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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Conflict or Resolution, T-shirts for a Cause Unite

Customizing t-shirts for the purpose of unification behind a cause is nothing new.  Inciting school spirit is perhaps the original source of the crowd unifying t-shirt concept.  Recently there has been quite a push to bring awareness to the problem of school bullying that led to the inception of National Bullying Prevention and Awareness month. Farmington High School in New England challenged students to come up with positive messages to apply to bright orange t-shirts in an effort to promote a sense of community solidarity and commitment to deal with the problem.

Another active school movement is happening at DePaul University in Chicago.  Student leaders were dissatisfied with lack of progress in recognizing issues with sexual assault. The student movement called, “Consent the D” is emblazoned on t-shirts in hopes to increase awareness around the campus that sexual assault is a real problem and deserves immediate attention.

One of the biggest breaking stories concerning t-shirts for a cause involves Michigan State’s Athletic Director, Dave Brandon. Apparently since his appointment in 2010, his decisions have created discontent with hometown fans and financial supporters to the point that an anonymous donor provided 2,000 custom t-shirts bearing the words Go Team, Go Team, Go Team, #FireDaveBrandon.

Sometimes unification via a personalized t-shirt doesn’t work out though. Take the recent refusal of British Prime Minister, David Cameron to be photographed in a feminist statement t-shirt. UK Elle asked the Prime Minister to pose in a t-shirt with the words, “This is what a feminist looks like.” He declined even though other high ranking dignitaries consented to the request. Not every person feels comfortable wearing their heart on their sleeve, (or someone's message on their chest.)

Obviously, there’s nothing like a t-shirt linked to a great cause to bring a group together and create a united identity. From autism awareness, breast cancer research, to anti-bullying or even discontent inspired causes like the aforementioned movement to remove Michigan State’s Athletic Director, t-shirts continue to motivate and inspire.

Why We Hate The Slutification of Women's Halloween Costumes

Has anyone else had enough with sexy costumes for women, and yes, even little girls on Halloween? The pervasive push to increasingly glam it up and sex it up on Halloween has turned it into an epidemic. Not to mention you need to be a size two to fit into these costumes. What retailers say is you must either be a sexy kitten or resign yourself to be a pumpkin.

With all of the incredible inspiration available today on sites like Pinterest and Etsy, one would think there would be a little more creativity involved. Most of the costumes advertised for women have the word flirty, sassy, babe, sexy, or seductive in the title.  If it’s a dress, it’s either a miniskirt or is slit so high that a girl has to get a Brazilian wax.

Halloween is supposed to be about masquerade. Altering ones appearance is part of the fun but mass media and retail are telling women what they should be on Halloween and that is an object.

Katie Anton is a seasonal employee at one of the many Spirit Halloween costume stores in Arizona. She states, "It can be so difficult for girls who are searching for something fun and creative to be on Halloween, but also don't want to dress like a slut. They really have no options. Halloween parties aren't fun when you're pulling your skirt down the entire time."

Men have a multitude of super heroes to choose from during Halloween. Female super heroes have been few and far between and if a woman wishes to emulate a super hero, it has to be the cute, sexy version. Even Wonder Woman is forced to run around in what could be best described as a one-piece swim suit 

According to the Wall Street Journal, women make up 48% of the digital game playing public but female characters are typically wearing absurdly skimpy costumes while the male characters are covered in armor from head to toe. The only conclusion that can be made is Jabba the Hut has taken up programming.

While men’s Halloween costumes most often offer realism, dignity, and coverage for a chilly October evening, women’s costumes push the boundary of decency and suggest every female secretly wishes to be a skank. There are movements to change this trend for women with imagination like Suzanne Scoggins who created as a resource for women who want unique costumes representing important women throughout history like Jane Austen, Joan of Arc or even the Hawaiian goddess Pele.

It’s time to take back Halloween and get creative with your costume planning and make a stand against the slutification of women’s Halloween costumes. Try personalizing a t-shirt instead. 

Memorable Holiday Gifts for Clients and Customers

Are you looking for a unique gift idea this holiday season to show your clients how much you appreciate their business? Are you bored of receiving the same old cookie tin or box of chocolates yourself? Consider buying custom t-shirts for favorite clients instead. A custom designed t-shirt can be appreciated all year long and shows that you made the extra effort and really thought about your clients interests.  

If you've visited your clients office, you may have taken note that they are into golfing, fantasy football, climbing, cats, dogs, or love to tango. Coming up with a witty saying about their interests is super easy to do these days with the Internet. Just search for quotes!

Golf: "The most important shot in golf is the next one."  

Fantasy Football: "Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships." 

Climbing: “Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.”  

Cats: "If cats could talk, they wouldn't." 

Dogs: "If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either." 

Tango:  “If you get all tangled up, just tango on." 

Easily add relevant clipart from our vast collection and you have a highly personalized gift that will show your client you are observant and really appreciate their businesses.  

A customer appreciate gift in the form of a custom t-shirt won't clutter up  the office either. Your client can take their gift home and wear it on the weekends. Comments from friends and family will keep you fresh in their minds every time they wear it.

If you're looking for a unique way to reward some of your best customers, send them a custom t-shirt with a quirky saying about your business or industry. Make sure it's something they would want to wear by spending some time in our design studio. Everyone's an artist with our choice of clipart and variety of fonts. If you have something already designed, you can upload it to our design studio, choose your product, sizes and quantity and keep a reserve on site at your business for on-the-fly gift giving! Who doesn't want a free t-shirt? Let them advertise for you for very little investment on your part. The more custom t-shirts you order, the less each one costs per unit making it a very affordable way to show your appreciation. 

With just a ten day turnaround and free shipping, even last minute holiday gift shoppers can provide an unexpected and original gift to their favorite clients and customers.

The Political T-Shirt Effect

With campaign season upon us, opinions are being broadcast as quickly as cell phone keypads can be punched. It’s time to take a look at how much technology has depersonalized politics and how traditional advertising can still be an intimate and powerful channel to connect people with ideas.

According to, 83% of Americans who own a smartphone or tablet are registered to vote. Technology is currently being used as a resource to organize and mobilize potential voters. Location-tracking enabled on mobile devices can shoot messages to nearby supporters prompting them to drop by a rally or send messages to attendees of a large gathering en masse.

While few would argue that technology is not enormously important for propagating political ideals, the proof of those ideals happens offline. Grassroots campaigning can be accomplished for much less financial investment than traditional media buys and without the learning curve of technological implementation.

Screen printed signs can be a very inexpensive way to spread your message but can easily get overlooked amidst the seasonal crop of like-inspired campaigners on the street corners. Bumper stickers are another traditional way for supporters to show their allegiance to candidates and causes but are very impersonal.

A well designed custom political t-shirt with a thoughtful and witty message has the power of authenticity because of the person wearing the t-shirt. The human element offers a very powerful trust signal that a disembodied message simply can’t compete with.

Creating an avenue for supporters to validate your political message in a personal way is an opportunity to reach new supporters that may not be familiar with your message at all. If a co-worker or friend is wearing your political message, the non-converted or even the disinterested may be compelled to research your message to discover what it’s all about.

Live, walking and taking, in-person endorsements make a far more powerful statement than a quote on Facebook or direct mail piece that more than likely will end up ignored or filed in the garbage. Showcase your commitment to civic duty and change with custom political t-shirts at that amplify your message exponentially and personally.