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Valentine's Day Templates

Valentine's Day T-Shirt Design Templates

Valentine's Day T-Shirt Designs

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Did you know? Valentine's gift giving started in the 17th century, with flowers as the preferred gift. Card giving didn't become popular until mail delivery came about in the 1800's. The trends of the last 100 years have changed even further. According to a survey by, the pandemic has changed focus from experiences, as gifts, back to gift giving. It seems less is more this year. In fact, 37% of those surveyed, planned on limiting their spending to $50 or less. From-the-heart seems to be the trend this year. According to a Michael's Valentine survey, "Our customers have told us that making gifts for loved ones goes beyond saving money– they want to give something personal and handmade".
SPECIAL OFFER: With a dozen roses averaging nearly $100 at Valentine's Day, our $18 Bella+Canvas tee means room for a personalized gift and chocolate this year. Click here to design your own with code "dtg" at checkout. Shipping is free but design soon to receive yours early or have us design one for you.
Valentine's Couple
This year, we've brought you the designs everyone will love. Yes, even our single friends have designs they can wear proudly (if Singles Awareness Day is more your speed). Looking for something totally unique? We can create your very own custom Valentine's tee with our Concierge service (hint hint surprise proposals 💍). Custom tees are meaningful, affordable, and handmade. It's the perfect gift you will love all year.

Custom Valentine’s Day t-shirts make the perfect gift. Express your creativity this year with these unique Valentines Designs not available in stores. Our no minimum styles, mean you can order one for yourself or a matching set for your loved one. Celebrate being a couple or even Single Awareness Day with these custom designs.

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Want to design your own? Take a look at our no minimum styles here.