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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Glitter T-Shirt Printing

All that glitters is not gold but it might just sparkle! We offer several options for glitter t-shirt printing, which include heat transfers and specialty inks. We've made a SUPER EASY form on our DesignAShirt Concierge site to get started. Receive all the details to get started on your glitter tee within an hour! Free graphic design support and fast shipping are yours. To get started, click here or call us at 888-487-4478.

Glitter Flake Closeup

A popular option is Glitter Flake heat transfer decals that are available in 38 colors. This permanent application of textured glitter is very popular for fashion-forward sorority wear, spirit wear, and flashy sportswear. It can be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. Our high quality heat transfers don’t result in flaking glitter and are extremely durable. You’ll love the high luster, sparkle and shine for your custom apparel.

Glitter Flake Sample

Another option is our hologram heat transfer application. This holographic material is perfect if you’re looking for a prism effect for your personalized t-shirts. The rainbow finish catches light and creates a brilliant effect making a bold statement with your branding or team name. Your design would have a smooth feel to it similar to a sticker, but would not peel off when worn or washed.

Hologram Printing Example

For screen printing, crystallina is a specialty ink we can apply on top of a solid ink color for a glittery effect. It is a translucent color with specks of glitter included in the clear ink. When printed on top of a solid color (such as pink) we are able to achieve a glitter outcome. Cystallina ink is a fun enhancement that can be used on top of any solid color used for screen printing. We do not recommend printing crystallina by itself. It is intended for printing on top of another color.

Crystalina Printing Example

Other “shimmery” screen print inks we offer are metallic inks. We offer metallic silver, ultra gold shimmer (our shimmery version of metallic gold), and copper. Metallic inks can add classy enhancement to any screen printed order. Your metallic ink of choice can be printed exclusively in a design or combined with other colors.

Gold Metallic Printing Example
Silver Metallic Printing Example

All of our glitter choices require a specialized quote from one of our customer care specialists. So if you’re ready to add glamour, twinkle, glitz, and increase the perceived value of your personalized apparel, call us at 888-487-4478 today.

Make your own Photo T-Shirts

If you have a camera, you’ve probably snapped a few pictures that are so awesome you want to put it on a shirt. It’s easy to make your own high quality photo t-shirts on Upload your picture to our online design studio and then choose your apparel product and size. We’ve seen tens of thousands of very creative collage designs, manipulated images, and simple photos turn out beautifully. This is because every order is reviewed by expert t-shirt artists and each print is handled by veteran custom t-shirt printers.

Typically photo t-shirts are printed using direct to garment printing, otherwise known as digital printing. This method is ideal because the cost to the customer is reasonable and we can print complex designs and photos in full color which is not typically possible or cost-prohibitive when screen printing.

Oftentimes when printing photo t-shirts, you may find yourself limited to white or light t-shirt choices if you’re reviewing one of our competitors. That’s not the case at, we don’t have to limit customers to lighter fabrics because of our state-of-the-art digital printers. Preserving vibrant colors on dark fabrics is accomplished by laying down a layer of white onto the darker fabrics. The white basecoat is then covered with additional layers of ink that comprise the colors of the design.

Digitally printed photo t-shirts have come a long way since the days of cheap mall t-shirts that resulted in a badge-like feel on a poor quality t-shirt product. Modern digital inks are designed to soak into the fabric and with our flexible printing methods, you can choose from a fashionable array of excellent quality apparel products.

Design your own photo t-shirt to showcase pics of your friends, children, spouse, or pets. Commemorate a special or somber occasion quickly and with the confidence that the result will you make you proud. Choose our no minimum required products and free 10-day shipping.

The Best Internet Memes of All Time Countdown in 2015

Internet memes are the bumper stickers of the web much like t-shirts which make it easy to communicate our thoughts without actually vocalizing them. Memes make us laugh and allow us to express our thoughts in a humorous yet disposable fashion on the fly. Here’s a list of the best memes of all time as decided by a qualified panel of judges at the close of 2015.

Annoying Facebook Girl is just that. She’s the one that announces dinner with friends as an event. She talks with all of your friends that post on your status update, and suggests stupid pages to everyone all the time. She’s an epic duck face poser, begs for attention with statements like, “I look terrible in this pic,” and ends every post with LOL.

Butthurt Dweller is social stereotype who is a not so attractive male that judges others. He typically lives in a basement with no ambition to succeed in life because he’s already superior. He’s worried that his cell phone tracks his every move but never leaves his room, and all of his knowledge about women has been derived from porn.

Chemistry Cat is pun spewing scientifically inclined feline meme. Although the image itself is believed to be a stock photo, sites like Reddit and ICanHasCheezburger have made it a staple for the scientific community. It’s a tough meme to keep alive because of the limited fan base that can understand chemistry jokes, most are elemental.

Conspiracy Keanu evolved from New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog where they gauged Keanu’s emotions captured in an array of static film moments. It took off as meme to express suspicion about all things ridiculous such as the CIA inventing dinosaurs to discourage time travel.

Courage Wolf will terrify you into fixing whatever problems you think you have and will invent a few for you too. Courage wolf will instruct you to take the first six turns in a game of Russian roulette, walk into a bear cage and come out with a new coat, and reminds you that what doesn’t kill you is going to die!

Disaster Girl is the one you want to avoid. Tragedy befalls all who cross her. She’s just here to watch and learn. She’s like burning down residential houses because then, it’s more personal. Once her house is burned down, she may want to stay at your house. You’d better give her the remote.

First World Problems is about the minor inconveniences first world inhabitants’ encounter and makes a mockery of it. Things like making a Facebook post that no one likes, buying new shampoo and forgetting to bring it to the shower, having more clothes than hangers, or complaining there isn’t any food, and you only have ingredients to make food. Get over it.

Futurama Fry’s look says it all. He’s questioning and thoughtful but also loveable. He’s not sure if a girl is flirting or just nice. He’s not sure if he hates his job or just working. He questions whether his iPod quit working or if it’s the beginning of a Pink Floyd song.

Forever Alone is the saddest meme we know. He’s lonely and awkward and worries about not turning off his phone at the movies even though no one will call. He types “I love my wife” on forums but actually meant WIFI. He lives virtually through the SIMS game, and falls in love with the waitress. If he plays hide ‘n’ seek, he’ll be waiting for a very long time.

Good Guy Greg is the guy you want to have your back and go with to parties. He’s friendly, kind, and the exact opposite of Scumbag Steve (further down on the list). He logs people out of their Facebook accounts if they left it open. When he says, “cool story bro,” he actually means it. He’s the only one that notices you’re funny and encourages you to speak up in crowd.

Grumpy Cat has an astounding life outside of the meme world including t-shirts, coffee cups and plushies. But her biggest claim to fame are memes like “I had fun once, it was horrible,” and “there are two types of people in this world, and I don’t like them.” Grumpy Cat is actually not really grumpy. She just looks that way due to an under bite and smooshed face.

High Expectations Asian demands good grades regardless of the circumstances. All other endeavors, whether philanthropic or socially empowering are meaningless to him. He threatens with statements like, “To be or not to be? You get two B and you out of house!” or “B is for Burger King, where you are going to work for the rest of your life.” He also wants to know why you’re watching The Bachelor when you should be watching The Doctorate.

Insanity Wolf is Courage Wolf’s dark cousin. He’s surpassed all advice animals and goes straight for the jugular. If the airplane has wifi, he’s watching videos of airplane crashes. He does math homework with a pen. He fights the common cold with whiskey, (who wouldn’t?) If you call it kidnapping, he calls it surprise adoption. Insanity Wolf indeed.

Internet Husband’s attention is perpetually on gaming or some distraction related to high speed Internet. He’s lost ability to communicate in anything other than game speak or memes. If his wife says her brother passed away, he wants to know if she looted the body. If her brother died in his house, he calls him a “basecamper.” When she tells him she sick of his meme obsession, he only replies, “haters gonna hate.”

Koala Can’t Believe It is an adorable meme. He repeats whatever he’s heard that has left him so astonished and often replies in puns. He has all the koalifications for being one of the top memes of all times.

Philosorapter was originally a t-shirt design that made its way into a meme. Philosoraptor immerses you into his questions of logic and existential musings. He poses questions like, “If birds of feather flock together, why do opposites attract?” And “If Mac users care more about the environment than Windows users, why do Macs have a trash can and Windows have a recycling bin?”

Scumbag Steve is the opposite of Good Guy Greg. He’s the douchiest guy you wish you didn’t know. The real Scumbag Steve doesn’t seem too horrible though. He takes his Internet fame in stride. However his meme is known to buy new Jordan’s but can’t pay child support and goes to high school parties when he’s 25 years old.

Skeptical Third World Kid- Before you get upset, this picture was taken by students involved with the Student Global Health Alliance and has resulted in a lot of attention to their cause. The meme is the opposite of First World Problems meme and allows people to make fun of the excesses we’re blessed with in the West. Some of his best moments are: “You mean to tell me Americans don’t eat all their vegetables?” And, “You mean to tell me you smoke a plant that makes you hungry for fun?” And, “You had to finish everything on your plate because I was starving?”

Socially Awkward Penguin has low self-esteem and finds it difficult to navigate relationships. Socially Awkward Penguin has been known to communicate with cute girls only through memes, gets hit on by someone with an accent, and responds with the same accent, and hugs girlfriends from behind only to find out it’s not his girlfriend.

Success Kid can be used to express extreme satisfaction or extreme frustration. Success Kid is actually one of the most successful memes of all time in that it’s still as highly searched today as it was when it initially became part of the Internet meme culture back in 2008. Some of his best hits are: “4 pairs of socks go into the dryer, 4 pairs of socks come out.” And, “doesn’t study, aces his midterms,” and, “divided by zero, won the game.”

Successful Black Man is a meme that threatens to be stereotypical and racist but never is. It tricks us in the top line but reverses the entire stereotype in the 2nd line. He’s famous for statements like, “Time to make a joint - - bank account with my wife,” and “I jacked his car - - up to help fix his flat tire,” and “I didn’t know my dad - - was Valedictorian in high school.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World meme is the result of the Dos Equis beer campaign. This meme, if used properly, always starts out with “I don’t always” and ends with “but when I do” and if read correctly, you can hear his voice in your head. He’s still going strong as of 2015. Some of his best are “I don’t always talk to art and literature students, but when I do, I tell them a Big Mac with no onions,” and, “I don’t always lose my cell phone, but when I do, it’s on silent.”

Vengeance Dad offers personal confessions as the seemingly ghost like, 1980’s era father with his family in the background. He typically speaks in violent terms or about punishing his family. Some of his best quotes are “my family is a treasure, they can only be found with a shovel and map.” Also, “they said the Internet didn’t run fast enough, they didn’t either.”

Matrix Morpheus makes fun by revealing frivolous behavior and ineffectual thought processes. Some of his best advice has been, “What if I told you, you can eat without posting it on Instagram,” and “What if I told you, you didn’t have to dump ice on your head to donate to charity.”

Condescending Wonka is a belittling and sarcastic meme that puts you in your place. He says things like “Oh, you model? Who’s your agency? Instagram?” and “Oh, you’re naturally beautiful? Mind if I test that with a wet wipe?”

Pantone’s Unprecedented Color of Year Choices

For the first time in the history of Pantone, their elite color standards group from nations around the world chose two colors of the year. 2016 will be the year of Rose Quartz and Serenity. As the renowned authority on color around the world, Pantone dictates designer color schemes used in everything from advertisements, to fashion, to makeup.

The official video released from Pantone reflects a particularly turbulent year in world events. 2015 has been the year of technological progression, war, the blurring of gender lines and other significant social developments that impact daily living and breed stress and unrest. Pantone chose two subtle colors to promote tranquility and calm, if nowhere else, than within design aesthetics.

Complimentary colors to the pairing are silvers, grays muted greens, hues of orchids, browns, golds, and deeper blues. Graphic Designers, Fashion and Interior, and Industrial designers will use this color system to create what we’ll see next year on the catwalk, in home décor and building facades.

Pantone also produces a fashion color report which dictates the palettes that will be used in seasonal designer collections. It even impacts the selection of t-shirt colors that will be available for use in the custom screen printing industry. After Rose Quartz and Serenity, we’re likely to see Buttercup, Lilac Gray, Iced Coffee, Peach Echo, Snorkel Blue, Limpet Shell, Fiesta and Green Flash adorn the fashion minded public.

So look forward to this spring’s unisex color palette designed to be above all else, calming and an exercise in yin and yang.

The Ultimate List of Free T-shirt Design Resources

We scoured the web for free or almost free t-shirt design resources for beginning and even professional t-shirt artists. Why? Because the web is a big place and we want you to spend more time designing and less time searching for elements you need to make incredible t-shirt designs. We didn’t include software but if you’re into designing as a career, you should invest in Corel or Adobe Illustrator for creating vector art.

The web pages on this list feature components and essentials to design a shirt, not ready made t-shirt designs. Some require that you exchange an email address to download or request that you give thumbs up to their project or a shout out of some sort. A lot don’t require anything. At the time of this post, all resources were available and free to use for commercial or personal purposes. However, we strongly recommend you research the terms and conditions of use for each and every item on this list as terms may change. As with many sites that offer freebies for artists, who knows what else you might find that didn’t make our list. If you know of any great resources for creating custom apparel you think should be on this list, send us a message and we’ll evaluate it, maybe even add it. So dig in, enjoy and you’re welcome!

The Hungry JPEG offers an awesome compilation.

Graphic Burger's woman’s t-shirt mockup.

Very cool vintage text effect from Graphic Burger.