with a free trial. You may access pricing plans here. We also encourage any free service you may find. Google Drive and Dropbox are two alternatives we suggest.

Sending Large Files Using DropSend

If you have an exceptionally large file (say, something over 20 MB) then you’ve reached the right page! Here we will explain how to use DropSend -a useful little website that helps people send large files easy, fast and without the hassle that comes with making an account first.

Step 1. Visit the Website

Visit the website by clicking this link:


Copy and paste the link: into the URL navigation bar of your internet browser. You should see a page that looks like this:

Step 2: Send a File Now!

In the Orange section of the page do the following:

1.) In the: section, type or copy and paste: or use the email address of your current Rep.

2.) In the: section, type your email address.

3.) At the: section choose a file, click browse and select your file.

4.) Click the “Send Your File” button on the right.

Step 3: Create an Account and Send your File!

Make sure popups are allowed on your browser from DropSend. You should have this popup appear on your screen. Click, "I have read and agree to the DropSend Terms and Conditions" to send your file.

Once your file has been successfully sent you should see this window appear.

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