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Give Breast Cancer the Boot

Hakuna Matatas

Braver Stronger Breast Cancer

Team Breast Cancer Shirt

Fight Like a Girl

Butterfly Breast Cancer Ribbon

Peace Love Pink Ribbon

Feel for Lumps Save your Bumps

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Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts


Breast cancer is the 7th leading cause of death to women in the United States. Every year over 40,000 women succumb to breast cancer. It is the most common form of cancer found in women and one in every eight women will have it at some point in their life. Breast cancer is dangerous because it can spread to other parts of the body, infecting vital organs. If breast cancer is diagnosed early enough it can be prevented from spreading. Awareness can lead to prevention, which is why October has been deemed National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The more educated we are the better chance we have at fighting this particular form of cancer. One of the most vital actions one can take is performing self breast exams. There are plenty of websites that will inform on how to do this. Finding a lump during one of these exams doesn't mean you have breast cancer, but it probably means you should consult your physician. If the cancer is caught in an early enough stage it can be prevented from spreading, making it a very manageable and non-life threatening cancer.

Throughout the month of October breast cancer awareness is spread. Women (and men) are implored to do breast exams, educate themselves on the disease, donate to the cause and support those who have the cancer. This awareness is signified by the color pink and the famous pink ribbon. Many will wear the ribbon in support of the cause or wear a clothing garment that contains the color pink. At DesignAShirt, we are doing our part to raise awareness. We have multiple breast cancer awareness templates available to those looking to get involved with the cause. You can choose one of these templates and edit it yourself, creating your own awareness t-shirt. You can also stick with one of the ones we designed or even design your own from scratch.


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