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It's Not Whether You Win or Lose. It's How You Look Doing It.

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Design Ideas

State Tournament

Hoover Football

Basha Bears

Rocky Mountain Soccer

Twin Falls MVP

Volleyball Team

Slam Dunk

Whaler's Baseball

Flaming Baseball Jersey

Woodrow High

Scared Hitless Softball

Spike It Volleyball

Higley Basketball

Blood Sweat Cheers

Student by Day

North Palm High

Tennis Court Jesters

Encinitas Vollyball

Property of eagles Football

Broncos Baseball

AZ Track

Men's Varsity Basketball

Chandler High XC

san tan crew rowing shirts

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Design Custom Team T-Shirts Online!


Custom team t-shirts are a great way to unite any kind of sports team and make them seem more like a singular unit than a rag tag bunch of players. You have probably seen many sports movies where the underdog team of players fights adversity and plays their way from the bottom, as the worst sports team in the league, to the top, playing in the finals against the best team in the league, all the while wearing their own sports team clothing. But what happens before every important showdown? The coach unveils Custom Sports Team Shirts for the entire sport team, each personalized with the individual player’s name and number.


Nothing brings a sports team together like matching custom team shirts that show that all the players belong together. At you can make custom sports apparel online for whatever kind of sports team you play for. Custom Sports T Shirts can be designed for baseball or softball, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, soccer or cheerleading. You could even make team sports t-shirts for kickball or dodge ball. If there is a team for it there are team t-shirts for it at


It’s easy to Custom Design Team Sports T shirts online at First, pick a design for the front of the t-shirts. There is sports themed clip art already on file at, or you can upload already made images such as your team logo or slogan to use for the design. Configure your design on the front of your t-shirt, then move on to the back of the t-shirt. You can individualize each shirt with each player’s name and their number on the back. Lastly, choose what kind of shirt you would like to customize. (You can even customize other sports team apparel such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts or cheer shorts.)


Even if you are not the underdog in your team’s league, you will still want to look like a team with sports t-shirts. You can even bond by coming up with a cool or kooky design for the team t-shirts together. You could pick a funny picture to go with your mascot or come up with cool nicknames for each other to put on the back of the custom team shirts.


Never underestimate the power of team shirts. Showing up together as a team wearing matching t-shirts lets your opponents know that you play well together as a team and that you mean business. Make the right impression and look like a team with custom team t-shirts from!

Team building apparel isn’t exclusively for sports teams. Any group that gathers together with the goal of building a unifying presence can benefit from uniformly decorated clothing. Think of camps and academies! Choose from traditional 100% cotton tees or choose performance enhancing apparel products like Dry Zone Raglan tees. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us because we can source all types of imprintable sporting wear including jerseys.

We offer names and numbers in many of your favorite athletic style fonts like Varsity, Home Run, and Athletic Script. Choose number sizes between 6 and 8 inches. If you have a large team order, we make it easy to upload all the team names and numbers through an Excel or CSV file.

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