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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Hillary Clinton Enters the Realm of T-Shirt Design with The Everyday Pantsuit Tee

The Everyday Pantsuit Tee via

It seems like everyone and their presidential candidate is getting into the t-shirt design game. Today, we see the launch of Hillary Clinton as a brand. You can now purchase a t-shirt called The Everyday Pantsuit Tee on her official site, For those less inclined to don the upscale, feminine version of the tuxedo t-shirt, there are alternative t-shirts and even an infant’s onesie with her official logo. If she is elected in 2016, she will not only be our first female president, but also the first presidential candidate to be a brand. What does it mean to become a brand?

Typically you want to be the best person or company doing what you do and become a benchmark in your vertical. Whether you love or hate her, Hillary’s has gained a reputation like no other. Obviously her end goal isn’t to sell t-shirts but she’s developed a notoriety that allows her to do just that.

Whether you’re a startup t-shirt designer or already have a developed brand with a following, you can build your audience by treating each fan like a rock stars treats their following. Interact with each and every fan you can. If they respond with so much as a ;) on your Instagram post, respond with a “thanks!”

Everyone wants to feel that their voice is heard and your current fans are the best brand evangelists you can have. We trust what our friends and family have to say. Put your brand into their hands and that’s how your marketing message can be spread. Ask them for feedback, what do they love about your designs? What do they dislike about your designs? Are you printing your designs on the right product, the right color tees, are you offering any alternatives?

Maybe they love your design but dislike the fact your printing it on a low quality t-shirt. Once you start making choices based on how much profit you’ll make instead of how many delighted customers you’ll have, it never ends. You’ll be compromising your brand into the dungeons of mediocrity.

It’s difficult when just starting a t-shirt business to balance the investment with the ultimate pay-off which is success however you define success. Making choices that don’t compromise your vision for the bottom dollar and building legion of fans can be as challenging as say, becoming the first female president but we might just hear an announcer introducing us to Mrs. President in 2016.

Google’s Getting Fresh with your Fashion Sense

Most people are aware that Google collects data (for which to better serve us ads with) but now Google’s getting into fashion prediction. Hold on to your knickers; jogger pants are all the rage this spring. Furthermore, it looks like emoji jogger pants and custom emoji t-shirts are ranking really high on the list of “must-haves.”

Emoji T-Shirt

We are fascinated by tulle skirts and midi skirts but don’t know how to wear them so we’re searching for answers on how to pull them off. Beyonce has turned Kale into fashion statement but we’re no longer interested in normcore fashion. For those of you who are wondering, that’s just regular clothing as a fashion statement in retaliation to hipster styles.

Google started this project back in January 2012 and has used six billion queries to create clusters and themes to identify seasonal queries and isolate truly unusual search behaviors that ultimately translate into fashion trends. The methodology also identifies spikes in search behavior that may indicate a particular fashion trend that is today’s necessity will be tomorrow’s parachute pants. Even our preferences in colors and print designs are analyzed and recorded.  No surprises there, we like white, red, and black. 

What does all this mean? Not a whole lot unless you’re an apparel designer or simply fascinated with big data. As Google shares more information with eCommerce businesses though, we’re able to develop strategies to address what consumers want and provide solutions for questions being asked.

Our goal is to answer questions concerning design and the customization of t-shirts for family reunions, team sports, schools and business needs. But we’re not just providing answers; we take pride in the ability to execute your vision for personalized apparel and the delivery a flawless and affordable product on schedule. Bring on the emoji’s, the kale sweatshirts and perhaps even the jogger pants. 

10 Family Reunion Souvenirs under $10 Dollars

June, July and August are the most popular months for family reunions because kids are out of school and summer temperatures allow for outdoor activities. Planning a family get together of this magnitude is a big task for anyone and finding affordable resources that will accommodate everyone’s budget is important.

After the venue is booked, menus are planned, invitations sent out and an activity itinerary formulated, you still have one task as part of a family reunion planning committee. Besides the pictures and memories your attendees will take home with them, what else can you do to commemorate this happy occasion? Personalized souvenirs are a fantastic way to capture the moment and bring cheer to family members until the next reunion can take place.

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite pics for family reunion souvenirs that won’t break the bank! All under $10 per unit!

1. Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts!

Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Of course this is our number one pick, we’re DesignAShirt! Did you know you can get a custom tees for the whole family reunion for as little as $5.04 a piece when you order 50? Plus, we've got over 100 design templates ready for you to customize with your family name and information. If you’re the creative type, you can also upload your own graphics or use our design studio to come up with something completely unique to your family.

2. Personalized Tote Bags

Family Reunion Tote Bags

Want your souvenirs to be used year round? Personalized tote bags are a fantastic way for your family to show off their family pride. Tote bags can be used in place of grocery bags for trips to the store, or to pack your sunscreen and extra water bottles for trips to the beach or park. They’re great for packing extra toys for the kids or even collecting items from a scavenger hunt!

3. Custom Visors

Personalized Family Reunion Visors

We can print a fun family saying or just your family name and the location and dates of your family reunion. These are sure to be a hit during outdoor activities and family member can make use of these mementos all year long. You need to order at least 10 to make it under the threshold of $10. The more you order, the lower the cost per visor. 

4. Mini Koozie Coolers

Personalized Family Reunion Coolers

These 8”x10” coolers will be used immediately by family members wishing to keep their drinks and snacks cool. The best part is you can get 50 of them customized for under $10 apiece. Have more than 50 guests coming? Order a greater quantity for even steeper discounts.

5. Custom Bike Bottles

Custom Family Reunion Bike Bottles

No spill, 20oz bike bottles are a sure winner. Enjoy BPA free, made in the USA, and personalized mementos. Another guaranteed popular choice for family reunion memorabilia. This choice is very affordable with minimum quantities of 50.

6. Multi-colored Beach Balls 

Multi-Colored Family Reunion Beach Balls

These cheap and fun mementos will get action as soon as you hand them out. Create an instant party whether your family reunion is being held at the beach, a park or in the woods! Get 50 customized for WAY under $10 each.

7. Frisbees

Personalized Family Reunion Frisbees

Frisbees are another party waiting to happen when they get into the hands of your family reunion attendees. Keep the kids and the adults active and occupied for much less than $10 apiece when you buy 50 or more.

8. Yo-Yo's

Expect furious competitions to erupt when you pass our customized family reunion Yo-Yo's. Kids young and old can't resist these classic favorites.

9. Personalized Plastic Cups

These are really practical family reunion souvenirs that serve as both keepsakes and can keep a whole family load of plastics and styrofoam out of the landfills for the ecoconscious family reunion planners.

10. Can Coolies

Last but not least, these can coolies help your attendees keep a firm grip on their drinks while retaining the chill inside. Plus they come in way under budget when you order 50 or more.

Customized Family Reunion Can Coolies

Who said family reunions have to be pricey, we've got you covered in the family reunion keepsakes and mementos category. Items 1-3 are available for customization on For items 4-10, give us a call and we'll give you a custom quote on any of these fun alternatives. 888-487-4478.

How to make a T-Shirt Mockup look real in Photoshop

If you’re a t-shirt designer, you may have cause to provide t-shirt mockups to your customers and fans.  Making these mockups look genuine can be a challenge because the blank t-shirt photo you’re using has curves and folds. Today, we’re going to show you how you can use Photoshop to make a more realistic presentation of your graphic t-shirt art for display. 

Before and After Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup

The Challenge!

Here is a PSD file with a T-shirt model that has curves and folds with a t-shirt design placed on the chest. As you can see the t-shirt design looks like a pasted file not a screen printed t-shirt design.

Unrealistic T-Shirt Graphic Photo

The Fix!

Have your background image and your design image open in Photoshop. Hide your t-shirt graphic by clicking the “eye” icon next to the layer.

Click on your background (model) image and duplicate by pressing command or control J to duplicate it. With the copy selected, go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate to change the image to black and white.

Desaturate to Black & White

Then we need to increase the contrast as much as possible. Go to Levels using command or control L.

This is what you will see initially.

Changing Levels in Photoshop

Pull the left slider to the beginning of the largest peak on the left side. Then pull the right slider to the edge of the peak on the right side, click Okay. The result will be a highly contrasting t-shirt image.

Post Level Adjustment

Next we are going to blur the image so the edges will be smoother. We do this by going to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Choosing the right amount of blur may take some trial and error because it will depend on the t-shirt model graphic you use. The goal is to make the t-shirt look silken, no hard edges but not so blurred as to make it indistinguishable. 

Find Gaussian Blur

Post Gaussian Blur Adjustment

Now save this layer as a PSD in a folder or on your desktop with the label of Displacement Map.

You can now hide your gray version of the t-shirt model if you wish by clicking the “eye” icon to the left of the layer.

We’re now going to implement the displacement map we created by working with the original image of the t-shirt graphic, not the gray background or the color background of the model. We’re going to be able to see curves, depressions and the essence of the movement of the t-shirt through our graphic.

Click the “eye” icon again on the original graphic layer to make it visible, with the graphic layer selected, go to Filter>Distort>Displace. 

Filter, Distort, Displace

In most cases, we can leave the settings here at default but you may have a cause to alter these depending on the case. Click okay. 

Now you'll be prompted to choose the Displacement Map we created earlier. If the results are too extreme or not visible enough, use command or control Z and alter the settings until you get a result you like.

Post Displacement

We now have movement, curves and definition that look a bit more realistic.

Let’s go a few steps further!

Double click on the graphic layer and open up the Layer Style. At the bottom of the layer style box there is a slider for Underlying Layer, hold down the Option or Alt tab and begin separating the arrow. 

Underlying Layer Split

Underlying Layer Split

You can see that this allows for the underlying curves and texture to show through the graphic as well. Adjust this until you find a setting you like. Click okay.

One additional step is to Command or Control click on the graphic layer. The result is the selection of the graphic only. 

Graphic Only Layer Selection

Then click on the black and white t-shirt layer and click Command or Control J.

We’ll get a duplicate of the selection, on this layer. 

Duplicate Layer, Pre-Multiply

From this layer, you can change the blend mode from Normal to Multiply.

Blend Mode Change from Normal to Multiply

Then change the opacity of the result to a percentage you feel makes the final product look realistic.

The final result is a believable but totally artificial rendering of your t-shirt art you can use in your marketing or sales!

Final Result of T-Shirt Modification using Photoshop