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Digital Printing Process Infographic

  • Infinite number of colors available for use
  • Great for photos and detailed images
  • Print is soft to the touch

Digital Printing Process Infographic

Calculating Costs

With digital printing, we allow any size design (within our printing parameters) and any number of ink colors, to be charged at one flat rate price.

Because the actual cost is based on the amount and type of ink needed we use flat rate pricing for all our digital prints.

Digital printing works like a giant inkjet printer. The shirt is loaded on the machine and special textile inks are used to print the design. This method of printing has both benefits and drawbacks.


  1. Digital is more effective on small runs with designs that would require many colors.
  2. You have no limit on the amount of colors you can use
  3. Photos and detailed images are printable
  4. The print is softer to the touch than screen print
  5. Print ready artwork is not required


  1. Not cost effective on large runs
  2. You cannot match specific colors, like PMS color match
  3. The placement and size of the print is limited
  4. Items must almost always be 100% cotton

The Printing Process

The digital printing process is different from screen printing because only one shirt can be printed at a time (screen printers can print dozens at a time). It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to print just one design on one side of the shirt, plus curing time. While it is not as fast as screen printing you can have your shirt exactly as you want. In the end, we decide whether to use digital or screen printing based on your individual needs.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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