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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Talk Like a Pirate T-Shirt

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This fake holiday was first created aft in 1995 and has gained worldwide popularity. T' rules o' t' day be simple enough, every September 19th you be implored t' talk like a pirate for t' day. How do pirates talk? Well you've seen moves like Pirates o' t' Caribbean, just copy t' lin'o found in that movie. T' holiday itself be based on a romanticized view o' t' golden age o' piratin'. T' lin'o we hear today probably isn't historically accurate but it aye be popular.

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with your very own t-shirt. You can't fully embrace t' day without out wearin' some sort o' pirate fashion. We designed a simple pirate t-shirt that will show your love for this "holiday". Get t' t-shirt here.

Jay Leno T-Shirts

A titan of late night returned, exiled to a long summer break, as a lead-in to the man who replaced him. Late night king Jay Leno returned to the airways this week, debuting the new Jay Leno Show on Monday night. Leno's exit from the Tonight Show wasn't a surprise but it was relatively controversial. NBC gave Leno's show, who constantly won the ratings battle over CBS rival David Letterman, to Conan O'Brien in June of 2009. It was a move that had been announced back in 2004, when Conan O'Brien was given a new contract. Even though Leno was a success, NBC couldn't bare losing O'Brien and promised him the Tonight Show. Once it came time for NBC to live up to their promise they couldn't bare losing Leno, so they offered him his own lead-in show in prime time.

Leno is very popular, especially among the Baby Boomer generation, which meant the debut of his new was highly anticipated. The hype increased from an aggressive marketing campaign. It hit a crescendo when one of theshow's first guests, Kanye West, famously interrupted Taylor Swift's VMA speech the night before. Hordes of people tuned in to see what Kanye would say, in which he offered an apology whose sincereness has been debated.

Are you a fan of Jay Leno? Are you thrilled he has returned to the not-so-late-night comedy scene? Show your support with a Jay Leno t-shirt. We designed a shit for those that end the days watching Leno, letting the comedian lead them into a comfortable night's rest. You can get the shirt here.

Kanye West T-Shirts

By now you know. You know about Kanye West's antics during MTV's Video Music Awards last night. Taylor Swift had won the award for best female music video but during her acceptance speech Kanye ran on stage, took her mic and basically told her that she didn't deserve the award. It was a shocking and controversial moment that instantly sent the blogosphere and twitter into a complete frenzy. Kanye himself was escorted out of the event and was stripped of any award he did or would have received. This isn't the first time Kanye has had a controversial moment at an awards show. Actually, it isn't even the second time. No, this is more of a trend for Kanye.

Whether or not Kanye planned this as a PR stunt, which is now the hot rumor flying around the internet, what he did was still lame move on his part. Interrupting a young girl who was clearly excited after she won her first ever award is a classless move. Kanye has turned many off with his giant ego and head scratching antics and he didn't do anything to win those people over last night. Are you tied of Kanye West's act? Think he is a douchebag? We have the t-shirt for you. Get it here.

Never Forget T-Shirts

Today marks the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that rocked this nation eight years ago. This date will forever be embedded in the minds of our generation as all of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news of the attacks. Today is an important day for reflection because on September 11th, 2001 everything changed for us as a country. On that day we were unified as a country. It didn't matter what political party you were, everyone was just an American on that day. It made all of us realize what was truly important.

Our feelings are strong of this day. We wanted to design a t-shirt that pays tribute to those who lost their lives. We wanted to pay tribute to the courageous people that risked their necks in attempt to save lives. We wanted to pay tribute to the sense of unification the country felt that day. Check out the t-shirt here.

09/09/09 T-Shirts

Today is a visually pleasing day on the calender as the date reads 09/09/09. There are only 12 dates in a century where the month, date and year match. After 12/12/12 we will have to wait until 2101 for our next trio date (that would be 01/01/01 of course). Days when the trio of month, day and year are the same are always popular days for promotion, lore and astrology. People who have birthdays today are considered to be lucky. The movie 9, even though it is a Wednesday, chose today for its release. Perhaps the biggest story of the day is the Beatles. 09/09/09 can very well be considered Beatles day. A remastered collection of all Beatles albums is going to be released today. The new video game, Beatles Rock Band, is also pegged to be released today. Finally, there is rumor that Apple will announce today that its online music store, iTunes, will start selling their music. Yes, today is a big day for the most famous band in history.

Celebrate an odd day with your very own t-shirt. 09/09/09 isn't going to happen again for 100 years, so you better start celebrating today. You can get the t-shirt here. Go out and celebrate the day and remember, the next day like this will be October 10th, 2010.