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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we enter the fall season one can't help but notice all the color changes. Orange, brown, and brick red are the classics of fall, but there is one that continues to make a growing appearance each October...Pink!

According to the American Cancer Society, "Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers. About 1 in 8 (12%) women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime". Chances are you may be directly related to someone that is affected by breast cancer and October is a great month where everyone can demonstrate compassionate support. 


Our Design Studio has a plethora of amazing clip art images that will help in creating shirts with a positive message of support and awareness. And of course we have plenty of choices of pink shirts in both men and women's to choose from.  

We wish the best for all those participating in Breast Cancer Awareness events this October. With increased support and research we look forward to the day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. Visit our special Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt page to create a shirt today. Hope to see everyone in pink this October! 



Kickstarter- DesignAShirt Offers Reward Options

Custom T-shirts are one of the best promotional products available for marketing today. With the rise of internet marketing, it is easy for small businesses and projects to rapidly gain attention for products and services that would previously have gone unnoticed. A new way for businesses and projects to get off the ground is by using a popular website for crowd funding. We love seeing new business start up, as DesignAShirt comes from humble roots as well, and we think we have a great option for people looking to get their projects off the ground by teaming up with DesignAShirt.

Kickstarter projects set a specific monetary goal and a time frame to reach their goal, usually 30 days. People who feel a proposal is worthwhile can donate any amount of money, and if the project reaches its goal within the time period of fundraising, usually 30 days, the project is successfully backed. If it falls short of its goal, all those who donated receive their money back. One effective way to help with raising money is to have incentives for donators at specific dollar levels. For example at the $10 level a backer might receive a personal note or custom decal, at the $50 level they might receive a first run of the proposed product, and at the $100 level they might receive a limited edition signed product. Here is where DesignAShirt is able to help.

The most common pledge on Kickstarter is $25 dollars. This price range is a great area to aim the incentive of a custom T-shirt that promotes your product. By giving t-shirts away as a promotion, it helps to create a second wave of interest for your product once it has been successfully backed. People will be excited to wear their new incentive t-shirt around and will help point others towards your project. The best part is that projects only fulfill incentives if they are fully funded so after the fundraising period has concluded you can order the specific amount of shirts you need to reward your backers.

Of course we know that if you had lots of money you probably wouldn't have the need to raise funds, so we are wiling to offer a discounted rate to project creators that use DesignAShirt for promotional incentives. All you need to do when creating your custom T-shirt incentive is mention DesignAShirt in the incentive description and you will be eligible for a discounted rate for your promotional product. And remember, DesignAShirt is more than just T-shirts, if you have another vision, such as stickers, coasters, tote bags, or corporate polos- contact us for more details!

Please contact us via email at to receive a discount on your Kickstarter order. Be sure to visit our Kickstarter Promotion page for additional details. We look forward to working with your creative product! 

Picking the Perfect Shirt- Insider Tips

So you have just created the coolest design in the history of T-shirts and are super excited to have it printed up,  but now you're sitting in front of the computer stuck on which style/brand of T-shirt to pick.  With so many choices it can seem overwhelming at first. Lets break it down and compare some of our best selling styles so you can pick the one that's exactly what you need.

If you are looking to save money on your order, we offer the modest DesignAShirt Value Tee. This shirt is great for those one time events, charity walks, or family reunions. It's not the softest shirt in the world, but its has a great price point and is available in white or black

The next step up is our most popular shirt, the Hanes Tagless Tee. This shirt looks and feels great, and with 45 color choices you are sure to find a perfect choice for your design. Read our blog on T-shirt color choices to learn more.

A premium option for shirts is the Fine jersey T-shirt. Manufactured in downtown Los Angeles, this product has a premium price tag, but once you wear it you will understand why. In a huge variety of colors, they feel super soft and have a trendy fit. 

                           Fine Jersey T-Shirt

Additionally another premium we carry is the Hanes Beefy T. Utilizing ring-spun cotton, this T-shirt has a soft premium feel with a lower price point. Its a step up from the Hanes Tagless, and even has an option for a front pocket. 

These are just three basic examples, check out our T-shirt comparison web page for more great information on picking the perfect shirt.