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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Beer Summit T-Shirts

The arrest of Henry Louis Gates last week pushed the racial divide in this country to the front lines of media coverage and became the focal point for the nation for a few days. President Barack Obama ignited more controversy when he proclaimed that the Cambridge Police Department and officer James Crowley acted "stupidly".

This has currently become a huge issue in America, we aren't taking a stance but we are pretty impressed with Obama's solution to the situation: Having a beer summit. Obama invited both Gates and Barrett to the White House to share a beer and talk through their differences. Beer can be the great equalizer and if more people in this country sat down and talked out their differences over beer the country would probably be a better place. That being said we decided to design a t-shirt to celebrate the beer summit, which might be one of the coolest things to happen in the White House this decade.

Beer us some racial equality! Get the t-shirt here.

Bachelorette T-Shirts

The Bachelor and Bachelorette are two of ABC's most famous shows and two long running reality shows. The show centers around a single man or woman looking for love. This man or woman goes on multiple dates with contestants, eliminating a few every show until only one contestant is left. These two then get married.

The show doesn't always match soul mates, in fact it rarely matches them. Of the 18 seasons of the show (both Bachelor and Bachelorette combined) only five couples are still together. Only one Bachelor contestant is still with the girl he chose, while four Bachelorette contestants are currently with the men they chose. There have been multiple contestants that have refused to pick a mate, leaving the show without a real conclusion.

The show is best known for its rose ceremonies. These happen at the end of each episode when the bachelor or bachelorette give a rose to the contestants that they want to stay. A rose is a symbol of love and we used it as our main design on our Bachelorette t-shirt. This simple design, just one rose on a black t-shirt, indicates the final rose, the one given to the winner. Give a final rose to someone you care about with your very own Bachelorette t-shirt.

Get it here.

Ron Weasly T-Shirts

With the smashing success of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince we have started to notice a rise in custom made Ron Weasly t-shirts. Weasly, portrayed by Rupert Grint in the movies, is quickly becoming a heartthrob for teen girls. The red head is one of the leads in every Harry Potter movie, along with Harry himself and Hermione.

We decided we would throw our heart in the ring and create our own Ron Weasly t-shirt. We have seen a lot of t-shirts out there proclaiming that the wearer wants to bare Ron's children. We decided to design a t-shirt on this design, using Harry Potter font. This t-shirt will be sure to make your Harry Potter friends laugh. Have your own ideas for a Ron Weasly t-shirt? Design it in our Design Studio and see if you can top ours!

Check out the t-shirt here.

TGIF T-Shirts

It's Friday! Thank God It's Friday! Friday is traditionally the happiest day of the work week because, obviously, the work week is over. TGIF has become an expression of relief at the end of a work week, especially if the week has been long and hard. Rumor has it that the phrase originated in the early 70s by a radio station DJ, but it gained popular fame from the 1978 movie Thank God It's Friday.

We decided to design a nifty little TGIF t-shirt to prepare for the weekend. We invite all our customers to design their very own TGIF t-shirts, make something cool and we will show it on the website. Start wearing your TGIF shirts on casual Friday and start the weekend off right!

Now if you'll excuse us, we are going to go back to enjoying our Friday. Pretty soon it will be the weekend!

Check out this TGIF shirt here.

Comic Con T-Shirts

It's Comic Con time. Every year around this time the Comic Con International: San Diego is held. Comic Con is the biggest comic book convention in the world. Comic Con most commonly showcases comic books, sci/fi and fantasy, film/television, anime, video games, toys, collectibles and web. Every year over 100,000 people attend the event.

Comic Con has become a popular venue for companies to show case their latest ventures. Often production companies coming out with comic book/sci-fi movies will have exhibits at this event to promote their movie. Other popular exhibits include new comic books, tv-shows and video games. It is an adult male fantasy playground that is growing in popularity every year.

Celebrate Comic Con 2009 with your very own Comic Con t-shirt. If you are planning to attend the event or want to remember the event fondly, a Comic Con t-shirt is a great way to do such. You can get it here.