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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Happy New Year!

Capture the Moment: Custom Photo T-Shirts

Custom Photo T-Shirts is a popular go-to gift this time of year and while we can work with any photo you already have, here are a few tips that you can use to help give your gift a great start.

Don't be shy. The closer you get to your subject the better. Sure you can crop and re-size but the further away your subject it is, the harder it is to get a good quality shot when you start zooming in after the fact.

I'm pretty hopeful you know how to take a photo without it being blurry or fuzzy so we're not talking about that kind of focus. I'm talking about the focus you get when you concentrate on one thing at a time. Same deal here. A good shot focuses on a main subject, person, event that tells the story or feeling you want your shot to portray. This also means you probably don't want a lot going on in the background to take away from your focal point.

No doubt about it. Great light makes great pictures. While natural light is always preferred, be sure there aren't any harsh shadows across your subject.

You don't have to be a professional to take a great photo so don't be afraid to try new things. Have fun with it. The best part of taking digital pictures is you can always delete the bad ones. We look forward to helping you create your custom photo t-shirts.

Holiday Wishlist 2010

Our staff are pretty good sports about being each other's "guinea pigs" whether it's testing our website or would-be chefs culinary creations. They're also really good about telling us when they love...and hate something. If our staffers aren't loving it, there's a good chance you won't either. So this year we've decided to ask our staff what's on their holiday wishlist from our catalog of products. Here are some of the top picks.

#1 Hanes 10 oz. Hooded Sweatshirt We may not have a 17 degree windchill here but it's still pretty chilly so it's no wonder that this was the top pick hands down. Customized or not, hoodies are always a go-to item during the winter months.

#2 American Apparel Fine Jersey T Dress This little number is a hit with all the ladies.

#3 Hanes Beefy T Simple. Classic. No brainer.

#4 Anvil Ringer T Aaah...Spring Training. Nothing says baseball like a Ringer T.

#5 Alternative Headwear Low Profile Cap Speaking of baseball.

#6 Toppers 30" Adjustable Apron Baseball. Baseball...and BBQs.

#7 Anvil Large Duffel Bag If only the bag came with a personal trainer.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

How to Design T-Shirts

Designing t-shirts is a fun and easy process but we can understand how designer newbies can sometimes think otherwise. Don't worry, the hardest part is probably already done, you just don't know it yet. So, here's a quick checklist to help you out.

Location. Location. Location. Knowing where you're printing beforehand will let you know how much space you have to work with. Do you need a front and back print, just the front or just the back? Full front or left chest print only? Left chest print area will be a lot smaller space to work with than a full front or back print.

$aving Tip: Keeping your print to one side (front or back) will keep your costs down.

What's the occasion or event? Is it for a family reunion? Club? Senior Class? Football league? Walk-a-thon? Knowing why you're designing the shirt can set the tone for your custom t-shirt design and if you're in need of design inspiration, check out our Idea Gallery.

What does the shirt need to say? A family reunion shirt might need the family's name and the year while a senior class t-shirt may need the name of the school and the words “class of 2011” or “seniors 2011”. Don't be afraid to change it up a bit. If there's a catch phrase or theme, try that. DesignAShirt has hundreds, if not thousands of fonts to make those words pop!

Choosing the right colors for your design can really make your design pop! If it's for a school t-shirt, what are the school colors? A company or event, what are the colors in the logo? Also, keep in mind the t-shirts don't have to be white, it can be one of your chosen colors.

$aving Tip: To keep costs down, try to limit your design to one or two colors.

You know what you want to say and how you're going to say it, now look for objects or shapes that compliment your vision. Upload your own logo and/or artwork or browse the thousands of clipart on our site. We've made it easy for you to find just what you're looking for. From sports balls to stars and stripes, we have something for everyone.

Knowing the answers to some or all of these pointers can help you on your way to a great design and our customer care team and design consultants can help you every step of the way. Above all else, have fun with it!