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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Palm Pre Launch Date T-Shirts

The date June 6th is known throughout history as D-Day, the day that the Allied forces stormed Normandy Beach in 1944. In the world of technology, June 6th is now known as the day the new Palm Pre will be released.

The Palm Pre is the newest hyped phone to hit the market in recent years. Following the success of other smart phones like the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm, the Palm Pre hopes to make a big splash in the mobile phone market. This t-shirt plays off the significance of its release date, June 6th, also being the date D-Day happened. Since many people are going to be camping out to get their Palm Pre on June 6th, the shirt dubs the day "Pre-Day". A caricature of the Palm Pre sits in the middle of the shirt, between the text, for maximum view ability.

Get your Palm Pre t-shirt today, or start editing this design.

Robling Architecture T-Shirt Design Review

Robling Architecture Construction is ready to put themselves on the map with this unique and slick looking t-shirt design. The first thing that stands out is the company name, which is backed by a unique background. The background initially contains three lines that spread the height of the letters, much like practice handwriting paper we all received in grade school. Behind the Robling font are aiming target like circles that give the shirt an unmatched feel. The white on black color design is simple yet classy.

We were all really excited when we saw how this shirt initially turned out. It is a good looking shirt that we feel could become a popular template for our business t-shirts.

Tony Kornheiser T-Shirts

Breaking news in the world of sports today, Tony Kornheiser is out as a Monday Night Football broadcaster. Replacing him is former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and Super Bowl champion Jon Gruden. Gruden was fired by Tampa Bay at the end of the 2008 season.

Many people didn't like Tony Kornheiser as a broadcaster. Kornheiser made his name as a writer, radio host and humorist. He is best known for his show, Pardon the Interruption (PTI), where he often has humorous takes on current sports stories. Did you consider Tony Kornheiser a failure? This t-shirt creatively plays off of the Monday Night Football theme by claiming Kornheiser is a Monday Night "Failure". The font and color scheme closely mirror that of ESPN, which is the network that broadcasts Monday Night Football and PTI. If you weren't a fan of Tony Kornheiser as a broadcaster then this t-shirt sums up your feelings perfectly.

The t-shirt may be a bit harsh, but it is a creative design that humorously pokes fun at Tony Kornheiser's legacy as a football broadcaster. Interested in the shirt?

CLICK HERE to purchase or edit the template.

Annie Middle School T-Shirt Design Review

This shirt is as unique of a design that you will see for a middle school choir shirt. The color scheme is simple enough, a red base with white lettering and a black skyline across the chest. The main text of the shirt, "Annie" is outlined in white while the letters are actually the same color as the background of the shirt.

This is a choir shirt, but it is unique because of the skyline. It is a really interesting design that makes the shirt stand out. If you like this template you can use it to make your own shirt, swapping out the main text and bottom text. If you have a design in mind that incorporates a city skyline, you should consider using this as a template.

Peace Out: T-Shirt Design Review

Peace Out Friends! This unique design captures the spirit of the Hippie Culture and modernizes it for anyone to wear today. The shirt contains a very creative design, a bed of lowers that is outlined by a green heart. The shirt is of classic pink design, making this a popular design for woman to wear.

This shirt's color scheme screams Easter and is perfect to wear in the Spring months. The slogan is particularly creative as it has two meanings: peace and goodbye. Share your passion for peace, or tell your friends to "peace out". This shirt is now available on our website for you to buy. This shirt is also a template you can use to start designing your very own peace out shirt.

That's about it for this shirt . . . Peace!