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No Invite? Get Your Google Wave T-Shirt

Happy Google Wave day! Well not actually a holiday, today was an anticipated day in the ever evolving world of Web 2.0. Google Wave's preview launched today. The Wave is being billed as the next big Internet idea, the next great connectivity medium. For those that are asking the question "what's next after Facebook and Twitter?" today might be the first day they start getting their answers.

What exactly does the Wave do? It was designed to be the next generation of Internet communication and although it has the potential to become a social phenomenon, right now, at the very start of its life, it looks to be catered towards businesses. It uses "waves" to replace e-mail. Waves are XML based conversations and documents, basically an advanced combination of G-mail and Google Docs (if you use these services). Messages can be sent with links, embedded video, pictures and documents to multiple collaborators who can seamlessly comment or add to the wave. How is this different from a regular e-mail chain? It merges the functions of instant messaging, e-mail, file uploading services and content sharing communities. Basically, it's the new era of teleconferencing. It mimics a conference room or a social setting. It's open source, meaning that when it is released to the public developers will be able to create their own, unique applications for it.

The potential of Google Wave is astonishing, but it is not open to the public right now. 100,000 invites were sent out today, but millions were requested. If you weren't one of the lucky ones who received an invite to Google Wave we have the next best thing for you: this t-shirt! Sure, maybe you requested an invite to Google Wave and all you got was this lousy t-shirt, but it's better than nothing!

Yom Kippur T-Shirt

Today marks the holy Jewish day of Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is the holiest of days for the Jewish religion, it occurs every year on the 10th day of the Tishri. It is a Day of Atonement where the Jewish people atone for their sins of the past year. There is no work or school for observers of this holiday. A 25 hour fast, which means no food or drink, is observed from sunset on the evening before to nightfall the day of Yom Kippur. The only people excluding from fasting are young children, pregnant women and those with medical diseases.

Celebrate Yom Kippur with a t-shirt honoring the holiest of the days. On our designer we have plenty of different Jewish designs you can use in our clip art library, or you can upload your very own clip art. We created an example t-shirt that you can use as a template if you want to. Here's wishing everyone a good Yom Kippur.

iPhone MMS T-Shirt Design

September 25th, 2009; the day AT&T; finally debuted MMS messaging. MMS had been commonplace among many other phone services for a few years, but AT&T; was late to the game. No big deal right? Well since AT&T; was the lone service provider for the ever-so-popular iPhone, this was a huge deal. When the iPhone debutedMMS messaging in the summer it wasn't met with universal praise because AT&T; couldn't support it yet, and there was no other option for iPhone users. As we wrote back then, AT&T; was iPhone's anchor.

Today is a day for iPhone fans to rejoice, they finally have their MMS. Never mind the fact that there are already questions about AT&T;'s ability to handle the mass MMSing that is sure to occur. MMS, which allows picture, video and audio messaging, only amounts to about 2.5% of all messaging, but it is still an important service for all cell phone providers to offer. We made a t-shirt for the momentous occasion, you can get it here. Bust out your iPhone, send your friend a picture message and enjoy the good life . . . until the service crashes.

Halo: ODST T-Shirt Design

Yesterday, September 22nd, marked the release of the 5th game in the Halo franchise. Halo: ODST has been widely anticipated since it was announced. ODST was originally supposed to be a companion game for Halo 3, but instead was turned into a full-fledged game itself. Unlike previous Halo games, you are not playing from the perspective of the franchise's protagonist, the Master Chief. This time around you are playing as an orbital drop shock trooper, a stark departure from the original Halo formal most of us know and love.

Halo is one of the most popular video games of all time, mainly because of its extremely popular online game play. Millions of people play Halo games online. Most people playing Halo online are college aged students and this is where our idea for a t-shirt design game in. While in college when the first Halo came out (yes we're old) we witnessed countless dorm floor mates skip class and neglect studying to play Halo online. Grades plummeted and many have dropped out of college solely because Halo took up all their time, although to be fair these people would have found something else interfere with their education had Halo not existed. Are you a Halo fan? You can get the shirt we designed here. Although we chose "I Majored in Halo", there are tons of phrases that could be used on this shirt. Other ones include "Halo, Homework Later" and "Halo Got Me Through College". Enter our designer and add any phrase you want to the shirt. Remember to wear it while you are playing the new HaloODST.

We here at DesignAShirt, while being Halo fans, encourage you to say in school, go to class and do your studying. There will always be time to Halo.

Neil Patrick Harris T-Shirts

The 2009 Emmys came and went last night to almost universal critical praise. It was a stark change over last year's show, which was hosted by five reality TV hosts and was widely considered a complete disaster. This year's host Neil Patrick Harris, best known for his role on CBS' How I Met Your Mother, was given high praise. His opening musical number, Put Down the Remote, in which he sang about the demise of broadcast television, was well received. Survivor host Jeff Probst, who won the Emmy for best reality show host, and Jon Stewart, whose Daily Show won for best comedy/variety show, both took times out of their acceptance speech to praise Harris' hosting of the show.

It has been a big year for Neil Patrick Harris. His work on How I Met Your Mother has always been critically acclaimed, he was nominated for an Emmy this year. With the increasing success of the show Harris' profile has risen in Hollywood. He has already hosted three awards shows this year as well as starring in the short-filminternet sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Harris had been more of a cult figure before his big year, best known for his roles as Doogie Howser, M.D. and the Harold and Kumar moves. Are you a big Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) fan? We decided to design a t-shirt in appreciation for this funny man who has had a big year in Hollywood. Get the t-shirt here.