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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Business T-Shirts VS Digital Advertising – A Cost per Impression Analysis

If you own a business or are in charge of marketing for one, you know that cost per impression or the CPM model can be pretty steep. Depending on what vertical your business in, the competition can be fierce and drive prices up. Facebook is currently one of the hottest contenders for marketing dollars. Nanigans, a Facebook Marketing Partner, shared some benchmarks from their pool of Facebook advertisers that revealed you can expect a CPM of $5.99 on Facebook depending on your industry.

The CPM on other ad exchange networks is rising even though digital budgets are increasingly becoming more dispersed across many new advertising sources like video, social and mobile. ZenithOptimedia projects that marketers will increase ad spend on banner style ads to 26.6% in 2016 from 20.6% in 2013. Mobile is of course the biggest source of adspend growth contributing 70% of all extra adspend between 2014 and 2017.

With the substantial increase in adspend in almost all digital verticals, the competition, and thus the CPM will continue to rise. But what about the CPM of a t-shirt advertisement? The cost to acquire a t-shirt remains fairly static. You may think that digital advertisement affords targeting capability that is far superior to that of a t-shirt message but Bloomberg Business recently published some astonishing findings from some pretty big names in the business. Heineken USA marketers discovered that only 20 percent of their impressions were actually seen by real people. Most of the “impressions” you pay for are actually bots or software. Even if you’re using a fancy programmatic buying service, it can’t tell the difference between a bot or person.

Yes, a t-shirt you offer as swag for an event may never be worn. But what if it is? This largely depends on your messaging. Make it clever and attractive. How many times might you expect it to be seen? This will depend on the level of social engagement of the wearer and their geographical location. A subway rider in New York City will interact with way more people than a surfer in Ocean Beach. But think about your last walk down a public sidewalk. How many people did you encounter passing the coffee shop, hair stylist, grocery store, law office, optometrist, movie house, etc.? This type of exposure, especially for hyper local companies can be outstanding. Landscapers, mom and pop restaurants, carpet cleaning services, and beauty salons can all gain branding awareness through a simple and inexpensive custom t-shirt.

Even if you’re part of a startup company marketing an app, how many techie people might be standing behind you in the grocery line, restless and prone to look something up on their phone? In many cases, you have a captive audience that’s more likely to be receptive to an advertisement since it’s associated with a live human being. Keep business cards handy because you never know when you might be approached by a potential customer.

Here are some business t-shirt designs we think are pretty awesome and do a great job of advertising.

Custom Infant Onesies and Toddler T-Shirts

We’re super proud to announce the latest additions to our product choices, baby apparel! We now offer Rabbit Skins Infant Lap Shoulder Bodysuits and Rabbit Skins Infant T-Shirts! Ranging in sizes from newborn to 24 months, these customizable choices are awesome for the tiniest fashion-forward tots. Plus, both choices do not require a minimum purchase so ordering just one is no problem! Rabbit Skins by LAT Apparel are super soft and of the highest quality. We’re featuring 13 colors for the onesies and 18 color choices for the short-sleeve jersey t-shirts for infants. If you need a little design inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our premade templates, ready for your customization. And as always, you can upload your own artwork in our design studio to make a custom toddler t-shirt or custom onesie for babies.

Rabbit Skins Infant Lap Shoulder Bodysuits Example

Rabbit Skins Infant T-Shirt Example

Baby Apparel Templates

Acute Baby

Apology Baby

I'm What Happened in Vegas

Birth: Nailed It!

My Big Brother is a Cat


Ice, Ice Baby

Little Peanut

I Woke Up Like This

I'm New Here

Don't Make Me Call My Grandma

Instructions Not Included

Little Man

Valentine’s Day: Obligatory Money Pit or Something Sweet?

People have varied emotions when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, it can be a day that makes you cringe with all the flowers, candy, love songs and advertisements. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel pressure to buy something and worry if it’s enough. Since it falls hard after Christmas, it can be tough on the wallet too. If the relationship is new, the stress is even higher because you want to impress your new love.

Instinctively we know there is no one day where you love someone more than you do the rest of the year, and it shouldn’t be obligatory to show it through extravagant purchases. Yet we still do, even if begrudgingly. Traditional Valentine’s Day presents are pricey and fleeting in nature. Chocolates and expensive meals are consumed, flowers wither and die, and jewelry and perfume are priced at premium rates during this holiday.

We don’t have to participate in this celebration of extortion! The best Valentine’s gifts are ones that you make yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship, or want to be in one, making Valentine’s Day special, funny, and sweet can be accomplished with simple acts and inexpensive gifts. Bake a cake, make a homemade card, give them a flowering plant, and of course, you can make a t-shirt. Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, some of these clever ideas should spark your imagination and inspire your own t-shirt design. Some of our designs are for the cutest possible Valentines of all, infants and toddlers!

Love you to the Moon and Back T-Shirt Idea

Love Arrows Graphic Tee Design

Vodka is my Valentine T-Shirt

Swiped Right T-Shirt Idea

Will You Marry Me T-Shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever Graphic Tee

Dad is my Valentine T-Shirt

Bacon is my Valentine T-Shirt Idea

Big Love T-Shirt Design

Property of Love Customizable T-Shirt Design

Love Lips Valentine Tee

Unicorn Love Fantasty Tee

Little Heart Breaker Toddler T-Shirt

First Valentine Infant Onesie

Kissable Toddler T-Shirt

Baby's First Valentine Onesie

Kisses for Sale Infant Onesie

9 Humorous T-Shirt Designs for Developers

Developers have a reputation of being dry, humorless and communicating in black and white logic when really it’s just most people can’t understand their humor. Developers work in a scary world where hacking and shortcuts is the only thing between us and an endless stream of 404 errors. They not only have to develop the code to make something work, they also have to think of all the ways the end user will screw it up.

If you know any programmers, you probably know they don’t like to talk much. Their favorite form of communication is written language. That’s why we came up with 9 Humorous T-Shirt Designs for Developers, no personal communication required.



Coding Standards

Asynchronous Operation

It's Not a Bug

No IE8

Source Code

Developers Don't Wear Suits