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Last Sail before the Veil and More Wedding Season Inspiration

Weddings are all about personalization and the trend in unusual themes, far-out locations, atypical bridal gowns, and non-traditional wedding dates are all becoming perfectly acceptable if not even the norm.

Wedding season is now basically any season, and weddings and all the celebrations surrounding them in general are now all inclusive and all-encompassing affairs, including co-ed bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Theme weddings have also become extremely popular as people are more free to be expressive than ever before. Many trendy themes are based upon popular culture. Sometimes themes are far less conventional. While the timeless and classic wedding will always have its place, having the social acceptance to be imaginative sparks some very interesting ideas like Zombie, Carnival, and Steampunk themed weddings and parties.

Some themes can be based around color combinations like turquoise and coral or unusual applications of color like a wedding dress with an ombre fringe.

coral and turqouise color combo

Have you heard of wedding hashtags? It’s a really inventive way to get guests to participate in your wedding. Check out this service that collects all your hashtagged photos from Instagram and Twitter and displays a live feed at your wedding! Plus, you get to download all the great pics! You can build up momentum for your own personalized hashtag with t-shirts or totes that feature the hashtag. Give them away at the wedding or prenuptial events like the rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

hashtag wedding t-shirt

Bachelorette and bachelor parties don’t have to be a night of excess either. Since many couples share lots of friends its more and more common to have a co-ed party. Co-ed parties call for a little more creativity to keep everyone entertained and feel included. Here’s a few that could work.

A psychic or metaphysical party – Invite a fortune teller and bust out the Ouija board.

Role Playing Games – These can be very rich and thematic engrossing the players; you just might have to have follow up parties.

Mixology – A lot of people have flirted with the idea of bartending because it looks sexy and exciting. Hire a professional to teach everyone a few smooth moves.

Cabin in the Woods – Not only is this awesome because you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving, the woods naturally lend adventure with hiking, fishing, building fires, and barbecuing.

Brewery Tours – This can be a really cheap way to spend an evening since many breweries offer free tasting. Find out if a few are offering tasting tours on the same day to extend the party.

Beer Yoga – If you’re not sure about visiting a bunch of breweries, check out beer and yoga. Stretch out the pre-marital nerves and follow up with some tasty brew.

Cruise – There are lots of options for cruises and these can be fairly inexpensive considering all that is included, especially if you’re located near the port. The last sail before the veil t-shirt souvenir is incredibly popular for this idea.

For more inspiration, check out our entire collection of wedding event t-shirt and tank top templates.

Creative Nonprofit Fundraising

Coming up with creative strategies for raising funds for nonprofits and charities presents quite a challenge considering there hasn’t been many developments since biblical times. Beyond the tithing system that was established in the Jewish faith, the most significant changes haven’t happened until the 21st century.

If you’ve been involved with nonprofit fundraising you’re likely well versed with the most common methods like charity dinners, silent auctions, golf outings, and the most humble method of all, phone calls. But competition for attention is quite fierce, even in the charitable sector. There are now over 1.5 million charitable intuitions in the U.S., all vying for donor contributions. However, most people only have a set amount of money they can donate, despite the worthiness of many causes.

charity help

Creative nonprofit fundraising is now a necessity. Some of the most successful nonprofit strategies for fundraising are developed by newcomers. Known as social entrepreneurs, they are really reinventing the way nonprofit fundraising is approached. KultureCity is one such nonprofit, established by a parent whose son was diagnosed with autism. Cause marketing is one strategy employed by KultureCity. By working with for-profit companies that develop products that help autistic individuals, the for-profit company gets social media recognition and presumably consumer’s goodwill while the nonprofit gets the funding they need in return.

Cause marketing is not exactly new. In 1983, American Express was the first to introduce this concept with their campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. However, the implementation of such campaigns can be approached in an innovative manner. For example, Charity Miles is an app that allows users to earn money for their favorite charity simply by tracking the miles they run or jog. The corporate sponsors that actually back the funding get great branding while the charities gain the obvious benefit of increased donations.

jogging for charity

Now developing an app may not be a realistic goal for many nonprofits, but partnering with a local business like a restaurant could be a win-win if your goals are aligned. Particularly if the business can incentivize giving with the exchange of a low cost product or service, like a free drink on the next visit in exchange for a small donation. This not only encourages repeat visits for the business but also increases the chances for a repeat donation.

free coffee fundraiser

If your nonprofit has particular insight on a disability as is the case with KultureCity and autism, you could work on relationships that require your nonprofits expertise. KultureCity helps businesses become sensory friendly for autistic individuals; in return, KultureCity is able to use the facilities for fundraising events.

It’s pretty well known one of the primary emotions that compel charitable donations is empathy. Immersing someone in the situation of the persons or cause your nonprofit is supporting is one of the best ways to give potential donors incentive.

But what if you’re trying to provide support for a cause that’s geographically challenging like Africa or Mexico? Hope International is solving this problem through the use of Virtual Reality Technology. Historically they understood that people who actually visited homes and communities of individuals in need were motivated to do more so they used this information to create a more accessible and affordable experience with the help of virtual reality.

virtual reality

The use of virtual reality headsets in of itself has the potential to garner more attention for your cause since it’s a relatively new technology and it’s exciting. Imagine inviting people to check out virtual reality but the story you show them is compelling enough to bring them to tears. VR headsets are expensive but have the potential to become well worth the investment for your cause.

DipJar is an innovative way to collect funds anywhere your donors are along with a power source. It’s the cashless way to make it easy for people to donate on the fly. It also has multiple tiers in its pricing structure that create a low entry barrier.

A creative nonprofit t-shirt message is another option to raise funds for your charity. People want to be a part of something that makes a difference and it’s certainly an ego boost to have the ability to show their support while showing off to others that they support your cause. Make your message about how they made a difference.

Fundraiser T-Shirts

If you struggle to understand who your best potential donor is, think in terms of overlap. Most people want to help others, it’s simply part of being human, but there are ways to be more impactful to specific segments of society. If your charity supports abused animals you may try setting up an awareness booth at a local dog park. Make sure your marketing speaks to these individuals by using canine themes.

dog park fundraiser

If your charity supports heart disease, try to appeal to a segment that’s the most aware of health like gym members, holders of national park permits, and avid joggers. Making sure your message is seen by the right people with specific interests is easily accomplished if run a Facebook ad for example. Try it out to see what kind of response you get. Overlap can be a powerful way to identify those that are most likely to give.

Vanity or body shaming – What’s the deal with women’s clothing sizes?

Venus proportions

If you’re a woman, we know you’ve pulled an item of clothing off a retail rack or shelf, gone to the dressing room only to do a double take on the size tag when it’s way too small or way bigger than you expected.

It’s not just you; it’s actually sales, marketing, and an aesthetic conspiracy, possibly started centuries ago by artists and sculptors trying to pour the human body into an impossible concept of perfect proportion.

In reality, standardization in sizing is a relatively new concept when taking in the entire breadth and scope of civilization. Necessity is the Mother of Invention and during the Civil War, mass production of uniforms was a necessity. Fighting was not a moment for a fashion statement though. Measurements were taken and recorded in an attempt to come up with a general definition for standardized production. This was based on chest, weight, and height measurements, and a perpetuated assumption about ideal proportions. But frequently, the person gathering sizing from each recruit was in a rush to perform their primary function, getting men out to fight.

Civil War uniforms

The second mass collection of measurements taken with the specific intention of garment creation was during World War I. Over 100,000 men were measured in an attempt to create sizing guidelines. However, here again, height, weight, and chest measurements were the primary denominators. It was still assumed that sizing would be in proportion to these numbers. The same concept was applied to women’s sizing utterly ignoring the fact that a bust size, while certainly influenced by weight, could also be swayed by genetics. The waist and tush likewise are greatly influenced by hereditary factors.

Ready-made clothing wasn’t even a viable option until the 1930’s. Before the invention of the power sewing machine, creating one item of clothing by hand was a very expensive and time consuming task. Of course precise measurements for the consumer were taken since it was a custom piece.

catalog clothing

Ready-made clothing items gained popularity as the urban class grew and textile production technology developed. However, the fit from ready-made clothing, particularly for women remained inadequate. Mail order catalogs were frequently the source of purchase, and the cost for returns drove the price up for manufacturers. Coming up with a solution for sizing was important for the entire industry.

The Department of Agriculture spearheaded a study in 1937 to develop standard sizing but failed to take into account that since most of the respondents were paid for their participation, a bias was introduced into the statistics. The women who were looking for a little extra money were primarily poor women and thus, possibly undernourished. Furthermore, only white respondents were included, skewing true standard sizes for all women. The problem plagued clothing manufacturers and consumers alike for decades to come.

1950's clothing style

As American women’s sizes began to fluctuate, marketers learned to take advantage of a new concept called vanity marketing. It’s more flattering to the ego to purchase a size 8 in brand A’s line than a truer size 12 in brand B’s line. But it certainly can be argued that since the original sizing standards were based upon the sizing of destitute white women, the whole scheme was flawed from the beginning.

In response, brands for specific body types began to develop. Lane Bryant was one of the first manufacturers of clothing to target a specific body type, generally referred to as plus-size or more modernly, curvy. Ethnicity now plays a role a too with the emergence of Latina targeted brands and marketing. Most recently Macy’s recruited the Mexican Songstress, Thalia for their largest private brand launch to date. Likewise Kohl’s has partnered with Daisy Fuentes and Jennifer Lopez to target one of the fastest growing segments of society.

Clothing lines and brands certainly do target specific types of people not just specific body types or ethnicities. Age, socioeconomic status, and of course gender are targets. Therefore, if you’re a 45 year woman shopping in a store that primarily caters to 21 year old and younger women, your typical size 8 might be labeled as a size 12 or perhaps you might even be shamed out of the store because they simply don’t carry “your size” of clothing. It’s a marketing ploy, not a direct insult to you. The brand is simply sizing to their defined demographic. They’ve built there entire business around this one segment.

It’s also incredibly important to understand what a junior label means. Even though you may be a slim adult woman, juniors sizing is meant for a younger body, that means it’s going to be smaller in the bust and hips, and the bust line will be higher.

Store sizing

The important thing to remember is that size is just a number. When reviewing what size you are in a particular brand of clothing, it’s important to look at the dimensions. That means shoulder, bust, and waist, not the arbitrary number or designation it’s labeled with. If it fits well and feels great, size shouldn’t matter.

Remembering Loved Ones with Memorial T-Shirts

memorial t-shirts

Losing a loved one is a life altering experience that changes your perspective. Shock, grief, loneliness, and anger are emotions many people describe feeling immediately. It’s normal to feel protective of their memory as tangible connections have been lost.

Showing love and gratitude to the deceased is traditionally realized through flowers, elaborate burial arrangements, wakes, and celebrations. Some people create more permanent memorials in the form of statuary, memorial plaques, or even donating to charities on their loved ones behalf as a way to share and amplify the memory of their loss.

These are not always viable options for limited budgets though. Memorializing loved ones with t-shirts may be something that is more popular with millennials and even younger generations as the loss of someone in that age group is more likely to be unexpected and unusually tragic.

In these cases we often see people scrambling to raise funds for funeral and other expenses related to unexpected death. Fundraising for funeral expenses with t-shirts is one avenue people consider. This may be particularly successful if there is a large network of family and friends that can be tastefully enticed to give more in exchange for a memorial t-shirt.

When pricing memorial t-shirts for fundraising efforts, it’s important to recognize that full color pictures are not typically done with screen printing. Full color images are created with digital printing and are not the most cost effective option for fundraising.

There are creative possibilities for recreating the deceased portrait on a t-shirt without paying the cost of digital printing. Using a halftone image for screen printing is one of the most cost effective ways to use a photorealistic image on a shirt. Halftones reproduce tonal effects with varying sizes of dots.

halftone for screenprinting

These can be printed using only one ink color which saves a substantial amount of money without sacrificing the appearance of a photograph. This method will allow you to use most of the raised funds for the cause at hand.

Another low cost option is to use a simple memorial slogan with tasteful clip art, the name of your loved one, and the dates of birth and passing. Some templates of tasteful memorial designs can be found here. Everyone has their own viewpoint on what is tasteful and it may be defined by personality of the deceased.

Choosing to print on a white t-shirt versus any other color including the traditional funerary black will save money as well. While many people believe that black denotes respectful grief, you may not realize that white is the symbol of purity, heaven, hope, light, and spirituality.

plain white t-shirt

Funerals are not easily planned and the timeline is not of our choosing. If memorial t-shirts are needed quickly, we will do our best to accommodate and keep costs down.

Some people choose to include a quote familiarly used by their loved one or a quote from a famous author or a religious theme. Here are a few very popular ideas for an in loving memory t-shirt.

  • In Loving Memory
  • Love is Eternal
  • Life is not Forever, Love is
  • Forever in our Hearts
  • Too well Loved to Ever be Forgotten
  • Asleep in Jesus’ Arms

For those left behind, the anniversary of a loved ones passing holds special meaning. After the initial grieving period is over and friends and family go back to their normal lives, it’s natural to feel the need bring your loved ones passing back to mind.

We’ve seen instances where a loved one’s art was printed on t-shirts and given to friends and family on the anniversary of the passing. Or if an illness took the life of a loved one, custom t-shirts for memorial walks and runs can bond participants together while memorializing the person that was lost.