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When the Best Planned Events Go Bad

Event Crisis

Planning an event can cause some hardcore stress even on those who have take-charge personalities. But the stress factor can hit the roof when something goes catastrophically awry. You’ve taken the utmost care to plan everything out meticulously, the custom event t-shirts printed by have arrived on time as promised, the DJ is setting up his equipment, the tables and chairs are being setup, your bar tenders are shining the wine glasses, and then boom, the caterer calls and tells you the freeway has been closed down due to a serious accident, they expect they’ll arrive at least two hours later than planned. However your guests are arriving in less than ½ an hour and they’re expecting to be wined and dined.

When something as disastrous as a two hour delay for anything that concerns your thoughtfully planned out event happens, the true measure of your fortitude will come to light. Here are some pointers on how to handle things when the best planned events go bad.

The most obvious thing is not to lose your cool, maintaining a level head in the face of adversity is your best defense and option to smooth things out quickly. As commander of the ship, keeping a cool head will also inspire others that are assisting you with the event to do likewise. Stress can be very infectious especially when working with a novice team or personal friends and family. Make a point to project an air of confidence and serenity. People will happily follow a leader when they have confidence in that leader’s ability to handle the unexpected.


Maintain your authority. If someone else is compelled to take control because you’ve noticeably lost your ability to cope, at the end of the day, the disaster still rests on your shoulders and it will come back to haunt you particularly if the event is work related. Hold on to your initiative and provide directions and stability to your assistants whoever they may be.

Flexibility is crucial in crisis mode. Having a meltdown and stubbornly not accepting alternative solutions is not how a leader maintains control. Depending on what exactly the crisis is, in this example, the caterer, there probably are no true dining alternative options. But with some flexibility, you can send someone to a nearby store with a list to empty the deli of prepared snack plates, cheeses, chips, and fruit trays. It’s far better to serve something inelegant at the beginning of your event than to have a bunch of “hangry” event attendees glowering at the empty dining tables. This is known as making the best of it.

Before playing the blame game, find out if there were circumstances that could have been avoided for when you’re planning future events. In the case of our extreme example, there is likely nothing anyone could do without the use of a crystal ball. However if someone miscommunicated the time frame for which your event would be taking place, this could be avoided in the future with confirmation calls and verification. During the heat of a crisis is not the time to berate people that may have failed in their given task even if that person is you. Wailing and pulling your hair (or theirs) will not accomplish anything.

Whatever you do to mitigate the disaster, do it in a timely manner. Society in general has grown very intolerant of delays even if it was unavoidable. Don’t give your guests time to simmer and stew and tweet about their ruined evening. Diversionary tactics come into play here. If you planned on starting the music or serving alcoholic beverages midway into the event, start now. Even if it costs you more, it’s better than having disgruntled people. If you’ve ever experienced a substantial delay in a flight, you may have noticed that flight crew cheerfully offers a two for one on drinks calling it a happy hour special, *wink, or they may give you your choice from snack offerings that usually go for a substantial fee during a smoothly running and on time flight. There is some wisdom there.

Be transparent in your communication with event attendees what the issue is and how it’s being resolved. Making up excuses as you go is a terrible way to handle the event. It’s hard to be blamed for something outside of your control but it’s substantially worse for people to find out that you lied about the timeframe for when things might be resolved or what the next steps will be. When in crisis mode, we often want to deflect or make people feel better instantly but momentarily removing yourself from the hot seat during the heat of the moment using deception will come back to bite you when they realize your deception. This will also impact your credibility for future events.


So what can you do to prevent disasters in the future? Always expect the unexpected. Write a checklist of critical aspects that are required to make your event a success. Then write a 2nd checklist of alternative options should something go awry. For example, if your food provider isn’t able to fulfill the function they were contracted for what could be an alternative? Are there gourmet grocery stores nearby? What kind of options do they offer for premade platters? Can you quickly locate dinnerware?

If your event requires the use of technology for a slide show or presentation, make sure to test everything well before guests are due to arrive. Have a tech savvy person on call should something not work. Keep customer support numbers handy and review what type of support is available so you’re not blindsided by the requirement of a contract. Do you have a backup charger for your phone? In the case of an event gone badly, you’ll likely be using your phone heavily. Having a simple portable bank charger could save a situation from being bad to really terrible.

Slip Up

Finally, not all disasters are limited to something going wrong with the event; you might have something go badly at the event in the form of a guest being hurt or needing emergency services. Is there someone in charge of this? Have you researched the legal ramifications for an injury? Do you have special event insurance to cover the costs if you should get sued?

Hopefully whatever type of event you’re planning will include attendees that will be gracious and forgiving should your event not go off as planned, but if mishap does occur, keep calm, keep level headed, and keep it up until the issue is resolved in the best manner possible.

Comicon Culture in Phoenix

Comicon Costume

People like to say something about the West Coast being the Best Coast. Well, for fandom junkies, it really is because it brought about Comicon.

Comicom was put on the map in 1970 as a one day event located in San Diego. This “minicon” was meant to raise both money and interest for a larger convention. Later that year, the first three-day event was held, but it was only the beginning to this great worldly affair. The event was only held in San Diego for over 20 years before space at the event began to max out. The event then grew to affiliate locations, such as Phoenix and Tucson.

If you are ready to discover your inner geek, Comic-Con is the event for you. Phoenix Comic-Con creates guest panels with actors, authors, artists, and any other icons in the pop culture industry. These guests may also offer meet and greets, photographs, or autographs. The panels are typically free, minus the reserved seating section with costs an additional fee. The guests decide whether photographs or autographs will require an extra fee. Typically, they do not charge, but rather ask you to donate to a charity or fund instead.

Another one of the major thrills of the Comicon experience is the costuming, termed cosplay. Cosplay is just a connection of the two words costume and play. Fans come dressed representing characters from every source of media, including movies, T.V. shows, and comic books. The Comicon website warns that some costumes may be extremely risqué and others may be scary for children.

Comicon and Cosplay

Have you ever wondered where Cosplay and costuming originated? A woman nicknamed Morojo and her partner, Forest Ackerman were huge fans of fiction and produced a magazine together honoring the sci-fi world. In 1939, they attended the first WorldCon, the World Science Fiction Convention put on by Comic-Con International. It was there that they wore the first ever fan costumes publicly. Both are credited with this honor, but Morojo was really the one that had the idea. She created the costumes from scratch, beginning a popular craft for years to come.

Due to the recent events at this year’s Comicon, the Convention Director, along with the Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Convention Center updated the list of prohibited item list. This new list included weapons of all types, including simulated, or prop, weapons. Those in charge did not want to diminish from the costumes and still allowed empty holsters, masks, signs attached to the costumes, and non-weapon props.

Comicon Culture

Be sure to bring the whole family down to Phoenix Comicon. Children under 2 years old are free with the purchase of an 18+ pass. Each adult may have two free children under their pass. Children ages 3 to 12 can attend the entire event, including 4 days, for only $10. Activities are held for children of all ages and there are event family specific events.

Are you too impatient to wait for next year to experience the fun? Check out the Phoenix Comicon website for links to their social media accounts. Videos or audio of many of the panels from this year’s event are posted as well as pictures and other information. Additionally, the Tucson Comicon event will take place in early November. If you are ready to dip your feet in, this is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for next year’s Phoenix Comicon. Adults can purchase a membership pass for the entire weekend for just $30!

In the past, being known as a “geek” or a “nerd” was not something most people would have liked to be associated with. Now geek and nerd are desirable monikers. An entire culture has sprung up with it too and Comicon could rightly be accused of being responsible. Except for Halloween, only at Comicon can grown-up people walk around in costume of their favorite DC and Marvel characters. Outside of the big labels, lots of smaller, indie types of cartoons get love at Comicon as well as characters from T.V. and games.

As a t-shirt printer, without the proper licensing, we cannot print images of the most beloved characters; however we can print in some cases references to the character if you’re really creative. Need a custom t-shirt for your next Comicon adventure but aren’t sure whether your idea would fall under trademark protection? Save your t-shirt design idea and contact us to review before placing your order and we can let you know whether we could print your Comicon t-shirt idea.

CrossFit in the Phoenix Valley

CrossFit Exercise

As health and fitness becomes increasingly popular, the industry continues to develop all new workouts for those who may get tired and bored of their regular regimens. Before 2010, Cross Fit was mostly for police and military, but since then it has grown in popularity with fitness junkies everywhere.

Cross Fit is a combination workout. It is a high-intensity fitness program that uses elements from multiple different sports or other types of exercise. Gymnastics, weightlifting, and running are just a few examples of where the workouts stem from.

CrossFit was founded as a company in 2000 by a man named Greg Glassman. As a young gymnast, he discovered that specialties led people to a deficit in other outlets. He approached fitness as a type of “cross” training between domains of fitness. He found that this prepared athletes the best for general physical needs.

CrossFit headquarters is located in Santa Cruz, California, where Glassman opened his gym. He began by training the local police department. This is where the community aspect of CrossFit came to light. Glassman discovered that he had too many clients to train and began to train multiple people at one time. The clients typically enjoyed getting to work out with others and since then CrossFit has been a group workout.

Who can do Cross Fit? Well, Cross Fit welcomes persons from all backgrounds of fitness. The program can be scaled up or down depending on your experience and strength level. The workouts are typically the same for everyone; however people may do more/less repetitions or may use a greater/lesser amount of weight. Regardless, it is very important to exercise with a professional to protect yourself from injury.

If you are interested in Cross Fit and want to give it a try, check out both Groupon and the gym’s website. Many Cross Fit gyms offer a free first trial class. If there are several in your area, try them al! Each gym has a different atmosphere and personnel. It is best to find the gym that suits you and your goals. Do not be turned off by the price of belonging to a CrossFit gym. If you decide you like Cross Fit, some memberships can also be found at a discounted price on Groupon.

CrossFit Maneuver

Upon introduction to Cross Fit, many programs will take you through a training program before you join the master classes. This program is typically called “Foundations” or “Elements,” and it is used for beginners to learn the fundamental movements of Cross Fit. This class is necessary due to the nature of the workout. Correct form and technique will give you maximal conditioning and reduce the odds of injury.

If you want to know if a gym is affiliated with CrossFit or if there is a gym near you, look no farther than If you are located here in the Valley, there are more than 90 CrossFit affiliates to choose from. Here are some great options for you to have your first or next experience with CrossFit.

Located right in downtown Phoenix, Core CrossFit is part of a program called Phoenix Fit. This group works to help individuals with not only a training regimen, but holistically, bringing in aspects of diet and rest, and recovery, as well.

Ladies, need some female-only time? Ahwatukee CrossFit is the place for you. This gym is an exclusive community of all women trainers and athletes. However, men are welcome in the Co-Ed 12pm class. Memberships for this class are available to both men and women.

CrossFit Full Strength prides themselves on being one of the oldest gyms in the valley and boast their coaches who together have more than 30 certifications. They do all of their programming in house and also strive to host frequent social events to enhance the community aspect of the gym.

8th Street CrossFit is located in Tempe near the ASU Campus. They strive to have smaller class sizes and very attentive coaching, while still creating a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, they offer discounts to Military, Police, EMS, and even students!

While Build Up CrossFit began as a small CrossFit only gym in a garage, it has grown to so much more. They now offer personal training, boot camps, Olympic lifting, yoga, tumbling, and Build Up Warrior classes. This gym wants to be a place for everyone to find their niche and promote a lifelong fitness journey.

When you really start getting into any program or lifestyle, you learn there are specific slogans and themes that people identify with. We have lots of Crossfit customers who order custom t-shirts for specific events or simply for unification at the gym. If you find that Crossfit becomes your lifestyle and you want to express yourself through custom apparel check out our t-shirt productsready for customization with your very own design.

Custom Uniforms as Branding Opportunities? Of Course!

Work Uniforms

When you think of uniforms, does your mind connect with a specific brand? Well, that is just how companies use them, branding. Companies take their target population and create a brand that is meant to entice them and attract them to whatever services or goods are being sold. This is a tactic of marketing. Marketing is the action of promoting and selling services or products. Marketing proves to your customers that your product or services are worth more than your competitors. Flyers, ads, and billboards are all tools used in the marketing world, as well as uniforms and t-shirts!

What better way to promote your company than a living, breathing and moving billboard? Well, that is what many brands believe. In addition to just getting the name out into the public, it also creates another way of connection to customers. It is important to create a uniform in tandem with your brand. Each uniform communicates a different message to your customers. Therefore, picking a uniform color, type, and look is a very important task.

The right fit is essential when it comes to uniforms. Picking something that everyone can wear promotes equality and ensures that no employee feels uncomfortable in their uniform. Function is also interrelated. Employees must feel good in a uniform and it should be able to hold up to their work duties. If so, employees are better able to perform and they will feel better about the work they are doing.

If customers come in contact with employees, they are likely to judge the company based on who they employ. Uniforms create consistency. Yes, of course, as mentioned before it means that every employee looks the same, but this is not just a general idea. Every time an employee provides a service or goods, the image of the experience will be remembered along with it. Customers will begin to think of a brand in terms of what they can connect to. Many times that is an employee, so employees must represent the branded image you’re trying to create as an employer.

Additionally, workwear that is fun and creative may be worn on the weekends, especially if you offer creative designs printed on quality t-shirt products. In many cases, employees are proud to work at a company and want to show the world that they belong to a brand. T-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats are a great way to keep promoting a company even when the work day is over. Selling or giving away your company t-shirts is yet another way of marketing. Loyal customers have the opportunity to show love to a brand.

You’ll want to base your t-shirt product choice on the type of company you have or the branding ideal you’re trying to promote. If you have a high end or very professional business, polos that are either embroidered or screen printed are advisable. Embroidering custom polo shirts requires the design be digitized into a format that embroidery machines can execute in stitches. This requires submission of the artwork to provide an estimate as it’s based on the stitch count. Screen printing polos is another choice and works well and is typically less expensive.

Custom t-shirts as uniforms are ideal for just about any type of business. The construction industry, small businesses, restaurants, and bars frequently go this route as it’s affordable, easily replenished, and above all else, very comfortable for their employees.

If your staff’s duties require a great deal of exercise or if they primarily work outside, we recommend performance t-shirts as the content of the tee is designed to keep moisture away from the skin thus providing more comfort to the wearer. One restriction with performance wear is that these products must be ordered in groups of at least six, so if you frequently require one-off prints, we don’t recommend performance wear.

We offer safety apparel as well for construction and crews including safety green tees and sweatshirts along with safety vests that are ANSI compliant in both safety orange and green.

Custom employee uniforms don’t have to stop at the shirt. You can further unify the look of your team with custom hats that can be either embroidered or screen printed. For restaurant or craft workers, either full or half aprons can be customized with your logo or slogans you want to impress upon the customers they are serving.

Custom uniforms have the ability to make an impact on how customers perceive your business. Cultivating an atmosphere where people feel they are surrounded by experts that can fulfill their needs can be attained through the customization of workwear.