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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Ted Kennedy T-Shirts

Historic American Senator Ted Kennedy passed away yesterday. Kennedy had served Massachusetts in the Senate for 47 years. He was "one of the historic lions of the US Senate". Kennedy had been through a lot in his half-a-decade as senator. In the first decade of his service he witnessed both his brothers get assassinated. When he looked on his way to a Presidential nomination in 1972 he suffered the famous Chappaquiddick incident at the end of the 60s, in which he fled the scene of an accident and his aspirations for President took a huge hit.

After a turbulent first decade Kennedy settled in to serve four more decades in the Senate. He was a proponent of single-payer health insurance in the 70s. He ran for President in 1980 but lost the nomination to incumbent Jimmy Carter. In his concession speech he famously said "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die". Kennedy is best known recently for teaming up with George W. Bush to pass the No Child Left Behind Act.

We designed this shirt in memory for Kennedy's life and career. We used part of the quote from his famous concession speech as the design for the shirt. If you were a Ted Kennedy fan and want to remember his life and career, you can get the t-shirt here.

I Hate Mondays T-Shirt

Hate MondaysMonday . . . the most dreaded day of the week. Monday has a bad reputation because it starts the work week. After a nice weekend off most everyone returns to work on Monday. Even if one likes their job there is still a good chance they are not looking forward to starting their work week. Since it takes us about a day to adjust to the work schedule we usually go through Monday in somewhat of a fog. Monday is also disliked because it is the first of the five day work week, a reminder that your weekend just ended and it isn't coming back soon.

Poor Monday, what did it ever do to deserve this reputation? Everyone loves Friday, Sunday has football, Saturday is the premier day of the weekend, even Wednesday has a cool nick name, "hump day". What does Monday get? The title of worst and most dreaded day of the week. The movie Office Space put it best, "looks like someone has a case of the Mondays". We aren't the biggest fan of Monday's either, so we decided to design a shirt to satire people's feelings of the day. You can get the shirt here.

Brett Favre T-Shirts

He's baaaaaaack. In a move that probably doesn't shock anyone, Brett Favre returned from what feels like his tenth retirement to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. The Brett Favre saga has been ongoing in the NFL for the last four years. It started as a simple will he or won't he retire from the Green Bay Packers. In the summer of 2008 the Packers didn't want him back and Favre forced a trade to the New York Jets. After a subpar season with the Jets Favre decided to retire again, only to leave the door open to coming out of retirement and playing with the Vikings. After an off-season of rumor, Brett Favre decided he was done with football and retired. That lasted about two weeks until today, when Favre came out of retirement to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

This is obviously the perfect opportunity to make a t-shirt. We went with a simple sports looking shirt with the city name and number on the front, but the back of the jersey (pictured) states "He Is Back" instead of saying his name. An interesting play on the situation. Whether you love him for hate him, there is a Brett Favre t-shirt for you. Get yours here.

SEC Bans Social Media T-Shirts

The most famous conference in college football, the Southeastern Conference (better known as the SEC), has decided to ban all forms of social media from their college stadiums. Their reasoning is that they signed an exclusive deal with CBS, meaning that CBS owns the majority of their media rights. Facebook and Twitter generate large amount media that falls outside of CBS's contract, hence the reason for the ban. If you are going to a SEC game, forget about tweeting or uploading images of the game to Flickr. There are many big time college football programs in this conference including defending champion Florida, LSU, Auburn, Alabama and Georgia.

Forget that fact that this almost an unenforceable rule, how are they going to stop random fans from twittering from their phones? This ban is probably geared more towards the press boxes. It is still curious that the SEC has decided to swim upstream on this one. Banning social media is almost an impossible and counter productive task. Twitter has been a big boon for sporting events, people tweeting about certain games has generated interest and can drive more people to flip on the game. We decided to design a shirt for the occasion. Introducing the new SEC: Social Media Exempt Conference. Get the shirt here.

Who Prints Your Custom T-Shirts?

At DesignAShirt we are proud to have our printing facility connected to our offices. This means that we personally oversee the quality of every t-shirt you order from us. Do you know that not all companies are like this? There are some very prominent custom t-shirt websites that outsource their printing. They serve as middle men in the t-shirt creation process, matching the customer with the design idea (you) to someone who can put that design onto a t-shirt (the printer). These websites allow you to design your t-shirt online, then they send the order to a printer in your area to finish the job. All these t-shirt websites are doing is facilitating a transaction, they aren't actually making your shirt for you.

We print and embroider 99% of our shirts in house. When you design a t-shirt with us we send it right next door to our printing department. Everyday the heads of our printing and embroidery departments meet with the DesignAShirt customer service/ordering department to talk about recent orders that have been assigned to them. Once an order is received a single test t-shirt is printed and the printers confirm with our customer service agents that everything is exactly as you ordered it. They are always working together to make sure you have the best looking t-shirt possible.

If a website is outsourcing their printing to a printer that is likely in another state, how can they have this level of communication and quality control? Perhaps they can talk via telephone or e-mail, but it sure doesn't beat the face-to-face communication that takes place in our offices. When these other websites send the order to the printer, they are no longer totally in control of the process. Going through them means you are going through two different companies, where as DesignAShirt the ordering and printing department are all under one roof.