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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Design A Shirt Taking It To The Streets

Sometimes it feels like a gamble to invest in local advertising versus national when your goal is to be the big fish. We recently took that gamble and devoted a substantial sum to advertise our local screen printing services in the Phoenix metro area even though we actually provide services nationwide.

Phoenix has an incredible freeway system, one of the nation’s largest but with a population of 4.33 million and growing, the development of additional means of public transportation had to be planned and in 2008, the Metro Light Rail launched.

The light rail services Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa and offers prime real estate for advertising to a vast demographic. We chose a light rail wrap to provide exposure to both passengers and passersby. Since this was our first venture of this sort we collaborated with the entire internal team to come up with our final design choice. A large segment of light rail ridership is made up of ASU students. Many of the riders work in downtown Phoenix as well so we had to come up with a concept that would appeal to a diverse crowd. We went through four different designs seen below before finally settling on the design that was installed.


 We also had to keep in mind that large scale graphics may be seen going up to 55 MPH and would have to offer a simple message that did not require a lot of reading. The graphic below was the winner. The concept behind meta is that it’s self-referential much like the business of printing customized tees for our customers.

We feel this design will very much appeal to a younger demographic but also inspire the edgy downtown Phoenix crowd. The model is one of our very own employees and he exudes personality in-person and we hope his energy translates to over-sized graphics. We were told that there was currently no other advertisements like it on the light rail and we’re very proud of it. We were able to visit Valley Metro Rail and witness the installation on the rail cars and take pictures.

Time will tell if it brings in new business but the branding to us is priceless. Please share your thoughts on the design or your experience advertising with large scale outdoor graphics.

Meet the Beard Crew

When the weather starts cooling down, it's time for the beards to grow out. The beard is man's best natural defense against the winter air, and plus it just looks cool. Here at DesignAShirt we have several employee's who all rock their own style of beard. Come and meet the beard crew and tell us your favorite!

Screen-printing Master Lalo and Shipping Guru Dillon both take the top spot for length in the office. While they may not be Gandalf length beards they're still  pretty impressive. Who knows, give them a few months and we could see some serious hedge work.

Meet the Matts. With four Matts running around the office one of the best ways to tell them apart is by their beards! We've got a red beard, a scrappy beard, tight trimmed and classy beard of distinction with some silver highlights.


Finally we have Danny and Del. Danny goes for the working man scruff, while Del prefers keeping it centralized on the on the chin for the new age rocker look. 

Whatever the look, we accept all beards choices at DesignAShirt. Thanks for taking time to meet the beard crew. We think the beards add a little magic to our production efforts, order your custom shirt today and see for yourself!

Solar Energy is Powering DesignAShirt! and Anton Sport are proud to announce the completion of our latest project. An array of 220 environmentally friendly solar panels has been added to our building along with a convenient solar-covered parking structure.

The sustainable solar panels are the culmination of a green building initiative plan that began last October. All of the hard work involved in bringing this project to life is realized as the sea of silver-blue solar panels soak up energy from the persistent Arizona sun.


John Anton, CEO of DesignAShirt, is happy to see the project’s completion and believes it will bolster the company for a positive future. “Solar power is initially expensive, but it's the right thing to do for the environment. As a company, we are striving to minimize our negative environmental impact”, Anton stated. “While working with the ASU School of Sustainability, we learned that implementing little things can have a big impact over time. Solar seemed like an obvious choice for DesignAShirt.”

The 220 solar panels will generate 85.5% of the power in the building. The internal office computers and  phones, as well as the machinery for creating custom apparel on the production floor will all be solar powered. The initial investment in solar will take approximately four years to break-even on cost, but the change will begin immediately. DesignAShirt will not only be helping the environment, but cutting electricity costs as well.

Solar isn’t the only method of going green. DesignAShirt currently offers customers the option to choose from eco-friendly shirts as well as environmentally friendly inks for printing their order. The production floor has taken steps to ensure that inks and chemicals are handled and disposed of properly. The future of the company may include an electric car charging station for employees and customers to power up their eco-friendly cars.

All of the environmentally friendly changes are additional steps in the right direction. Continual efforts of turning off lights and computers when they are not in use, as well as recycling boxes, cans, and bottles are some of the best ways for any business or individual to reduce their impact on the environment.


DesignAShirt and Anton Sport look forward to continuing our green efforts. Share your tips and home practices with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages!


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DesignAShirt Love Story Winner

We have been overjoyed by the positive responses to our DesignAShirt Love Story contest. Thank you to everyone who has participated and we are very humbled by all the kind words and heartwarming stories. Out of our seven finalists, we had two outstanding contestants who went above and beyond our expectations. On this very special Valentine's Day we are proud to announce that we will be awarding two winners with our top prize of an iPad mini. Congratulations to Ashley Kirk Malone and Hunter Tittle.

And because we want everyone to feel the love today, our other 5 finalists will be receiving a $50 gift code to use toward a custom t-shirt order, and ALL of our Facebook fans will receive a $10 off discount code

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