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Artie Lange Joe Buck Live T-Shirt

Artie Lange Crosses Line On Joe Buck Live

Last night was the first ever episode of Joe Buck Live, a new HBO show hosted by baseball and football play by play man Joe Buck. The show, which replaces Costas Now, is designed to be a hour long talk show discussing sports. Joe Buck had a big guest for his debut show, former Jets and Packers' quarterback Brett Favre. None of that will be remembered, however, as comedian Artie Lang stole the show.

Joe Buck invited Lange on to discuss sports and entertainment, but Lange spent the entire show making vulgar remarks and antagonizing Joe Buck. He made homosexual remarks about Buck and Tony Romo, called Jessica Simpson a "fat chick" and told Buck his show wouldn't make it past four episodes. At one point Joe Buck told Artie Lang to take his feet of the table, to which Artie Lang replied "'I'm trying to get comfortable. Somebody should look natural on this show."

If you are an Artie Lang fan or a Joe Buck hater, this is the t-shirt for you. Always remember what Artie Lang did to Joe Buck on the first episode of his own show. Get the t-shirt of what will be one of the most talked about events in the sports world for the next few days.

Hungover from the Hangover T-Shirts

The Hangover is the break out comedy hit of the summer. The movie has garnered a ton of buzz since its June 5th release and made $47 million on its opening weekend. The movie is directed by Old School director Todd Phillips and has been hailed to as a return to form by Phillips.

In case you haven't turned on a TV in a month and seen the preview, the Hangover is about four friends who go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. They wake up the next morning hungover and find that the man of the hour is missing and they have no memory of the night. They end up having to piece together the night through a series of encounters that they have during the following morning. The movie stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha.

If you are a fan of this movie like we are, celebrate with your own "I'm Hungover" shirt. It's sure to get a laugh from your friends and be a conversation starter at bars.

DTV Digital TV Transition T-Shirt

Analog is Dead!
2th 2009 is the day that analog died. TV finally made its long awaited switch from analog to digital today, meaning the bunny ear antennas that you have been using for the last twenty years will no longer be a viable option. The world of TV has advanced to the future, digital tuners are all the rage and now they are the only option if you want to receive a signal to your TV.

This is a historic change in the American TV landscape as TV had been analog broadcasting for 80 years. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the change as not every household is ready to handle it. Those paying for cable or satellite TV don't have to worry about anything. The main problem group are the disabled, elderly and the poor who may not have the means or the wherewithal to get a digital converter box. There are multiple television stations that still aren't ready for the transition, even though it was delayed by four months.

Welcome to the new era of TV broadcasting, digital. Analog is dead. Celebrate with this DTV T-Shirt.

John Ziegler Cut the Mic Please T-Shirt

Sarah Palin is back in the news. She was recently the victim of a brutal attack on comedian David Letterman's late night talk show. Letterman's jokes about Palin created a lot of controversy and Palin went on John Ziegler's radio show to talk about the comments. After that show Ziegler went on MSNBC to talk about Palin and that is when the fireworks really started.

Ziegler apparently went on MSNBC for one sole reason: to disparage the network. He doesn't seem totally interested in answering questions as much as he wants get in shots about MSNBC, calling them "Barack Obama's official network". The interviewer, Contessa Brewer, spent most of the segment trying to conduct an interview around Ziegler's potshots. An obviously frustrated Brewer attempts to end the interview, but Ziegler won't stop talking. At this point Brewer asks the studio to "cut the mic, please".

"Cut the mic, please" is going to be a buzzword for the next few weeks. We can't stop laughing when we hear it and we hope it enters our vernacular. That being said we decided to design a t-shirt based on this hilarious saying. Enjoy!

DesignAShirt is not set to a certain political party. This article is only a funny event that happened.

Kendra Pregnant T-Shirt

Kendra's Pregnant!
Former star of the reality show The Girls Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant! She and her finance, pro football player Hank Baskett, announced that they are expecting. The baby is expected to be born on Christmas Day 2009, does that make this a miracle baby? Probably not.

Celebrate Kendra's pregnancy with a t-shirt commemorating the moment. Are you a huge fan of The Girls Next Door? If you watched the show for Kendra and plan on watching her newest reality show then you are probably emotionally invested in her life. What better way to show your excitement about her upcoming pregnancy with your very own t-shirt. Own a piece of pop culture with this t-shirt, or use it as a template and design your very own Kendra is Pregnant t-shirt.