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Kyrene Mariposa 2009 T-Shirts

Kyrene de la Mariposa has been recognized before as one of the top elementary schools in Arizona. The first time was in 2004 and to celebrate the entire student body lined up to form an "A+" in celebration of the honor. Although it is very rare to be named a repeat winner of this award, Kyrene de la Mariposa managed to win this honor again in 2009.

Being named one of the top elementary schools in Arizona is not an easy award to get. Every year the Arizona Educational Foundation names a few schools as A+ Schools of Excellence. It is an extremely regarded award that involves a rigorous application and selection process just to be considered. Schools are chosen for the award based on student focus and support; active teaching; curriculum; leadership, parent involvement; community involvement; and assessment data.

When Kyrene was named an A+ school for a second time a large celebration was in order because it is extremely rare for a school to win this award twice. Kyrene decided to celebrate by having their student body form an "A++", the two plus marks signifying their repeat win of the award. Kyrene de la Mariposa used DesignAShirt for their t-shirts for this event. At DesignAShirt we are proud to be helping out such a fine school and we hope that Kryene de la Mariposa is getting ready for an "A+++" in 2010! Good job, Kyrene!

Navy Advancement Center Site Down T-Shirts

Site Down, Site Down!

The United States Navy is trained for numerous scenarios, but one they are having trouble dealing with today is a server issue. The key online resource for the Navy Advancement Exam, (this URL is down) , has been down today. This website is key resource for Navy members to use to advance their knowledge for the exams. With the website not working, there is no definitive resource to use as study material. The website is also a key information site for the Navy.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this site failure is that it comes during Fleet Week. Fleet Week is an event held in New York City that started and Wednesday and runs through Sunday. It is a promotion for the Navy and Marine Corps. Different Navy demonstrations, contests and performances are held all throughout this week. Civilians attending this event get a first hand look at how the Navy works and the chance to tour some Naval ships. Fleet Week is one of the more important weekends each year for the Navy, a time to promote their branch of the armed forces.

There isn't a worse time for this website to be down. Fleet Week sends a lot of traffic to this site. Let's hope the nation's finest Naval brains can come together and solve this problem!

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Anything that is relevant to t-shirts we are going to tweet about. We may even give you a little inside look at how our company operates via our tweets.

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Save My Name Is EARL T-Shirts

We are as bummed out as anyone that NBC decide to cancel My Name is Earl. We are going to miss the Earl, Randy, Joy, Catalina and of course Crabman! My Name is Earl enjoyed four seasons on NBC and it was one of the most unique shows we've ever seen here at DesignAShirt. We loved the unique premise, the colorful characters and the corky town they inhabited. We laughed anytime Randy did anything, what a funny dude!

It's time for us Earl fans to band together and help save the show! There is already a twitter account set up to help save the show. We want to do our part with a Save Earl t-shirt. If fans of the NBC show Chuck managed to save their show, then we can Save Earl!

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Family Reunion Tips and Savings

The summer months are now upon us, that means family reunion season is going to be in full swing soon. At DesignAShirt one of our busiest seasons is the summer family reunion season. Families look to make unique t-shirts that will create lasting memories of their reunion. You can Save $20 OFF your family reunion t-shirt orders this summer with Coupon Code: FAM09

Planning Your Reunion

Planning a family reunion is a daunting task. The bigger the reunion the harder it is going to be to plan this event. A good way to start is creating a family reunion committee. A committee will consist of a few family members that will help you plan the event. On your committee should be members of your family that you know are motivated, will stay on task and get their jobs done.

Type of Reunions

You are going to have to choose the type of family reunion you want. The simplest of reunions can consist of a BBQ at a family members house or in a nearby park. These are popular because they are easy to plan and they are cost effective. If you want to go in doors you can always have a big dinner at a nice restaurant or reserve a room in a hotel, this will cost you a little more money.

Looking to go all out for your reunion? A big family reunion is hard to plan and will probably cost a lot, but it is going to be a surefire hit with your family. If you have a large amount of family coming you may want to plan certain events, reserve a big venue and perhaps even have live entertainment. Family reunion vacations are always popular if you can get all members of the family to commit the time and travel to a certain location. If you want a reunion that will really knock the socks off your family, then planning a big one is the way to go.

Design Your Shirt

If you are having a family reunion, you are going to need a t-shirt. Designing a family reunion t-shirt is your chance to show your creativity. A good t-shirt will carry with it memories from your reunion for years. DesignAShirt's very own Design Studio has all the tools you need to create a unique family reunion t-shirt. Popular shirt ideas usually consist of a logo or artwork that is identifiable with the family, as well as a slogan that suits your family. Usually the date is listed somewhere on the shirt, whether it be the front or back. The name of the family is featured prominently on most shirts. Save $20 OFF your family reunion t-shirts with the Coupon Code: FAM09

Need some ideas? CHECK OUT some family reunion designs.