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How to Advertise your Summer Camp or Children’s Academy with T-Shirts and More

It could be a dream of yours to run a successful summer camp or start a children’s academy but passion to influence young minds isn’t enough to sustain and grow a business. Providing an outstanding experience for each attendee is of course crucial because word of mouth is a powerful referral source but to get in the position to provide an outstanding experience, you have to get them in the door. You may feel overwhelmed with all of the other tasks involved with your business like organizing activities, legal requirements, and the acquisition of camp directors and teachers, however perfect organizational execution is worthless without clients. Competition is fierce for just about any type of business so advertising is critical. Here are some thoughts on how to advertise your summer camp or children’s academy with t-shirts and more.

Marketing is successful when you’re able to express your value proposition to the consumer. Parents don’t need to spend the money on summer camp and academies. Your job will be to make them want to. How? By making them like and trust you. Your summer camp or academy needs to be either outstanding or useful, or both. Focus on what makes you different from other summertime activities that may be free or less costly than what you’re offering. Are you conveniently located to public transport? Include that messaging with any of your advertising. Teach your target audience what makes you valuable.

A website is an unquestionable necessity. You need to be able to direct potential clients to a destination to do more independent research on your offerings. Your home page should instantly tell a story of why a child would want to attend. The most obvious choice is to convey this with a picture of happy students engaged in activities that you offer. Develop pages for both new and returning clients. These should include news and events, calendar of classes, application forms, and a gallery featuring more pictures of happy students. Include a way for people to sign up for a newsletter. This will be invaluable to keep clients coming back year after year and also to communicate new offerings to increase awareness.

Focus on how you’re solving a problem for parents in your marketing messages. Offer solutions for boredom and how your valuable activities will enrich their children’s minds or provide healthful exercise for their bodies. Include messages about strengthening social skills as well.

When signing up new registrants have a social media policy in place asking for permission to use their children’s images in your advertising efforts. If they are uncomfortable with having their child featured individually, ask if they can be included in group pictures. Google Hangouts and Facebook Live are great opportunities to engage with parents and prospective students curious about what you have to offer and your teaching and engagement style.

Communicate frequently with social media posts and don’t be afraid to use hashtags. These can help gain new followers and spread awareness about your programs. Be sure to include geographical hashtags too. Anyone looking for information pertinent to your area may see your post and share it with a friend or family member if you’re offering something relevant to their needs or interests.

Written content is critical to gain new business from the web. Start a blog on your website including lots of educational content. This can be in the form of How-to’s, demonstrations, featured interviews of clients, and staff highlights. Go into detail and use keywords that would be useful when people search on the web for a certain kind of activity. Use locations specific keywords frequently as these are typically less competitive than generic keyword such as soccer camp. Using “Sante Fe Soccer Camp” is much less competitive.

Take a look at what your competition is doing too. How are they positioning their value proposition? Can you do better, or at least equivalent? Monitor what is said about your business online. You can do this easily by frequently searching for your camp’s name on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Google Reviews. Respond to both positive and negative reviews but always take a breath before posting back to a negative review. It’s a good idea to have someone else who wasn’t involved in the situation to look at it before you post. You might be communicating more defensively than is wise.

Have custom t-shirts printed up for you summer camp or academy. T-shirts are inexpensive promotional items that garner a lot of attention. Think walking advertisement for your business. They are fantastic for group pictures too and create a sense of unity for the group. T-shirts are also great for staff because a custom message can help identify who is in charge especially in a large group setting. The type of t-shirt you choose should take into account what activities the wearer will be involved with. Are they primarily outside? Probably a lighter colored t-shirt like white, yellow, light green, or light blue would be best. Is the wearer going to be involved with sports? Then consider performance wear for moisture wicking. Is it a more professional or upscale academy? Then think about embroidered polos to reflect the impression you want to create.

Custom caps are another way to promote your summer camp or academy. Kids love hats and since they are a valuable promotional giveaway, are more likely to wear them year round. There are custom apparel options you may not know are an option like custom printed dancewear, shorts, yoga pants, and sweatpants, jackets, and even socks.

Designing custom summer camp apparel doesn’t have to be restricted to your logo. You can communicate what your value proposition with slogans, images, or even hashtags. Here are a few designs ideas for summer camps and children’s academies.

Hosting a free field day at the end of the semester for a school is a brilliant way to get the attention of potential clients. The teachers will love you and you can give out t-shirts and flyers for the kids to take home to the parents. Showing kids how much fun they could have at your camp or academy is a worthwhile expense especially if their friends sign up too.

Offer the opportunity for your clients to bring a friend for the day. This will literally provide a doorway for new attendees. Open houses are yet an additional opportunity to showcase what your summer camp or academy has to offer.

List of Burning T-Shirt Questions Answered by Design A Shirt Experts

design a shirt answers t-shirt questions

What’s a good brand for plain t-shirts? While we love to print designs on t-shirts, there are plenty of times where a plain t-shirt is what you’re looking to wear. For plain t-shirts that aren’t intended to receive decoration or ink, we love the offerings from Banana Republic. They can be a little pricey depending on your budget but the comfort and fit is outstanding for most frames. They offer a variety of styles including the soft washed tee which is treated in an enzyme wash for a wonderful “broke-in” feel. They just reintroduced the Original Pima Cotton Crew for fans of classic comfort. This version of their tee is thicker and feels durable if you’re looking for something with substance. One more t-shirt you might be interested in is their linen blend t-shirt. Coolness and comfort are easy to maintain with this machine washable option.

If you’re looking for the best plain t-shirt for screen printing or other apparel decoration, it’s hard to beat the Hanes Tagless Tee or the Next Level Premium Fitted t-shirts.

dazzling white t-shirt

How can I make a white t-shirt white again? Prevention is the best medicine even when it comes to apparel, so don’t make the mistake of washing your whites with anything other than whites. If you slip up or feel your whites have become dingy over time from sweat, there are few tricks to get them white again. Applying an optical brightener like Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing could breathe new life into your white t-shirts. It actually works but only as an illusion to the eye because slight blue tints appear as bright white to the human eye. Another option is to soak your white t-shirt with half a cup of lemon juice mixed in with hot water overnight and then continue the wash. White vinegar is another common household item that can help whiten whites. Add a half cup to the laundry and launder as usual. An equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be applied directly to areas that need whitening like underarms and the collar.

I need to get condense my huge t-shirt wardrobe, what’s the best way to do this? If you need to free up some space in your closet but aren’t sure where to start because you love them all for one reason or another we suggest evaluating on the following criterion. Does it stink at all? Throw it out. The fit test should be a no brainer, if it’s too small or too large to be worn out in public, it’s ready for recycling. Is it uncomfortable? You love the design but every time you put this t-shirt on and leave the house you regret it all day because it’s itchy. Life’s too short to be irritated all day, toss it. Is it ragged? If the hem, sleeves, or collar are frayed and it’s not the look you’re going for, these can be repurposed into throw pillows or a t-shirt rug. What’s the frequency of wear? If it hasn’t been worn in a year, there’s probably something about it that makes it worthy of the D-list. Dump it.

stinky t-shirt problems

What’s the best long t-shirt? For screen and digital printing the best long t-shirts are the Hanes Beefy-T Tall, it offers an extra 3” in length through the torso and another 1” length in the sleeves. Be sure to check LT, LXL, LXXL, etc. in the checkout for this option.

What’s the best t-shirt for insanely ripped v-shaped body? We recommend Bella for women and Next Level for men if you’re looking for a fashionable athletic fit. These products are soft and modern and ideal for screen printing jobs for gyms and fit clubs.

t-shirt for v-shaped body

What is the best white t-shirt that won’t show your bra? White is one of our most popular t-shirt colors but white also makes it difficult to wear underwear without being too revealing. There are a couple of solutions; a t-shirt bra in the color nude is actually a better choice than a white bra. Another option is to use a product that is thicker than the average t-shirt. The Hanes Nano collection is great because although it’s a comfortable lightweight product, it’s still thick enough to not require an undershirt. Avoid burnout tees unless you’re going for a specific look.

What is the best tall and skinny t-shirt? Our Hanes 4.5 ounce tee runs long and a bit tighter fitting than many of the other Hanes products.

What’s the coolest thing ever made with an old t-shirt? There are a lot of cool things that can be made by upcycling and repurposing old tees like pillowcases, quilts, tote bags and more but this literally is the coolest thing we’ve seen. Maybe it’s because we like cats.

How do I get rid of deodorant build up on my favorite t-shirt? There’s nothing worse than stained armpits to ruin a favorite shirt. If you use an antiperspirant, the buildup is from the aluminum used in the formula. Getting rid of this unsightly and kind of gross build up can be accomplished with a few specialized products and patience. Oil Eater is a product that’s been on the market since 1969 so it must do what it says it will do which is remove greasy stains. There are several versions of this product so make sure you get the kind that is for clothing. Another product is Krud Kutter which has an option specifically for clothing.

What’s the best t-shirt to use for a unisex group? If you’re purchasing for a group that is comprised of men and women the most popular by far is the Hanes Tagless Tee. It has a universal appeal. It offers structured substance without being bulky. The sizes are typically true to size for a unisex tee.

best unisex t-shirts

Will I get rich selling my t-shirt design? We hope so. But there are so many factors that go into the success or failure of a t-shirt design. We recommend doing a lot of research to learn what your target audience is interested in. Color combinations, the product you choose to have your design printed on, your marketing plan, and your pricing model will all determine your likelihood of success.

What is the most popular t-shirt design theme you print? Having been in the t-shirt printing business for 14+ years, we’ve seen everything come and go from our print shop. We probably print more athletic themes on average than anything else. We print for professional, private, and student organizations all over the country.

Which t-shirt product has the best anti-wrinkle properties? Any blend of polyester will have anti-wrinkle properties. You might think polyester will have a highly synthetic look and feel but this is not the case. In fact poly-blends are highly desirable because of the feel of the fabric. The only downside to poly-blends as concerns t-shirt printing is that it is not appropriate to use for digital printing. This means if you’re looking for photographic quality or less than six pieces, you’ll have to forgo the convenience of anti-wrinkle for 100% cotton.

What should I wear with a t-shirt? T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own so pairing a t-shirt with almost anything is fine. Depending on the fashion trend of the day you might wear it tucked in or out or half-way tucked into pants. Women wear t-shirts tucked into voluminous skirts, and outside of pencil skirts. You can wear a blazer over your t-shirt with jeans which is cutting edge and very hip in some industries. T-shirts can be dressed up with jewelry, headwear, or paired with high heels and jeans.

t-shirt fashion animals

What is the difference between embroidery and printing on shirts? Embroidery is the application of thread to sew a design onto shirts, typically polos or caps. Screen printing is the application of ink onto shirts to paint the design, screen printing is appropriate on polos, t-shirts, hats, tote bags, sweatpants, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets and more.

Can I get sunburn under my t-shirt? Almost all clothing provides some protection from the sun but it is possible to get sunburn under your t-shirt especially if you are very light skinned and wearing a thin shirt. Thicker shirts offer more protection. There are specialty shirts that offer ultra-violet light protection or UPF. These range from 15-50 UPF. We recommend the Hanes Cool DRI Performance Tee which offers the maximimum protection of 50 UPF along with other outstanding performance qualities.

What are the most comfortable 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL t-shirts? The Hanes Tagless Tee is available for screen printing and digital printing through sizes 6XL. It’s also one of our most popular tees of all time regardless of size

What’s the difference between Slim and Fitted t-shirts? A slim fit is cut closer to the body and will be tighter through waist and shoulders. A fitted t-shirt will create a nice silhouette along the body but leaves room to breathe and move freely.

How do I preserve the print on my t-shirts for the life of the shirt? A screen printed design should maintain its integrity throughout the life of the shirt. The only exception might be the appearance of cracks in the print over time. This can also happen if the shirt is stretched an unusual amount. Digital printing will not hold up as well over the lifetime of shirt. While the print should hold up fine through many types of washing, the ink used in this process actually sinks into the fibers instead of lying on top. Over time, the fibers of the shirt will begin to separate and make the design look faded. We recommend washing your decorated apparel inside out in cold water and drying on low temperature or air drying. Never use bleach.

If I’m giving t-shirts away, how many of each size should I order? Medium and large are the most frequently ordered sizes so these should be well represented in your order. Smalls and XL’s should be about equal.

What are some free online design tools for creating a t-shirt design? We certainly love our own custom t-shirt design studio but understand it doesn’t offer all the design capabilities you might be seeking. Here are a few free design tools that offer a very robust range of design features. Gimp and Inkscape.

Planning a Family Reunion with a Detailed Checklist

Family reunions are a delightful way to keep your family engaged with each other and to maintain strong ties however far away your family members spread out. It’s a great opportunity to catch up and celebrate milestones and achievements like marriages, births, graduations, career advancement, and missed birthdays. Planning a family reunion does take effort though and if you’ve never done it before, you may not know exactly what to expect and plan for. Here is a detailed checklist with references to resources that will help you through the process.

family reunion planning

When to start planning - The first order of business is to gauge the level of interest and plan for number of attendees, decide the dates, and possible location that will work for your family. Assuming most people have a Facebook account, you could post and tag each of your family members there to start a stir. If they only have email, you should reach out to them personally. If email isn’t an option, a letter or phone call will have to do. There are free resources to collaborate on a time, location, and assign tasks like Wiggio and Podkeeper. This part of the planning process should be done at least 6 months to a year ahead of the general timeline for your family reunion.


Depending on whether you’re some sort of event planning superhero, you’re going to need help. To get help, you’re going to need to ask for it. If you’re lucky, you may get some volunteers beforehand but make sure you choose dependable and energetic people for the really important tasks. Things that should be assigned to an individual or a committee are the reservations of a location, the menu, confirmations, decorating, activities, and excursions if your family reunion will take place over the course of days, a dedicated photographer, and the cleanup crew.

The appointments for these tasks should be selected at least four months ahead of the dates your family has chosen. The reservation and handling of the locale should be top priority and have several backup volunteers in case your appointee struggles.

When choosing your locale, keep in mind the different levels of physical ability your attendees have. Does grandma really want to hike up hills to get to her cabin? Also keep in mind financial resources. Ask yourself if an expensive resort is the best choice for families with lots of children or single parents on their own?

camping family reunion

Some of the most popular destinations are parks, lakes, and campgrounds. Because of this, they tend to become booked up pretty quickly in the summer months. One of the best resources to find and review potential outdoor venues is The National Park Services website, choose your state and find basic information about all the parks available in your neck of the woods. State or city tourist and visitor guides can also be helpful to locate options you may not have even thought of such as a guest ranch or farm. These sites also offer deals on local attractions and excursion ideas. State vacation guides offer additional links to resources and discounts along with temperature expectations for your family reunion dates and available amenities.

Planning and scheduling a menu can coincide with the location choice in the form of themes such as a campfire cookout, bbq, seafood buffet, or potluck if there are cooking facilities for each family. If the destination is off the beaten path, make sure to locate the nearest grocery store and include the name and directions in the final invite, RSVP deadline, and published agenda. For potluck, remind each family to bring the appropriate cooking vessels and ingredients.

grand canyon family reunion

Planning your family reunion t-shirt souvenirs should be pretty easy considering we only take 10-days from the time you place your order to delivery. The hard part might be coming up with a design everyone will love. Fortunately we offer plenty of customizable family reunion t-shirt templates to make your own shirt. If you find one you like, you can change the color combinations, fonts, and replace lineart with your own custom images or choose something different from our digital library of t-shirt art. The t-shirt product the template is designed on is easily changed too with lots of different options for infants, kids, juniors, women, and unisex options. Ordering your print on different products is no extra charge if the design and ink colors stay the same on the different options. A different size of art for infant and children would incur a small charge since additional printing screens have to be made.

big family reunion

If you want something completely unique to your family, you could ask an artistically inclined family member to come up with a custom design. They would just need to submit the finalized art in a 300 dpi file in the format of .eps, .pdf, .psd, .tiff, .ai, .cdr, .gif, .jpeg, .ppt, .png, or .gif.

Keeping the costs to a minimum is as simple as choosing a one color design on a lower cost t-shirt product like Hanes Tagless Tee’s, (which is our most popular choice.) Pricing is really affordable especially when you order enough to get significant price breaks which occur at quantities 12, 36, 72, 144, and 300. Don’t worry though, if you only order 35, you still pay less per piece with every additional shirt. You also don’t have to order personalized t-shirts. A hat or even a tote bag is a fun, creative option too.

family reunion with t-shirts

Scout around for the cost and availability of local guides, jeep tours, horseback riding, ATV and bicycle rentals, etc.

Once the location choice, meal planning, and family reunion souvenirs has been finalized and/or reserved, you should have a general idea of how much attendance should cost per person. Fees for additional excursions should be optional or adjusted for individual that can’t or don’t care to participate. To more accurately quote the price for each individual, you can create a signup form for activities and t-shirt sizes. Add some cushion in the per person cost in case of unanticipated fees. If there is money left over, you can put it in reserve for next year’s family reunion.

There’s lots of options for payment collection to the organizers like PayPal, Payit2, and My Event.

Publish your family reunion agenda once it’s finalized. This will help alleviate being asked the same questions over and over again. This agenda should include the dates and time, location, activities, projected weather forecast, menus and planned meal times, lodging and rates information if this is not included in the price per attendee, payment due dates, and any additional warnings or notices. You should have this in place at least two months in advance of the family reunion.

Now it’s time to reserve any equipment you’ll be using for the reunion like tables, chairs, tents, stages, generators, food service equipment, heating and cooling, lights, etc. Then confirm attendance and reservations, prepare any signage if applicable. The countdown is on to your next family reunion!

Why Fundraiser T-shirts are the Perfect Option for your Charitable Event

Fundraising for a charitable organization or cause is a noble altruistic endeavor for any individual. But how do you expand your sphere of influence to motivate others to support and get involved with your cause, and, particularly donate money?


To understand how to motivate, one must first dive into what moves others to feel compassionate. People are not convinced through reason alone. We have to remember there are incalculable worthy causes that people are introduced to throughout any given day. From a homeless person asking for spare change on the corner to large scale operations that work to protect whole regions in danger from civil wars. Some people have to insulate themselves emotionally because it gets so overwhelming.

How we motivate others to feel compassion is through erudite story telling. Obviously to do this, you must have a broad scope of understanding the cause on a personal basis. Instead of relying on the facts, tell an in-depth tale of an individual whose life has changed as a result of the problem you’re trying to solve with your charity fundraiser. Putting a face to the cause is one thing, but sharing details of the sufferer takes it to a different level. People are more compelled and drawn in by stories of distress.

fundraiser t-shirts

You can’t tell a full-blown story on a t-shirt but you can try to distill the biggest issues into a statement or slogan that relates to the overarching story. For taglines, brevity is best and makes it easier to remember. If you’re working on developing an ongoing charity, keep consistency in mind when coming up with your slogan. Repeated exposure to the concept behind the cause will help develop familiarity and increase the perception of legitimacy in people’s minds.

To remain consistent with storytelling choosing the face of your cause is sensible. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as a logo. A photo can be manipulated and simplified to work well for a variety of medium outputs like t-shirt art, banners, and newsletters. A digital artist should easily be able to simplify a chosen photo into lineart that can be used effectively and affordable across reproduction channels.

simplified logo

You may even consider outlining how donations or volunteer work could impact your cause in your messaging. Like $15 means 15 meals for example. Or a goal to be reached and what happens when that goal is attained, like a prosthetic leg for Ashley costs $50,000. This way a potential donor can visualize how their contribution will impact the cause and also gauge how much they should consider giving.

Creating a feeling of unity with a cause is another compelling reason to use t-shirts in your awareness campaigns. From a sociological perspective, people give and become involved with movements that align with their values and attitudes. Social ties are an additional factor that contributes to their propensity to give, so when you make fundraiser t-shirts a part of your charitable campaign you’re creating an object that supports unity. The ability to identify with other supporters in a very literal way is a very fundamental part of many organizations including sports, music, and politics.

Having custom fundraiser t-shirts printed is also a key to spread awareness to new people that might not be familiar with your cause or message. Since understanding is critical to get donations and support, and people are inherently compassionate beings, having a message emblazoned on your clothing is going to get some attention. People tend to mimic each other when they are engaged in conversation, there’s an emotional telepathy that transpires even when you’re not aware of it. People have the tendency to imagine themselves in another’s position so your printed t-shirt is a means to opening a dialogue about the cause you hold dear.

Opening this dialogue to communicate why your cause is important and how it can make positive changes for its beneficiary’s is the point of your altruism. If your cause is not well known or complicated, avoid using acronyms or highly technical jargon in your messaging. You’re going to need to translate the spirit of it into something palatable for the masses. People say, “all you need is love,” but that’s obviously not true. What is needed to solve problems is an understanding of the issues and a vehicle that will allow them to help solve it.

fundraiser marathon t-shirts

The affordability of custom t-shirts for the purpose of spreading awareness is almost unbeatable when compared to other methods of advertising. Emails can be, and are often ignored. Phone calls are expensive and time consuming. Direct mail is expensive and requires multiple touches before the message is driven home. A t-shirt is a long lasting form of advertising that can be used for years. The key to extending the life of this form of communication is an attractive design and slogan that others can and want to identify with. Product choice is also something to consider. Nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable, ill-fitting shirt that shrinks in the dryer the first time it’s washed. Choosing a desirable custom t-shirt product for your charitable screen printing order shouldn’t be complicated. Be aware of choosing t-shirt printing companies that don’t identify the brand of the product for the print. These can often be very cheap products that no one will want to wear.

Using custom t-shirts as giveaways is a very common practice. You can offer a free t-shirt in exchange for volunteer work or participation in a run, walk, or marathon. Offer your shirt as a door prize or as part of a package for donors. Using the t-shirt itself as a means to gain donations is also very common. People feel more compelled to donate money if they get a little gift in return. In cases where you’re using t-shirts to fundraise for an event that will take place in the future, such as a memorial service or charity run, make sure to send a reminder before the event to wear the t-shirts. Everyone wearing the same t-shirt will extend the feeling of unity for the participants.

However you integrate custom fundraiser t-shirts into your event, remember the recipe for a successful t-shirt design is brevity and clarity in your message or slogan, attractive and positive art, and a comfortable, quality t-shirt product to have your message printed on.