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AT&T Holding Back the iPhone T-Shirts

iPhone has announced their latest product, the iPhone 3GS. This newest product in the iPhone line promises the same qualities you loved about the original iPhone while adding new features that the public as been clamoring for. The 3GS finally offers the public an iPhone with MMS support, meaning you can send picture and video texts to all of your friends. It offers tethering, which means you can connect the phone to a computer and use the wireless Internet associated with the iPhone to power your computer's browser. Basically, this makes the iPhone similar to a portable wireless modem. The 3GS also allows you to download iTunes music, movies and TV shows from the iTunes store onto your iPhone. The 3GS may very well be the most versatile phone in the history of telephone communication.

The problem? AT&T;, which has an exclusive contract with Apple to be the only service for these phones, isn't offering any of these features. If you want MMS, you are going to have to wait until AT&T; incorporates it later in the summer. The tethering function is very cool, but AT&T; will not be offering it at this time. AT&T; also has one of the slowest Internet speeds of all providers, meaning that downloading from the iTunes store is probably going to take forever.

The improvements that Apple is making to their iPhone could revolutionize a generation, but they are stuck out at sea because AT&T; is a giant anchor impeding their progress. Are you an iPhone user that is sick of AT&T;? Show your disgust with our iPhone t-shirt.

Father's Day T-Shirts Savings

Father's Day Gift Trivia

Father's Day is just around the corner, time to start racking your brain for a good Father's Day gift idea. We know what you are thinking: tie, tools and a card. These are not bad gift ideas, but they are totally common. Don't you want to get your father something different this year? This year it's time to buck the norm and do something truly memorable. We would like to help you by giving a coupon for 10% OFF with Code DAD09.

Common Father's Day Gifts

Be Creative

What's not on the list of most common Father's Day gifts? A custom t-shirt. We challenge you to get a little creative this year. Neckties, cards and tools are nice, but you could be original and design your father his very own t-shirt. A custom Father's Day t-shirt is a way to truly make this Father's Day memorable. SAVE 10% OFF with Code DAD09.

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I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here T-Shirt

NBC will debut their newest reality TV show tonight; I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. This show used to air on ABC, but NBC has decided to repackage it as their own show. It consists of a Survivor/Big Brother type reality show where celebrities are dropped into Costa Rica and forced to mend for themselves. The contestants have to make friends, preform tasks and do anything they can to "survive".

The roster includes such fringe celebrities as Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Stephen Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, former pro wrestler Torrie Wilson, former pro basketball player John Salley, Patricia Blagojevich and other lesser known celebrities. Celebrate the premier of this show with your very own t-shirt that pokes fun at the quasi celebrity status these people enjoy. Use our template as a starting point for your own I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here t-shirt. CLICK HERE to edit the shirt. Because Its Not Google

Microsoft officially launched their newest web search tool today, titled Bing. In the past Microsoft's search engine has been known as MSN Search and Windows Live Search. Today, Window's Live search officially switched over to Bing. Microsoft claims that Bing will be a "decision engine". What exactly is a decision engine? According to Bing, it is a "powerful set of intuitive tools on top of a world class search service, which will help you make smarter, faster decisions."

On Bing's launch day a popular phrase has been circling the Internet, stating that Bing is an acronym for 'Because Its Not Google". Bing is marketing itself as an alternative to Google, maybe that is the reason they chose the name Bing. If you are a fan of Bing, or just looking for another search engine, then we have the shirt for you. Be the envy of tech circles and stick it to Google with this funny t-shirt. If you are anti-Bing and a Google fan, use our template and edit the shirt to say "But Its Not Google". The possibilities are truly endless.

In honor of Bing Launch Day, DesignAShirt gives you the Bing Launch Day Shirt.