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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Why Wait For Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping and sales day of the year, but if you think about it the day totally neglects November shoppers. Those who need to do shopping in November anytime before Black Friday are going to have a hard time finding any sales at all. Is this really fair to them?

At DesignAShirt we want to help out those November shoppers, as well as throw a bone to those who just can't wait for Black Friday. We are offering Pre-Black Friday deals. That's right, we have coupon codes that will allow you to save on your t-shirt orders BEFORE November 27th. Can't beat that, right?

On Black Friday we will have a different coupon, but if you want to do some pre-Black Friday shopping you can use the following coupons:

Get $10 OFF any order of 6 or more: PREBF10

Don't wait two weeks, shop now!

Sesame Street T-Shirts

Tomorrow an American institution will turn 40 years old. On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Sesame Street® kicks off it's 40th season of broadcasting on PBS. Sesame Street is the most successful children's television show in American history. It started back in 1969 as a fast paced, ethnically diverse children's show that was meant to educate children while keeping parents entertained as well. The show was an instant success, it hadn't even been on TV for a year when it's most famous character, Big Bird, graced the cover of Time Magazine.

Today Sesame Street ranks as the 15th most popular children's TV show. It is not as dominate as it used to be, the advent of cable programming has caused its ratings to dwindle like many other TV shows. It is still one of, if not the most, recognizable children's shows today. Its 40th season airs tomorrow at 8am and features first lady Michelle Obama.

Everyone is doing their part to honor the show (heck, Google has been honoring it with their homepage design for almost a week straight). We designed a t-shirt in Sesame Street's honor.

Get Ready For Black Friday Deals

You're probably counting down the days to Thanksgiving, giddy about that four day weekend and copious amounts of delicious food. Hey, we are too but don't forget about Black Friday.

Yup, the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year. Many think about the sales and the mass consumer hysteria that this day offers but often an important factor is overlooked: family bonding. Lots of families hold Black Friday traditions that are almost as sacred as Thanksgiving itself. Families crawl out of bed early in the morning, wait in line together, shop together and basically spend the entire day together. Family bonding while shopping, it's the American way.

Of course the day could be a disaster if you don't have a strategy. Here are some Black Friday tips:
  • Wake up early. Duh! This is obvious right? It is, but many people underestimate the hour in which they must wake up. If you can't handle waking up at 2 or 3 am, you probably aren't cut out for the day.
  • Race Mentality. This isn't a leisurely day of shopping, well at least it isn't if you want to find the very best deals. Be ready to race for a product and jockey for position. Remember, thousands of others have seen the same ads you have and are probably after the same products you are. Be prepared for some competition but . . .
  • Be Nice. Remember, it is just shopping. Racing to a product doesn't give you the right to be rude or annoying. If someone beats you to a product, deal with it. Also, don't be in a surely mood. It's early enough, no one wants to deal with you and your bad mood.
  • No Excuses. Never use "it's early" as an excuse. We all know its early! Everyone is up early! If you use the time as an excuse you are basically saying you can't hang with everyone else.
  • Don't get discouraged. Maybe you didn't get the product you desired on Black Friday, don't get discouraged. If you strike out on Black Friday there is always Cyber Monday, an equally big shopping day for online retailers. You can probably find some great deals online that day and the entire weekend.
While you're at it, why not wear a Black Friday t-shirt? Here are some templates you can check out, if you like them order by November 15 to have them by Black Friday. Click On Any To EDIT The Design:

Good luck on your Black Friday adventures. If you need get someone a t-shirt for Christmas, make sure to check out what we're offering.

The #11 FedEx Car Graces Us With Its Presence

Yesterday was an exciting day at DesignAShirt headquarters. The #11 FedEx NASCAR stock car came and visited us for about two hours yesterday morning, providing fans with an exciting photo opportunity. The #11 car, provided and managed by Joe Gibbs Racing (containing an authentic JGR engine) is driven on the NASCAR circuit by Denny Hamlin.

From 9:30 to 11:30 am the #11 FedEx car was parked in our parking lot. Two experienced Joe Gibbs Racing employees came with it, answering fan questions and providing interesting facts and tidbits about the car.

It was truly exciting to have the #11 FedEx car in our parking lot along with members of the Joe Gibbs Racing team. The excitement of NASCAR radiated through our office that day.

Sadly, there is no truth to the rumor that we actually use the #11 FedEx car to ship you your product so quickly.