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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Trendy Summer Adventure T-Shirt Designs

Summer is quickly approaching and with it, outdoor adventure! We’ve come up with some summer activity t-shirt designs and color combinations to compliment your summer journey wherever it may take you. We’ve got custom t-shirt designs for fishing enthusiasts, mountain climbers, canoeing fans, ocean water lovers, and all around free spirits. You can easily edit the designs in our design studio to match your color palette and preferred apparel product. Order just one on our no minimum required t-shirts for digital printing or order in bulk and enjoy screen printed quantity discounts for an event, outdoor family reunion, or summer camp.

Let the adventure begin!

Adventure is Calling

Fish More, Worry Less

Free Spirit

Just Add Water

Move the Body

Salt Life

Think Outside

How to Choose Winning Color Combinations for your T-Shirt Design

Sometimes fashion ideas are a fail. It can be due to various reasons like lack of market research, pricing, or simply a poor design. Color can play a big role when it comes to fashion hits and misses. Why do color combinations impact the way consumers feel about a certain article of clothing?

One fairly obvious reason is personal taste. Some people feel they don’t look in green or orange. No matter how appealing the design is, it’s unlikely you can change inherent dislikes of certain colors at the individual level. When brainstorming a design that has the capacity for mass or niche appeal, fundamental color palettes should be taken into account for the best chance of success.

A color wheel is a traditional tool used by artists of all kinds but in the digital age, there are many online tools that can take you far beyond complimentary color combinations in your design. Here are a few to explore when building your color palette:




What are color schemes?

Analogous– These are colors that are located next to each other on a color wheel and are most like what we see in nature like the feathers of a bird. Since its common in the natural order of the world, analogous color schemes often invite emotions of calm and tranquility. There is a caveat with analogous and decorated clothing design, since the colors are so harmonious, a designer needs to pay special attention to contrast.

Complimentary- Colors that appear on opposing sides of the color wheel are considered to be complimentary. Use of these colors can result in a very exciting and colorful design.

Triadic– These colors are evenly spread out on the color wheel which can result in plenty of contrast yet still remain harmonious.

Tetradic- This is the combination of two sets of complimentary colors. When creating a complicated design, this palette can be highly useful.

Split-Complimentary- In addition to the core color, two additional complimentary colors are utilized.

Color can invoke emotions and memories like the way a sunset looked while on vacation at the beach. Using themed color palettes that are aligned with the concept of your design can support the whole project. Conversely, take care when using some themes that might put you at risk for being too closely related to a well-known brand (particularly if some of your design elements look likewise familiar.) Think a red and yellow simplistic mountain design and McDonald's iconic arches and brand colors.

If you’re designing for niche audiences consider niche color palettes, here are some suggestions for just a few:


Of course camouflage colors come to mind when thinking about military appeal but black, white and shades of grey and orange also demonstrate strength.


When designing sorority wear, the world is you oyster. With this group you can maximize trendy colors, images, and apparel products. Think pastel paint splash, galaxy, classic white/black, floral, and watercolor.


Children love primary colors and for this reason creating designs with bright colors and bold images will have wide appeal.


Most well-known causes already have colors defined but you can still have your design stand out by incorporating complimentary secondary and tertiary colors. This example is a suggestion for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Ordering T-Shirts in Bulk: Pitfalls and Pointers

Ordering t-shirts in bulk is a strategy that can save money regardless of the purpose and increase probability if you intend to resell. Oftentimes customers may not be aware of the savings possibilities if they order more t-shirts than less. It makes sense to only order the t-shirts you need if it’s for a one-time event or if the design has any specific date or is redesigned annually. However if it’s a design that remains static over time or it’s a signature piece in a clothing line collection, bulk is the way to order.

The price per unit decreases as the number of shirts goes up. It’s easier for screen printers to pass on the savings in quantity once the costs associated with press and art setup are absorbed.

Another benefit is consistency in the run. Most screen printers recycle their screens after a job is completed unless there is a contract on file and the exact design is reordered frequently. There is always the possibility when setting up new screens, something could be altered. Another possibility is the shirt product may be inconsistent because t-shirt manufactures often use a variety of sources to sew their t-shirts. If you order in bulk, these possibilities are basically eradicated.

Saving time is another benefit of buying printed t-shirts in bulk. Each time you order one-off t-shirts, the ordering process is still a requirement and you may have to go through customer service checks and proofs. If you’re using a screen printer that doesn’t offer free shipping, the costs for shipping can really add up.

T-Shirts are also a great marketing asset. Keeping plenty of branded t-shirts in stock for giveaways are far more memorable than a business card or refrigerator magnet. And, when ordering in bulk, the cost per item makes it far more reasonable as a giveaway than you might think.

If you intend to resell, you should not order in bulk if you don’t feel confident the item will sell. If it’s a new design, you should do some market research to gauge the reaction. Even asking well trusted friends what they think of the new design is better than investing heavily on the front side only to have the garment end up on the discount rack.

For resell or giveaway, it’s important to consider the quality of the apparel product you choose. Going for the cheapest product may not be the way to entice sales or make the recipient feel they’ve been given something of value. Comfort is critical. Even the best design will hang in the closet if the garment is scratchy, ill-fitting, or an objectionable color.