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The Fine Print: Let's talk about tees!

Summer Staff T-Shirt Design

summer custom t-shirtsSummertime is all about letting loose, enjoying the heat, and floating in the pool. As a t-shirt for a summer camp, this t-shirt is perfect for the hottest months of the year.

The electric blue tee is a perfect visual representation of the water. Additionally, the white text stands out against the brightness of the blue. However, the real perfection of this shirt is the multi-toned wave rolling behind the text.

The teal and raspberry colors are fresh and compliment the electric blue and the wave shape looks nautical and surf-ready. All of the summery aspects to this t-shirt make it a sure favorite.

High School T-Shirt Design

high school custom t-shirtshigh school custom t-shirtsHigh school t-shirts are an important aspect to student life and school spirit. Thus, the that represent the t-shirts high school must accurately represent the school in a spirited and fun way. This t-shirt for Lytale High School is both animated and appropriate for high school teenagers. The blue color used is most likely a school color and the lighting bolt is clearly the school’s mascot; both of these components allow students to display school spirit. In addition, the bold statement on the back is strong and youthful. The statement is the strongest part of the t-shirt and is a clear representation of a strong, competitive school.

Tigers, Roses As Gifts, Oh My! Design

Designed as a gift, this t-shirt encompasses the current trend in custom t-shirt designs. The current trend draws inspiration from the past while still looking contemporary.

With tattoo-style art that includes a leaping tiger, a red rose, and a mass of swirls located on the lowest part of the back, the style of this t-shirt embraces the vintage, edgy look that is extremely popular now.

Further, the large oak tree on the front adds a naturalist flair while still maintaining the rebellious look. Overall, this t-shirt is young, trendy, and fresh.

Vote Stargel Political T-Shirt Design

political custom t-shirtspolitical custom t-shirtsPolitical T-shirts for candidates are not only popular, but a necessity. Candidates use t-shirts as advertising and publicizing, so the design displayed on the shirt must be strong, bold, and patriotic.

This political t-shirt for a candidate is comprehensive of all these attributes. First, the color of the actual t-shirt and most of the text is blue. As the color that represents trustworthiness, dependability, and safety, blue is a key color to use to convey that the candidate is also trustworthy, dependable, and protective.

The use of red draws viewers' eyes to the shirt and the patriotic symbols (the Statue of Liberty, the flag, and the star) display the pride that the candidate has for his country. The patriotic colors and symbols publicly empowers the candidate for which this shirt was designed.

SPLASH Lifeguard T-Shirt Design

lifeguard custom t-shirtslifeguard custom t-shirtsWhen designing custom t-shirts, companies frequently stylize according to their demographic and the ideas they wish to project as a corporation.

Additionally, the red t-shirt is bold and bright. This easily allows for the lifeguards to be easily seen in the event of an emergency while still being youthful and summery.