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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

The Allure of Wearing Custom T-shirts

Business t-shirts

Have your ever been in a crowd and noticed someone with a t-shirt that has a seemingly random phrase or symbol printed on it but it means something to you? A phrase like “Bush Life” will probably not mean anything to your average Joe on the street but if you’re a fan of the video game Fortnight, you’ll recognize it. It might make you laugh and want to catch the wearer’s eye, or it might even start a conversation between two fans of the game. That’s the allure of wearing custom t-shirts.

T-shirts can open doors and becomes a source of introductions, recognition of commonalities, and can even be the gateway to new business partnerships. The person wearing the Fortnight t-shirt while showing off his exuberance for the game has also become an unknowing promotor of the game. Even if someone doesn’t recognize the reference, it still might be the catalyst for someone to ask the question, “What is bush life?” And it’s all done for free.

Word-of-mouth advertising is known to be one of the most powerful and persuasive forms of advertising. People who know people that support a brand or idea are far more susceptible to influence than if the advertiser approached that person of their own accord.

Custom t-shirts for advertising your business – Whether you have a start-up business or have well established business, promoting your business with t-shirts is one of the lowest costs investments per unit when it comes to advertising. As a source of advertising, a t-shirt will outlive many comparable forms of promotion that require an ongoing monthly budget. That form of advertising simply goes away once you quit paying.

The longevity of a t-shirt for business promotion lasts as long as the life of the shirt, which could be many years if you choose to print on a high quality t-shirt product like Next Level, Hanes, or Bella+Canvas. The quality of the print will also determine how long the t-shirt is worn. There is no reason other than unreliable printing that would reduce the life of the t-shirt. Plastisol ink prints should last the life of the shirt and is the most common form of screen printing on t-shirts.

T-shirts can even be the source of an economic boom. Take for example the story of the smiley face tee. Sure we love the idea of Forrest Gump being the unwitting creator of the t-shirt design from the scene in the movie of the same name.


But the actual source was a graphic designer contracted to come up with a design that would boost the morale for the employees of a languishing insurance company in the 1960’s. That smiley face design has made millions for a company called, of course, The Smiley Company.

How to use t-shirts for business promotions - While the story of the Smiley Company is a particularly successful one, you can apply some of the principles that led to its success to your own company. Whether you’re big or small, you can start using t-shirts for promotions by giving them away. That’s right, Give. Them. Away. The insurance company that first commissioned the design gave them to their employees. They proved so popular they ordered more in the thousands.

That led to recognition of the company to this day and paved the way to ageless fandom where we still see people wearing the tees, even as an ironic or vintage statement. The band Nirvana has a famous tee that could be called an ironic tribute to the original tee with a punk edge.

Bakery business t-shirts

Free tees are always an acceptable gift for employees and customers. And unlike a gift card or edibles, will have a lasting impression. Every time the recipient of the tee comes across it in their closet or drawers, it’s a mental trigger to remember your brand.

What should you put on a shirt? – The ways you can design a t-shirt are endless. For brand engagement and recognition though, you need a slogan, a joke, or even a hashtag to call your very own. Your brand’s identity should be conveyed through your t-shirt design.

One excellent example of a business t-shirt design that catches the eyes and imagination of people who see it are the designs featured by the restaurant Oregano’s. They use powerful and funny slogans that borrow from pop-culture and trendy movements. Examples like “Legalize Marinara,” and “Practice Safe Sauce” are not only memorable but they convey the light- hearted and vivacious atmosphere you’re likely to experience at one of their Italian restaurant “joints.” These designs succeed at conveying an image of the brand.

Even if you have a new business and don’t have the kind of branding bigger companies have, you can partake in cross promotion with event promoters looking for sponsorships. In fact, your logo inclusion on a t-shirt as an event sponsor is typically one of the cheapest entry points of sponsorship.

If you have the type of business that lends itself well to manning a booth at one of these events, having your own branded t-shirts on-hand as a giveaway is great way to keep the spirit of your interaction going after the event is over. This works particularly well if your branded identity coincides with the content of the festival or event.

Is your business one of the fan variety? - If you have a big following on Instagram or Facebook, this is a perfect opportunity to offer giveaways to build a feeling of exclusivity. Having the t-shirt of a business that has a cult following will be point of pride for recipient and they’ll be far more likely to wear it frequently as it cultivates the sense of distinction amongst their peers. The exclusive factor could even turn into a source of revenue if you offer free giveaways and people who want them are not chosen as the winner of the giveaway. They could contact you and offer to buy the tee instead.

Custom business t-shirts offer up a way for you to communicate well beyond the limitations of traditional advertising. It is a source of promotion that lasts longer than other forms and gives people a tangible object to remember you by. Interested in getting started on your own word-of-mouth advertising? Check out our pricing in the link above or talk to one of our customer delight representatives to get things in motion with the chat button below!

Are you Ready to Launch your own T-shirt Brand?

Start a t-shirt brand

You would be hard pressed to find a way to open your own business with the really low entry threshold that comes with a custom t-shirt brand. T-shirts are a staple of the American wardrobe. Finding an audience that is interested in purchasing t-shirts isn’t the hard part. It’s finding the right audience for your design ideas!

Beyond your own specific t-shirt brand style, people are highly interested in personalized t-shirts. We should know, we’ve printed millions over the course of more than a decade. T-shirts are an easy and low cost way to bring together people from all walks of life including military, students, churches, and other organizations.

Because of the inherent bonding quality t-shirts offer, the business of t-shirt design and printing has exploded to meet the demand and make the most of the trend. And in turn, the competition is challenging and requires any t-shirt brand to really stretch the imagination to compete and stand out in an ocean of rival T-shirt designers.

The personal experience of building your own business can be incredibly rewarding. Obviously having a successful business can make a huge impact on other facets of your life like your economic standing in the world. Typically to have a successful business you need to have a passion for what you’re doing. So if you’re not 100% on board with t-shirt design, rethink what you’re doing here.

How can passion help you build a t-shirt brand? Someone who feels passionate about what they do will be able to do the things that take a little longer, are more risky, and are harder to accomplish. Passion will drive you to see things in a positive light and this positivity will propel you down courses you might not be willing to chance if you felt differently.

Personal reflection will be the most important deciding factor to evaluate whether you’re really ready to launch your own t-shirt brand. Here are some practical steps to take once you’re ready to go down this career path.

Develop a business plan – Taking this step will set you far apart from the herd of day traders that are attracted to the t-shirt business. This is the blueprint upon which you can grow. As your business progresses you’ll be able to make smart forecasting decisions and be nimble when your objectives change. In the beginning, consider it like a checklist of things that need to happen and what research needs to be completed.

Choosing products – Your t-shirt designs will be a huge part of your t-shirt brand’s success or failure but what you may not have considered is the influence the kind of t-shirt product will have on your chances for success. There are tons of t-shirt products to choose from. Understanding what is popular amongst certain demographics will help to determine what you choose.

Some demographics are totally fashion conscience and will react best to trendy, well-known t-shirt manufacturers like Bella+Canvas and Next Level. Tri-blends and heathered fabrics are also well received by this segment.

Other t-shirt qualities to keep in mind when choosing a product are how they are manufactured. T-shirts can be either side seamed or tubular. Side seamed tees will appear more fitted and flattering to the body. The counterpart to side seamed is tubular. Since they require less sewing, they are less expensive but will have a more boxy appearance. How a garment is hemmed can impact the longevity of the garment and certainly can impact how the quality of your t-shirt brand is perceived. Quality hemming will lie flat on both the inside and outside of a garment.

Before you commit to a large run of t-shirts for your brand you should always insist upon seeing a sample of the product and doing an inspection for signs of quality. If the hems are bubbling or appear loose, this will likely be indicative of the t-shirt product as a whole.

Your t-shirt printer should be able to source just about any type of product you want to use. Using print-on-demand printers often restricts your creativity and quality control because you have to use the products they offer on their site. The convenience of not having to deal with inventory is countered with little to no opportunity for customization for you as the budding t-shirt brand business. That’s why we recommend going with a t-shirt printer like since we can not only offer a wide variety of products but offer expert advice on products of all kinds. Think of us as a partner instead of a t-shirt printer.

Testing your design- Learning what types of designs resonate with your potential customers won’t necessarily require that you have them custom printed. Mockups can go a long way when testing the market. If you’re just starting out, superimposing the design on a picture of a flat blank t-shirt is the easiest way to achieve this. If you have Photoshop skills you can take it much farther by manipulating shadows and product colors to make the picture seem more realistic.

Without getting too caught up in details, post your t-shirt design idea on social channels to see what kind of reaction you get. This is one of the easiest ways to test the sales potential of a design. Don’t give up if you fail and fail again with your t-shirt designs. While you think people should love them, you never know what makes people tick and what is relatable to them. When you do find a design that has mass appeal you can work on expanding the concept and think of ways to replicate the design elements that made it popular to begin with but with a new twist. This is basically creating a style that uniquely defines your design approach and thus creating a true t-shirt brand.

Top Reasons you should get Employee T-shirts

Company t-shirts

Up until about a decade ago, it was common place to require employees to wear uptight formal wear at the workplace. But a shift in culture and the demands of the workforce has changed what we wear at work. Ultimately people don’t like to be uncomfortable during a long day at the office. This is where employee t-shirts come into play and make whole lot of sense for your bottom line and employee satisfaction.

When it comes to uniforms, depending on past experiences, the mere thought of a tight, stiff, hot uniform could be a deciding factor in whether your job offer to an exceptional candidate is accepted. Attaining the best and brightest, especially when it comes to a younger workforce demands employers be competitive in all facets, even a casual atmosphere. Here are the top reasons why you should get employee t-shirts.

T-shirts build common bonds

T-Shirts Build a Common Bond – As individuals we sometimes like to be unique, unique is good but in some situations being unique in your identity doesn’t help identify with the team. When everyone is wearing the same t-shirt design, it’s easy to assimilate and build a mutual feeling of community and group loyalty. Offering t-shirt uniforms is one of the most casual, hands-off ways to build this sense of solidarity with your team. And just like animals in the wild, looking around and seeing members of your herd are there for back up allows your employees to feel a sense of security and support that everyone is on the same team.

Marketing t-shirts

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – You may not realize what a valuable resource your employees are for free marketing. You probably already market on channels like social, buy expensive Internet banner ads, run remarketing campaigns, and send email newsletters. But so is everyone else. Thus the cost for digital marketing continues to increase with a premium being placed on impressions.

Have you ever thought how a person seeing your t-shirt marketing message could translate into an impression? Imagine all the people your employee is exposed to after work. Think about all the regular things people do in a day like going to the grocery store, stopping by their favorite restaurant, going to an appointment, getting gas, etc. All of these events are opportunities for your marketing message to be impressed on strangers.

If your t-shirt design is interesting, it might even spark a conversation which also turns your employee into a sales person for your company! T-shirts used in a marketing capacity is a no brainer because the cost per t-shirt drops based upon the increasing number of t-shirts that you buy. Can you think of any other form of advertising that actually decreases in cost based upon the number of units you buy? There are not a whole lot of options available that this would apply to.

If your business is the type of business that sparks loyalty from your customers, your employee t-shirt uniforms could also be hot commodity for perk giveaways. Think about how many people would love to have a t-shirt from businesses like Apple, Google, or even Starbucks. If you’ve got a fan base, why not include them as advertisers and sales persons for your business.

Branding by t-shirts

Branding by T-shirt – Branding and marketing are sometimes synonymous but branding is actually the act of instilling your businesses in the hearts and minds of your audience. It is the building of familiarity. When people are familiar with your brand name, they are more likely to consider doing businesses with your company when services are needed. If a person recalls your business name, slogan, or logo while skimming listings in a generic search for product or services, your chances for them to pick you go sky high compared to your competitors.

Recall is invaluable because people are more comfortable with what is familiar, especially when it comes to parting with their hard earned cash. Employee t-shirts are an excellent way to reinforce your branding even amongst your employee’s friends and family. Sometimes people don’t really discuss their jobs but having your branded t-shirt is a discussion starter. Additionally, people tend to trust a business’s offerings when that trust is reinforced through the connection of a friend or loved one.

But where should you get your employee t-shirts? You have lots of choices, however we’d certainly like you to consider us as one of those choices and here’s why. Although we’ve literally printed millions of custom tees over the years, one thing keeps us humble. Ultimately, the owner is a small business man. He understands what it’s like to build a business from scratch and how hard you have to work at it.

With that knowledge, he knows it’s very important to not disappoint customers and provide the very best custom t-shirts at a competitive price with a guarantee of satisfaction. Even when we’ve screwed things up, we really take it seriously to make it right. Just as you surely do, we understand the value of repeat business and satisfied customers.

Need help in understanding what you’re best options are? No problem. We’ve got a dedicated and enthusiastic team of customer service representatives that will help you through the entire journey including picking the right t-shirt product, advice on design, and the best price options for what you’re looking to achieve.

How to Use Color Theory for T-Shirt Designs

color theory for t-shirt designs

We’re all somewhat familiar with how colors can affect emotion. Using colors to our advantage in any sort of marketing including branded business t-shirts is a sophisticated approach. How colors are perceived by individuals is subjective to their own personal experiences. However, some colors are commonly known to have specific influences over emotions in general. Colors are an intimate and inseparable part of how consume the world around us.

Several colors can affect multiple emotional responses. This can be in conjunction with other color combinations or alone. For instance, black by itself is frequently associated with luxury or elegance. But pairing it with gray derives an elegant and masculine feel.

Some colors are highly popular regardless of a person’s age or background while some other colors popularity are directly impacted by factors like culture and geography.

Bright colors are typically associated with positive energy like happiness and strength while dark colors are associated with malevolence or sadness.

The color black while widely associated with darker emotions is quite popular amongst younger people. If your target demographic for t-shirt sales is a youthful segment, then black should be considered in your designs, whether as part of the graphic or the color of the t-shirt product.

If you’re trying to create a feeling with your t-shirt design, also consider that colors convey temperature. Blues and greens are cool. Reds, oranges, and yellows are decidedly warmer.

Rarely does a color invoke zero emotional response. Green is one of the most popular colors because it’s associated with feelings of calmness and serenity.

Yellow is associated with happiness, energy, and positivity. Blue is next on the scale of positive emotional impact relaying feelings of peace and tranquility. Blue can also invoke a negative response with its relation to sadness and isolation.

Red is in the middle of the emotional spectrum with lots of positivity with its relation to love and romance but also exudes the other end of the emotional spectrum with feelings of anger and rage.

Purple is on the lower end of the popularity scale with emotional responses ranging from tranquility to boredom. Here is an infographic with colors and the emotions they can elicit. Feel free to share online or download to print.

psychology of color inforgraphic




Want your Company Swag to be Valued? Make it Impressive!

discerning customer

You might think company swag should consist of “stuff” with your logo on it. That’s a flawed way to view it and here’s why. Your company swag should wow and delight the people for whom it’s intended. This can’t be accomplished if you throw your logo on cheap stuff just to say, “here’s our swag, now take it” in hopes that people will remember your business when they need your product or services. Likewise, if you choose cheap swag for your employees, they’re going to feel less than enthused about marketing your business on their own free time. These are the usual goals for giving out company swag. Either you want a current or potential customer to keep you top of mind should they need something or you want your employees to market for you by wearing branded company apparel.

Putting thought into the type of branded giveaways your company will offer should be your first priority. Corporate giveaways should reflect how you want people to view your business. Think of promotional giveaways as any other form of advertising you do to gain recognition, branding, and views for your business message. You want any advertising that you do to reflect your brand with integrity and be perceived as valuable so here are the guidelines on how to achieve that with branded swag.

Starting off with a high quality t-shirt product matters a lot in the world of printed apparel. Fit, feel, and fabric are more important than you may have imagined. Perceptions of quality can be highly varied depending on the end recipient. Some people may believe a heavy-duty fabric is the qualifier for high quality while others will judge on the softness of the tee as a signal for quality.

To understand what type of product your intended recipient will value as high quality, it’s helpful to gain insight from an expert in printed apparel. Our customer service team is well versed in not only the products we have on site, but products that are available to us through a score of vendors. With years of experience and helping thousands of customers we have a cumulative knowledge base that’s hard to match.

It’s also important to evaluate your intended recipients yourself. The demographic can matter. Factors such as age, location, and intention of use can impact what product to choose. For example, performance wear would make sense if there is an athletic oriented purpose for the t-shirts. An event for Greek Week could best be served with fashion forward choices like Hanes ComfortWash . A conference for digital marketers could call for a Bella+Canvas triblend crew t-shirt .

People certainly do like free things. But giving something away just to give it away won’t have the long lasting impression you’re looking to achieve if it ends up at the bottom of a drawer or dropped off at a thrift store in a few weeks because it’s perceived as lower quality. People like nice free things that make them look good and feel good wearing it.

metallic silver print

Quality giveaways like branded t-shirts present the opportunity to be seen by multitudes of individuals if the recipient feels it’s valuable. A nice product featuring a nice print can take you pretty far towards this goal. For some audiences, an extra level of value can be accomplished with specialty ink applications. Some of these are glitter, metallic, crystalina, sugar, glow-in-the-dark, and puffy prints. All of these applications can add a very high quality factor to your swag.

crystalina print

The ultimate in value added branding for corporate apparel is embroidery. It’s is the Cadillac of apparel embellishment and can be more costly. Consider this option for high end giveaways to top clients or employee uniforms in a more corporate environment.

Choosing high-end embellishment could even catapult your business t-shirts into a product that people would want to pay money for. It’s best to test the waters before ordering a bulk order though. A minimum order of 12 pieces could allow you to evaluate the demand if you have somewhere you could showcase these pieces for sale. If there is high demand, ordering in bulk would increase your profit per shirt since the printing price drops with the addition of each shirt.

Another way to add value and create a connection through your corporate swag is to add personal touches like hang tags with prompts to follow your company on social or secret printed messages in the label area.

Your brand’s personality should be on display with the business t-shirt giveaways you have printed. There is nothing wrong with sharing a sense of humor or even using designs that are not tightly focused on your logo or services. Sometimes a quirky slogan or fanciful design can instigate questions about your business that may have never come about with the obvious logo t-shirt.

Consider alternative cuts and fits for your branded t-shirts that will include a larger demographic like women’s cuts, v-necks, extended and plus sizes, and even options for infants and toddlers. Nothing is cuter and more noticeable than a baby wearing your brand!

Now that you understand what brings value to your business t-shirts, consider getting your tees printed by a company that really understands customer satisfaction as well. We work hard to earn the business of professional companies both large and small. We understand how important it is to not cause disappointment and provide a top quality print job as well as the importance of delivering on time for your functions and events. Please contact us for individualized service and custom quotes that will make sense for your needs whatever they may be.