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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Wimbledon 2009 T-Shirts

Wimbledon is the oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world and it is back for its 2009 installment. It was first played in 1877 and is now in its 132nd year. Wimbledon contains a 128 player tournament field (64 teams for match play) that crowns a champion every year. Wimbledon is one of the four "Grand Slam" tennis tournaments along with the US Open, French Open and Australian Open. It is the only major tennis championship still played on a grass court.

Some Wimbledon fast facts:

  • Rafael Nadal, for the men, and Venus Williams, for the women, are the reigning champions.
  • Pete Samparas and William Renshaw have won a record seven men's Wimbledon championships.
  • Renshaw holds the record for most consecutive men's titles in a row with six.
  • Martina Navratilova have won a record nine women's Wimbledon championships and a record six women's championships in a row.

Celebrate tennis' most historic and popular tournament with a Wimbledon t-shirt.

Gorgeous Twitter T-Shirts

Twitter is now gorgeous! The latest trend that has hit the micro blogging site is a visualization of tweets. Different tweets have been used to create works of art on the internet.The visualization of tweets have morphed into Gorgeous Twitter, tweets that are nice to look at!

Different software packages that manipulate twitter in their own unique way are getting more visual. Just Landed is a prime example. Just Landed is a service that finds any tweet that proclaims where someone has just landed and visualizes it on a 3D map. Other services and software are coded to look for specific words in tweets and make a nice visual picture out of them.

Gorgeous Twitter is currently a trending topic on Twitter. Are you a Gorgeous Twitter? Show yourself off with this unique t-shirt and be at the cutting edge of Twitter technology.

Kate & 8, Plus Date T-Shirt

John and Kate Plus 8 is coming to an end. Rumor has it the two reality TV stars are getting a divorce. Apparently John has been partying with college girls and Kate has been sleeping around with other men. What is on most people's minds is what is going to happen to their reality show if the two get divorced?

John and Kate Plus 8 started as a special on the Discovery Health channel about John and Kate Gosselin and their recently born sextuplets, bringing their child total to eight. The original special, Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, was so popular that the two got their own reality show. It originally aired on Discovery Health but has since been airing on TLC.

Is the new season of this show going to be about Kate trying to get a date? What will happen to the children? Wear the t-shirt that predicts the upcoming season and tune in when new episodes are announced.

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Shaq and Lebron NBA Title T-Shirt

LeBron and Shaq Team Up

The Phoenix Suns have traded NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland, who was favored to win the NBA title last year, is now going to pair LeBron James with Shaq. LeBron is the most visible player in the NBA but has come just short of winning a title the past few years. It is often said that LeBron didn't have a worthy sidekick to help him win it all. It was clear in the Cavaliers' loss to the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA playoffs that LeBron had no help.

The Cavaliers finally got LeBron some help in four time NBA champion Shaq. Shaq is one of the greatest players ever and although he is still old he has what it takes to compete. Shaq was an All NBA Third Team selection last year while playing for the Phoenix Suns and he is going to give the Cavs another scoring option and a superior post presence.

Celebrate the union of Shaq and LeBron with your very own t-shirt.

Introducing the DesignAShirt Value Tee

Brand Name Tee at Low Prices

This summer is introducing to you the DesignAShirt value tee. has received these high quality brand name shirts from a company well known in the industry but have stripped them of their marketing value. The name of this company alone increases the price of the shirt; now that DesignAShirt removed their marketing from the process we can pass the savings along to you. These 5.4 ounce custom t-shirts are available to you at a lower cost than they would be if they were received directly from the brand name. The 5.4 ounce DesignAShirt value tee is the first of its kind that we have offered to you. This new endeavor will allow you to save money while still receiving the quality t-shirt that you deserve.

5.4 Ounce T-Shirt

The 5.4 ounce t-shirt is a high quality t-shirt that is lighter and allows the wearer to be cooler and more flexible. During the hot summer months nothing is going to feel better than wearing a 5.4 ounce custom t-shirt with a design you created. The new DesignAShirt value tee has arrived just in time for the summer and is the answer to all of your custom t-shirt needs.

Get a Custom T-Shirt

Demand for custom t-shirts historically rise during the summer months. Whether you have a family reunion, a party, or want to promote your business or sports team; the summer is the best time to order custom t-shirts. We have long offered you many options when it comes to designing a shirt; this is just our latest option to you. We are ready to meet your design needs and hope that our new 5.4 ounce value t-shirt can do just that. Take advantage of our offer and design our t-shirt today.

As spring turns to summer wants to welcome you to the Summer of Screen Printing. Summer has long been the most popular time of year for people to make custom t-shirts. Summer is often alive with events, including social events, sporting events and family reunions. These types of events increase the demand for custom t-shirts, as more and more people are designing a shirt specifically for their event. A unique custom designed t-shirt allows a certain one of a kind feeling at these summer events and provides a keepsake to all participants.