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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Love Love Love

Love. It's what makes the world go round. There is no better day to celebrate love for one another than Valentine's day. Whether or not you believe Valentine's day is just another manufactured greeting card holiday is besides the point. The true spirit of the holiday boils down to showing people that you care, and what better way than with a custom T-shirt proclaiming your love!           

So let that special someone know how you feel. Creativity comes easily when designing a shirt for someone you care about, just dive in and let the love flow! And if you haven't met your second half yet don't fret, the whole world is full of love when you get out there and look, make a shirt that lets people know you are a true love believer. You get back what you put in!

Of course its easy to see love in the littlest ones. Creating Valentine's day kids shirts is simple, choose from our youth sizes and make them a special gift.


We can help with the shirts, you will have to provide the flowers and candy! Have a happy Valentine's day!

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Family Reunion Tips Part 1

January is coming to a close and the glow of the holiday season is finally fading away. All the joy of spending time with family is but another fond memory to look back on. The good news is you don't have to wait until next year to see the whole family together again. Start planning a family reunion for this spring/summer! Whether you are a veteran reunion coordinator or it is your first time, we have a few tips to help your planing as well as examples of custom family reunion shirts to unite the whole family.

It is a difficult task to choose a location if you have family spread across the country. Try picking a place that works for the majority of people that won't make relatives from distant places feel like they are being neglected.  Choose a place that will feel like a special getaway for all participants. Creating shirts that showcase the venue is a great way to commemorate the occasion, especially if your family chooses a new place each year.


A great theme can go a long way towards making the event memorable. Use something general like "Western", "Under the Sea" or "Sports" if you are still new to planning a large event. Try a specific theme to really get creative and make your reunion one of a kind! A great thematic idea will help to simplify the planning process since you can always fall back to it for inspiration if you are having trouble coordinating decorations, games and events. And of course a theme looks great on a shirt!


Check back with us for part two where we will have more great custom T-shirt ideas and planning tips.

Hanes products earn Box Tops for Education


Does your school participate in the Box Top for Education program? We have some fantastic news for those looking to create custom T-shirts while supporting their local schools. All Hanes products on the website are eligible for Box Top for Education redemption. There is so many options for Hanes T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies there is sure to be a product you will love! Getting you box tops is simple, just follow these easy steps:

1. Order your Hanes shirts from

2. Print the invoice that comes in your confirmation email.

3. Fill out the REDEMPTION FORM and mail or email it in along with the invoice.

4. Within 4-6 weeks, your Box Top certificate will be mailed to you. One T-Shirt= One Box Top, and 500 shirts= 500 box tops!

Receiving box tops for Hanes products is perfect if you want to create school shirts for spirit days, clubs, and even school uniforms. You get awesome custom apparel and box tops, total double dip! Your shirts need not be only for school related purposes. Be it sports teams, charity walks, family reunions, any Hanes products will do! Check out the Hanes website for program details and FAQ.

Free iPad Giveaway

We Love all our customers who choose for their custom T-shirt needs. We have grown as a company through the loyal support of people all across the United States and we look forward to continuing to create quality custom shirts with the most affordable pricing. To show our appreciation this month we will be running a very special giveaway for a Free iPad Mini!

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What type or shirt should I make?

People love wearing and being able to create custom T-shirts for a variety of reasons. Some like being able to put their imagination onto something they can wear, others like representing the communities and clubs they affiliate with, and still others enjoy wearing a shirt that might strike up a conversation with strangers. All these reasons are great and we are going to cover a few of the top ideas that make for great shirts to order at

  • Shirts that represent an activity you participate in.

Group orders shirts create a sense of unity since each member can be easily identified. When creating a group shirt its good to keep in mind that it usually needs to be something that everyone can agree on. If it is a shirt for males and females, remember that it needs to have a balanced aesthetic so that both genders can feel confident wearing it. The shirt should clearly identify the group and its purpose with a large image or easily readable text. If people cant tell what that shirt is for, you may end up getting a lot of unwanted repetitive inquiries.

Many people enjoy having a funny T-shirt that will draw the attention of those they encounter. This is especially important if you are trying to promote a cause and want to create buzz. There is a fine line between creating a shirt that has comedic shock value, and a shirt that is just downright offensive. If you think your shirt is questionable try to run it past a few friends to see what they think. We have a great option to save and share your idea before you order it so try emailing, tweeting, and posting it to Facebook for some feedback.

We will be going over tips on how to create and upload original artwork in the future in order to create some truly one of a kind shirts. Stay tuned for details and as always have fun when you design T-shirts online with Designashirt!