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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Making Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost upon us and you are probably in one of two camps: You either have your costume or you are frantically scrambling to get one. While most take to the temporary Halloween stores and find a costume that fits their needs it isn't the only option. You don't have to plunk down $50 on a costume you are only going to wear once a year. You can always be resourceful, using common household items or less expensive fashion options to create your very own Halloween costume at home. All you need is a creative mind.

Elaborate costumes can turn heads at a party, but they are also going to turn your wallet over as well. A homemade costume can be just a nice as a professionally sold costume and cost a fraction of the price. Most associate homemade costumes as being lame costumes thrown together at the last second. This doesn't have to be the case. If you take your time, you can create a brilliant costume from homemade materials.

The first step to take is to see if you have any old clothing that can be used for a Halloween costume. A button up white shirt with a breast pocket can be the starting point for a nerd costume. An old pair of tights can be used for numerous costumes, from a superhero to a witch. An old dress can be used in a princess costume. A sports jersey can be used to dress up as your favorite sports star. Celebrities that are often in the news make for good and easy Halloween costumes. You don't even have to be inspired by clothing, anything around your house can be used as a starting point for a costume. A simple box can be turned into a robot costume. Have a top hat? You are on your way to an Abraham Lincoln costume. All it takes is some creative thinking.

Avoiding expensive Halloween stores may be just what your wallet needs this year. Remember, you always have plenty of options. You can always use DesignAShirt's Design Studio for any of your creative needs. Whether you are designing a t-shirt for Halloween or just need a t-shirt in general, we are a great starting point.

For more ideas head over to's Halloween section.

Safety Apparel

DesignAShirt is proud to introduce our new safety apparel line. For too long safety apparel has been about the safety green or orange vests that leave no room for the imagination to operate. With DesignAShirt you can now spruce up your safety apparel with unique designs and options that extend far past the typical vest.

We offer safety t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. If you still want a typical vest we have those as well, with different color options. You can spruce up your safety wear with a unique design. When is the last time you saw a safety vest with a cool design on it? You can use all our typical design options when creating your custom safety apparel. Check out our selections.
Whoever said safety apparel couldn't be in style? Spruce up your safety wear with DesignAshirt. Do safety the right way, do it with DesignAShirt's Design Studio.

New DesignAShirt Custom T-Shirts Home Page

DesignAShirt has launched its new website! We have some new features that we are very excited about:

Guaranteed Delivery: You don't have to do the math anymore on DesignAShirt, we automatically let you know what day your product will arrive. We show you dates for standard, quick and lightning shipping.

Quick Quote: Need a quote now? Our "quick quot" button lets you get right down to business. Click on it and we will provided you with a quote faster than you can say "DesignAShirt."

Main Banner: The main banner serves as our websites' headline. Our banner displays new shirts, new deals and seasonal promotions. Get up to date the newest features we have to offer.

Templates: Looking for some inspiration? See a design you want to buy? Here is where we list all of our templates and t-shirt art designed by us and customers. If you find something you like you can buy it or use it as a template to create your own, unique version of the design.

Balloon Boy Hoax T-Shirt

All the world stopped on Thursday to watch the plight of a six-year-old boy, stuck in a balloon that was floating more than 7,000 feet about the ground. Rumors spread like wildfire: Did the boy fall out of the balloon? Was the boy ever in the balloon? Finally the little boy, Falcon Henne, was revealed to be in an attic all along. He was just a scared little boy, fearing his dad would be mad at him for playing with the balloon. It was a charming little media story until we found out it was all a hoax.

The nation first realized the major news story of the day might be a hoax when Falcon said on CNN that the family "did this for the show." The parents quickly denied it, saying the boy was confused. But authorities continued their investigation and have officially ruled it was a hoax. The family, looking to create a media stir to help them sell a reality TV show, concocted the entire balloon incident. It became more and more clear after Falcon's comment when the family kept doing interviews, going on a whirlwind media tour that seemed odd for a family that just had a major crisis. Authorities will now be looking to charge the family with conspiracy and are seeking damages for the money that was spent trying to recover Falcon in the first place. The father, Richard Henne, could be subject to jail time and a hefty fine.

Obviously we couldn't let such a unique story pass without creating this t-shirt. Now we can always remember the time when the nation was tricked into believing a little boy was trapped in a balloon.

We Are Aware!

Clueless on why pink is so "in" right now? Wondering why football players are wearing pink sneakers? Confused on why there are so many charity runs and walks going on? In case you didn't get the memo, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

October is the biggest month when it comes to educating the public on the dangers of breast cancer, raising money to fight the cause and convincing women (and some men) to do breast exams. Pink is the universal color for breast cancer awareness, hence the reason it is all over the place right now. Breast cancer awareness is also signified by the iconic pink ribbon.

DesignAShirt is honoring breast cancer awareness with our new logo. We also have a page dedicated to breast cancer awareness t-shirts. If you are looking to create your own breast cancer awareness t-shirt, whether it be for an event or just to show you care, DesignAShirt is a great place to start. Head over to our Design Studio and start designing awareness.