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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Candy!

Halloween is the creepiest, coolest, sweetest holiday of the fall season. Its great to see kids and adults sporting great creative costumes. But if you feel like showing you holiday spirit without wearing a costume, try creating your own unique custom halloween shirt with DesignAShirt!

Keep it casual while you are handing out candy, at the workplace, or enjoying a festive halloween party. Custom T-shirts can be just as eye catching as a costume if you have a great design. If you want to create something really unique, try adding glow-in-the dark ink to your design. Glow ink is a great way to make ghosts and and ghouls stand out on your T-shirt and be an especially effective shirt for night. 

Or if you want to make something offbeat, try creating something humorous with some simple text for an ironic shirt.

Have a fun and safe Halloween! We hope that we can help everyone be in the holiday spirit with unique custom Halloween shirts.

Your Artwork+DesignAShirt=Amazing Tees!

Many of our best orders are from people who make use of all the creative tools in our Design Studio. However, every so often we get some amazing artwork that a customer designed themselves. We strive to replicate the image as best as possible, and we think we did a pretty good job with this custom shirt.

Sharyn, the creator of this peppy little penguin shirt, gave us some background information on this beautiful design. "This is an original painting based on a little penguin stuffed animal that I placed in a lemon plant and photographed. I painted this with watercolor on watercolor paper and then scanned the image and digitized it for the effect that you see on it. I thought it might look good on a t-shirt and it did!"

And here is a picture with the inspiration for the artwork. The shirt may be a bit large for the penguin, but we think it will fit a well deserving individual just right. Thanks again Sharyn, keep creating great art because we love bringing it to life on custom T-shirts!