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Colombus Day T-Shirt

On this day in 1492, Christopher Colombus discovered the New World. While he didn't discover the Americas, because they were inhabited by millions at the time he arrived, he did discover them in relation to the Old World. His voyage will always be a major day in the history of the world.Colombus set sail all those years ago to prove that he could reach India by travelling West instead of East. This was thought to be suicide because the common belief at the time was that the Earth was flat andColombus would sail right off of it into the abyss.

Colombus is celebrated in the United States and in the Latin community every year on October 12th. It is also referred to as "The Day of the Latin Race" in other parts of the Americas. It is celebrated because it is a signature day that started the events that led to the modernization of the western world. There is also some opposition to the holiday, party because ofColombus' effects on Native American populations when he arrived.

Celebrate Colombus day with your very own t-shirt.

Barack Obama Nobel Prize T-Shirt

Barack Obama was selected as the winner of the Nobel Peace prize today, an announcement that came as a surprise to many. Obama is just the third acting president to win the award, and the fourth president to win it overall (Jimmy Carter won the award in 2002, long after he was out of office). In an official statement the Norwegian committee said, "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future." Many question the decision because Obama has yet to accomplish much so early in his career as President of the United States. Critics say that he was selected for the award based on promises, not results. Others say that Obama was given the award because of his roll in international politics and his accomplishments leading up to the presidency.

Whatever the reason it is a great honor to have an acting president win the Nobel Peace prize. We decided to create a t-shirt to commemorate the moment. We encourage you to design your own, we would love to see what kind of shirts you come up with. Feel as though he shouldn't have won? Here is your chance to design a t-shirt making your point, we want to see those too!

Braylon Edwards Jets Jersey T-Shirt

The Cleveland Browns have traded talented yet troubled receiver Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets today. Edwards had a record setting career in college at Michigan before being selected by the Browns with the third pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, the highest a receiver was ever taken by the team. Edwards was average his first two years but in 2007, his third year in the league, he had his breakout season. He was selected to the Pro Bowl and set a Cleveland single season record for receiving yards (1,289) and touchdowns (16). He was unable to keep the momentum going in 2008, he quickly fell out of favor with thefan-base and became notorious for his dropped passes.

Trade rumors surrounded Edwards during the 2009 NFL off-season. He was expected to get traded to the New York Giants, instead he stayed with Cleveland until he was traded to the other New York team, the Jets. The Jets finally get animmensely talented wide receiver, something they had been lacking for a few years is. Can Edwards regain his 2007 form? Fans of the team sure hope so. If you're a Jets fan or an Edwards fan, we took a crack at designing an unofficialBraylon Edwards New York Jets jersey shirt. Wear it with pride as you root your team on.