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How to Get the Most out of Millennial Employees

millennials in the workplace

Whether you have a start-up company or are trying to breathe new life into an established business, one thing for sure is you’re going to need millennial employees. That’s anyone born between 1980 and 2000 and it represents the most massive segment of society in U.S. recorded history. However, unless your one of them yourself, you’re going to need to understand a little about them before taking them on as employees.

Millennials are broadly defined as narcissistic. Initially that sounds like a negative thing, in a work force it can be good if you’re able to navigate and harness that characteristic in a positive way. Millennials have no need to respect a hierarchy because they basically didn’t have one growing up. Previous generations like Baby Boomers and Generation X took on the Establishment and essentially disbanded it as it had previously been known. Parents from those generations wanted their children to have a better life and feel like they could do anything so that’s what they told their children and of course they believed it.

Instilling self-esteem became paramount and was projected into Millennials with awards, praise, and constant reminders of their value and worth. However, since the rest of the world is not comprised of their parents, Millennials may have a hard time entering the work force to find out that they are indeed not special. Awards are given based upon performance and no accolades are showered for showing up every day.

They live in an environment that is dictated by their peers. This is because they’ve grown up with technology that allows them to be in constant contact with their friends and therefore do not feel the need to interact and learn from people with experience. While all of these traits sound daunting and not particularly desirable in an employee there are ways you can position your company to appeal to and extrapolate the best facets of these traits to propel your businesses interests.

millennial workforce

More than anything it is said that Millennials need to experience a sense of fulfillment. What they do needs to matter and produce meaningful results, and also assuage their anxiety that they might be missing out on something better. The latter is a result of being hyper connected to rest of the world and of course something amazing is always going on in one of their peers lives. Growing up with channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook have provided them with outlets to broadcast anything. This type of airing of ideas and messages was previously barred by, and limited to huge companies that could pay for broadcast time on traditional channels. Because they’ve seen so many of their peers turn into microcelebrities, they are acutely aware that uniqueness has value.

This highly developed sense of individuality can lead to a lot of creativity because creativity is awarded with likes and followers. Not every position in a company will require creativity so it can be a struggle to offer that outlet as an enticement and to promote retention. You could meet that need by offering some other avenue for creative fulfillment like online workshops or even on site classes that are geared towards Millennial interests. Be aware that these interests are not necessarily going to intersect with your business. Offering a bookkeeping course is not going to help these employees with self-actualization and the need to demonstrate their individual talents.

Millennials can help catapult your business on social media if you’re publishing content they can relate to and be proud to associate with. Inviting these employees to contribute to these channels is a sure fire way to get them to interact with your posts. Feature them in pictures with back stories as to what they are doing and how their efforts bring worth to your company.

Millennials are not known to be loyal to the concept of the company, they are however loyal to people so having management that understand this trait and are able to manage on a relationship level versus a hardline “do as I say” style is going to be extremely critical to your success.

Work/Life Balance is important to all but particularly important to Millennials. In fact unlike their predecessors, they are not willing to put in a 50-70 hour work week just to get the job done. This is because they perceive their parents missed out on important family time and personal development while corporations advanced their bottom line while simultaneously whittling away at the benefits and job security their hard work was supposed to have earned.

Finally, giving your Millenial workforce the freedom of expression in their appearance is amazingly important to them. This should not come as a surprise being that they are characterized as narcissistic. If you have a business that requires some type of uniformity for the benefit of your customer like a restaurant for example, you need to make sure that uniform is something they will proud to wear.

Pride can be the result of an on-trend design and a stylish t-shirt product. It’s really important to consider how your businesses image reflects upon these employees and vice versa. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine if they would go out in the world after work and still wear their uniform because they are proud of where they work or if it’s more likely they would change before being seen by their friends. If it’s the latter, think about what needs to change about your t-shirt design that would make it more fashionable, edgy, or thought provoking.

Attracting and retaining Millennial employees is really important since they make up so much of the current workforce. While there is lot of debate about this particular generation, as a business owner you can’t afford to ignore the massive potential they offer and the fresh eyes and perspective they can lend towards your businesses message and services.

How Custom T-Shirts Can Help Build Customer Relationships with Your Brand

Business T-shirt Example

Having a special custom t-shirt design for your business puts you in a different category than run of the mill businesses because it shows creativity and demonstrates to customers that you have a vision along with a unique value proposition. Custom business t-shirts are an economical way to brand your business to bring your message to a broad spectrum of potential customers.

When customers wear your logoed t-shirt, it’s an instant endorsement of your services to their friends. Having this kind of endorsement is one of the most powerful persuasive techniques you can use. People trust recommendations from their friends far more than any advertising you can buy. Using a fresh and creative design can help make your business appear more likeable and relevant to younger generations as well.

There’s quite a few ways that custom t-shirts can help to promote your business. One of the most obvious is the mobility of this type of advertisement. People wear t-shirts just about anywhere. They are casual and comfortable and are a staple of anyone’s wardrobe. By its popularity, a t-shirt will be worn to stores, games, concerts, workplaces, gyms, schools, just about anywhere that offers a relaxed environment. Not only do people see your custom t-shirt design once, but the probability that it will be worn multiple times increases the number of impressions this advertisement can generate. This type of repeat visual connection to your businesses message is invaluable to your branding. When designing your business t-shirt with this goal in mind, use bright and bold colors just like you would any other advertisement.

An awesome design for your custom t-shirt can also be a point of discussion. It’s difficult to get people’s attention with traditional advertising because people are bombarded with it on every platform. Using custom business shirts as conversation starters is a smart way to open doors. How valuable would it be you as a business owner for a stranger to approach you and ask about the meaning behind your logo or messaging? It’s the reversal of a cold call. If your design is eye-catching and features an interesting message, you may have the chance to introduce your businesses services or products and hand out your business card for follow up conversations.

T-shirts used as contest giveaways is another way to share your brand. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giveaways are tremendously popular on social media channels like Facebook. You can ask people to comment on your social media post about the giveaway and this comment will show up to their friends as something they’ve recently reacted to further extending eyes on your business as well as growing your social audience. Be sure to review the rules on social media giveaways.

If you have a list of prospects you’ve wanted to connect with in a meaningful way, try sending them a branded t-shirt to start the conversation. It’s certainly more memorable than an email or a flyer and gives you an excuse to call just to see if they’ve received your gift. When you’re giving something of value away people will be more likely to take your call and at least thank you for the gift. From there, it’s up to you to set a date when you can meet and talk more about your services or products.

Having your staff wear your t-shirts is another way to get your brand more recognition. Not only are they great as uniforms, but coming up with special designs for special occasions keep your message from getting stale. Consider unique designs for business anniversaries, company picnics and outings, or even the Christmas party.

How do you design a shirt that will be effective for promoting your business? It depends on your specific goals. Do you want people to ask questions about the t-shirt? Then provide material that would be conducive to that result like a curious slogan. Some big brand examples of this are the famous, “Got Milk?” The concept was originally designed by an advertising company to increase sales for the California Milk Processor Board. It was a hugely successful campaign and the slogan is still licensed to food and merchandise companies more than two decades later. Another example of a slogan that piques the curiosity is Apple’s “Think Differently.” Even if their logo is instantly recognizable, the slogan by itself invites people to ask the question, “how?”

If you’re looking for pure branding to get people familiar with your logo, make sure your logo is big enough on the t-shirt so that people will be able to make out the details from several feet away. Having your logo very small is not going to help with recognition if they have to squint to make it out. However if you’re including slogans, you’ll need to balance the two so one doesn’t overpower the other.

If you’re repurposing a design that you’ve used in other advertising, make sure to do a mockup of the design before printing. Sometimes a design that looks great on screen or on paper doesn’t translate as well on a t-shirt. In some cases, adjustments can be made to allow your design to effectively be used on all types of advertising included branded t-shirts for business.

The last aspect to take into account is the quality of the t-shirt product. This is particularly important if you’re using if for giveaways. The last thing you want people to do is associate your brand with cheap quality. 100% cotton tees are fantastic for many purposes but a poly blend product will typically feel more high quality.

A Different Way to Look at T-Shirts for Business

Seeing t-shirts differently

Every week we try to share new and useful information on how t-shirts impact all sorts of facets of our lives. We talk about different types of t-shirts and their specific uses. We explore t-shirt design ideas for different types of life events. We share tips and tricks on how to make high quality t-shirt designs. We even look at how t-shirts can impact politics, camaraderie with sports teams, schools, and families. But just how can custom t-shirts have an effect on your business? Here’s some thoughts on t-shirts in the workplace you many have never considered.

T-shirt sizing is something that you hardly even have to think about. Everybody knows what size t-shirt they wear if it’s a unisex Hanes Tagless Tees for example. Employees will rarely have anxiety about how it will look on them because almost everyone on the planet has worn a t-shirt at one time or another.

T-shirts are extremely affordable to have printed. When ordering custom t-shirts, to keep costs down, a white t-shirt with a single color print is almost always the least expensive option. We even offer the DAS Value Tee that is guaranteed to be the most cost effective t-shirt product we offer. The DAS Value tee is an alternating product which is simply the least expensive on-sale t-shirt we can buy from any of our suppliers. We pass the savings on to you resulting in an extremely cheap option for business uniforms. The cost per t-shirt goes down when ordering in bulk so that’s something to keep in mind when placing your order. It could pay off to speak with one of our customer service team to discover where significant price breaks can occur.

T-shirts are highly adaptable. Designing on a t-shirt affords the artist to use any messaging and explore all kinds of designs. Because they are so affordable, trying different advertising concepts is worthwhile to see which ones resonate with your staff and customers the best. There are printing options available for just about any type of idea like puff ink, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, metallic gold, silver, and copper. Screen printing and digital printing also offer different types of final product such as vibrant and intense colors or full color photo like quality.

The turnaround time for acquiring custom made t-shirts can be surprising. Consider the time it takes to have anything custom made. It usually requires weeks while we’ve been able to hone down production and delivery time to a mere 10-calendar days. If you find yourself in a pinch though and need them even sooner, we do offer even quicker options of 3 and 5 business days for an extra fee.

T-shirt types are plentiful. Depending on the purpose of your tees, there are options for just about anything. Need performance wear for outdoor staff? We’ve got that. Are you looking for t-shirts with men’s and women’s options? We’ve got that. Need something printed on sustainable products. We offer that. Even if you need something that fits everybody from youth sizes to 6XL, we can source that too. Need something with a more professional edge? We can embroider and print on polos as well.

Don’t forget about the comfort factor that t-shirts offer. Many employees and customers will be grateful to have the option to wear something that is 100% cotton or made of a soft cotton-poly blend. The fit of a good quality t-shirt is flattering on just about any body type too.

The feeling of being part of team is hard to ignore if you’re all wearing the same t-shirt uniform. It’s much easier for customers to recognize whose attention to gain if there are problems with services or questions on products if your staff is easily identifiable with branded company t-shirts. Staff uniforms can also improve the safety of your event when the proper identification of staff is easy to recognize. Additionally standardized company t-shirts can help reduce the stress HR may have to deal with when some employees refuse to understand the company dress code. If a company logoed t-shirt is the norm for your business, there’s zero chance for misinterpretation.

As with many schools nowadays, a uniform can also reduce the anxiety members of your team may feel about keeping up appearances in concert with some of the more highly paid staff. From the general manager, to the cleanup crew, everyone can feel they have an equal footing as regards to how they represent your company. T-shirts are so versatile, you can dress them up or down in accordance with the type of company you have.

Giving away your branded t-shirts to customers is a favorite method for promoting businesses. Everyone knows what a t-shirt is and there are so many uses for them. T-shirts are a universal garment and whether your customers use your t-shirt giveaway as workout clothes, something to make a dash to the store in, or something to wear on weekends it will always be a useful item to promote your company.

T-shirt giveaways can also increase brand loyalty since your showing your customers how much you value their business. T-shirts have stood the test of time and while trends come and go, the t-shirt will always have a place in fashion since they are so comfortable and convenient.

We hope we’ve presented a different way to look at t-shirts in the workplace thoroughly and you can see just how your business can use t-shirts to unify your team quickly and affordably, and how to use t-shirts to promote your business with customers.

Branded Bags, Would they Work for You?

Custom Tote Bags

When considering different forms of advertising, you have tremendous options available to you as a business owner or team leader. Some advertising can be very costly, time consuming to execute, and measuring the value can be complicated depending on the metrics you use.

Branded bags open up a world of opportunity for brand awareness. There are huge assortments of bag types that may appeal to your intended consumer, so it’s important to take the time to get inside your customer’s head to choose the type of product they would not only be delighted to receive but also offer practical value to them.

When getting custom branded bags as promotional products, it’s also important to consider the cost of each unit. You can evaluate how much you want to invest based upon the value of your customer. For example, if your customer represents a significant amount of sales dollars per purchase and are business professionals, it may be worth the investment to provide swanky messenger bags or laptop briefcases.

If your typical customer represents low volume but repeat sales, a lightweight backpack or cotton tote could be well received and still provide function and branding for your business.

Promotional products like branded bags aren’t just for customers. Offering your employees branded bags as a thank you can increase morale, and build loyalty, not to mention it’s more branding for your company. did a study of American consumers and came up with the following findings: 83% of American consumers surveyed like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message, 48% would like to receive promotional products more often, and 38% feel promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser. These are pretty strong indicators that promotional products do work and are valued by consumers. Additional findings through the consumer research revealed that 91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area, and 55% had at least one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space.

Choosing the right kind of bag to have printed or embroidered for giveaways and branding can be summed up by the intended recipient. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right branded bag to achieve the desired results.

Tote Bags

Tote bags for Everyone for Everything

Branded tote bags are perhaps the most popular, most economical choice for branding your business and providing a fun, practical gift. Tote bags make perfect sense for trade shows giveaways because attendees need something to carry all the other giveaways in! Tote bags work for groups like sororities, churches, schools, events, professional businesses, restaurants, salons, parents, crafters, travelers, and anyone who ever needed a way to transport a few items. They can be thrown in cars for easy access at the grocery store and stored in suitcases for dirty laundry.

Business Professionals and Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are highly coveted for their usefulness and functionality. A quality bag will typically be made of polyester and have PVC lining for durability. Detachable and padded shoulder straps along with comfort grip carrying handles are the norm. They typically will have two or more compartments for storing a laptop and smaller devices like a tablet. Additionally they will feature lots of zippered compartments for accessories, office supplies, and a cell phone. Add your branding to one of these and you’re going to get exposure in airports, conference rooms, and trade shows.


Backpacks for Students on the Move and Gym Members

You can’t go wrong with a good quality, lightweight backpack. The utility is hard to beat which makes it such an exceptional choice for branded bags. Whether hauling books or gym clothes, a backpack provides compartments for the extras like lunch, keys, cell phones, and accessories.

Draw String Bags

Drawstring Bags for Frugal Branding with Schools and Sports Teams

The versatility of drawstring bags is difficult to surpass plus they come in lots of color block choices, stripes, or bright single colors. These types of branded bags would be appreciated by just about any demographic but particularly are popular for use as a lunchbox, dirty travel clothes, and a toiletry kit. Of course they can be used for a quick trip to the store for a small haul without having to use a plastic bag.

The value of branding for your business is paramount regardless of your industry. Branded bags are just one of the many options for customizing your business’s message and gaining exposure for new customers and reinforcing your relationship with current customers. People love a tangible connection with brands they love and as giveaways, it’s a great ice breaker to forge new relationships and keep your product or service fresh in their mind.

Simple, Easy, and Cheap Halloween T-Shirt Costumes

Let’s face it, some of us are not crazy creative with a hot glue gun, glitter, and pipe straws. Maybe this year you’re too busy to deal with going to the costume store and waiting in those crazy long lines. Or perhaps you’re sick of spending a ton of time and money at the Halloween costume store just to show up in the same costume as a few other people at the Halloween party. If you’ve had it with the hassle, fuss, and muss of coming up with yet another Halloween costume, we invite you to take a look at some of these simplistic alternatives to make your own effortless, easy, and cheap Halloween t-shirt costumes.

Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup and Mustard Costumes

This idea is perfect for couples and best friends. You can keep it simple with just a tee or go all out with temporary yellow and red hair dye and matching colored jeans. Wait and see if anyone gives you a squeeze in this duo outfit.

Emoji Group Costume Idea

Emoji Group Costumes

Emojis are modern day hieroglyphics that allow us to express a wealth of emotion with the use of simple symbols. They’ve pervaded communication and have become so popular that even a grandma that doesn’t use a cell phone still understands the gist of these characters. If you have a group of friends that want to make a statement this Halloween check out these emoji t-shirts.

Taco Bell Sauce Packets

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Costumes

Another fantastic group Halloween costume idea is going as the sauce packets of Taco Bell. We’ve got them all listed here so it’s perfect if you have a lot of friens. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the fight for who gets to be “Hot.” Change the copy on the packets to custom messages in our design studio.

Playing Cards

Playing Card Costumes

This idea is great for groups or going trick-or-treating solo. You can find additional symbols for all the cards in the deck by searching “games” in our design studio. Choose Galatia font and switch colors between red and black to make any card you like. Flip the bottom left image by using our flip design functionality.


Swat Team Costumes

This has got to be the easiest one we offer, all you need is some black pants and black shoes and you and your friends have a group Halloween costume with hardly any effort.

The Price is Right

The Price is Right Costumes

This game show transcends generations. Be part of the iconic game show with you and three other friends. Change names and colors on the t-shirt by accessing our design studio and editing. Fake game boards not included with t-shirt though but we made ours with cardboard, paint, and precut numbers.

Tequila Shots

Tequila Shots

We love this trio Halloween costume idea with Salt, Lime, and Tequila. Round this costume off with real bottles of tequila as hand held props.

Solo Cups

Solo Cups

The great thing about this Halloween costume idea is it can be pulled off SOLO or with a group of people. Dress it up even more with a ping-pong ball necklace and you’re beer pong too!

99 Problems but my Girl Ain’t One

A cute couple’s Halloween costume idea ideally matched with black baseball caps, pants, and shoes.

All the flavors of M&M’s

All the M&M flavors are represented here but you don’t have to be a group. Even couples can pull this one off.

Netflix Chill

Netflix Chill

Everybody’s familiar with the phrase, “Netflix and Chill,” make the figurative literal with this costume. Maybe you’ll find your matching Netflix at the party.

Lock and Key

The perfect concept for an uncomplicated and comfortable couple’s Halloween costume.

Strawberry and Pineapple

It’s so easy to throw on these simple tees and go as a fruit duo. You can make it fancier with matching green hats.

There you have it. Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. These t-shirt costumes show how easy it is to dress up this holiday without having to be super creative or spending a lot of time hunting the right costume down. Order your t-shirt costumes early to get free 10-day delivery in time for Halloween.