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Remembering Loved Ones with Memorial T-Shirts

memorial t-shirts

Losing a loved one is a life altering experience that changes your perspective. Shock, grief, loneliness, and anger are emotions many people describe feeling immediately. It’s normal to feel protective of their memory as tangible connections have been lost.

Showing love and gratitude to the deceased is traditionally realized through flowers, elaborate burial arrangements, wakes, and celebrations. Some people create more permanent memorials in the form of statuary, memorial plaques, or even donating to charities on their loved ones behalf as a way to share and amplify the memory of their loss.

These are not always viable options for limited budgets though. Memorializing loved ones with t-shirts may be something that is more popular with millennials and even younger generations as the loss of someone in that age group is more likely to be unexpected and unusually tragic.

In these cases we often see people scrambling to raise funds for funeral and other expenses related to unexpected death. Fundraising for funeral expenses with t-shirts is one avenue people consider. This may be particularly successful if there is a large network of family and friends that can be tastefully enticed to give more in exchange for a memorial t-shirt.

When pricing memorial t-shirts for fundraising efforts, it’s important to recognize that full color pictures are not typically done with screen printing. Full color images are created with digital printing and are not the most cost effective option for fundraising.

There are creative possibilities for recreating the deceased portrait on a t-shirt without paying the cost of digital printing. Using a halftone image for screen printing is one of the most cost effective ways to use a photorealistic image on a shirt. Halftones reproduce tonal effects with varying sizes of dots.

halftone for screenprinting

These can be printed using only one ink color which saves a substantial amount of money without sacrificing the appearance of a photograph. This method will allow you to use most of the raised funds for the cause at hand.

Another low cost option is to use a simple memorial slogan with tasteful clip art, the name of your loved one, and the dates of birth and passing. Some templates of tasteful memorial designs can be found here. Everyone has their own viewpoint on what is tasteful and it may be defined by personality of the deceased.

Choosing to print on a white t-shirt versus any other color including the traditional funerary black will save money as well. While many people believe that black denotes respectful grief, you may not realize that white is the symbol of purity, heaven, hope, light, and spirituality.

plain white t-shirt

Funerals are not easily planned and the timeline is not of our choosing. If memorial t-shirts are needed quickly, we will do our best to accommodate and keep costs down.

Some people choose to include a quote familiarly used by their loved one or a quote from a famous author or a religious theme. Here are a few very popular ideas for an in loving memory t-shirt.

  • In Loving Memory
  • Love is Eternal
  • Life is not Forever, Love is
  • Forever in our Hearts
  • Too well Loved to Ever be Forgotten
  • Asleep in Jesus’ Arms

For those left behind, the anniversary of a loved ones passing holds special meaning. After the initial grieving period is over and friends and family go back to their normal lives, it’s natural to feel the need bring your loved ones passing back to mind.

We’ve seen instances where a loved one’s art was printed on t-shirts and given to friends and family on the anniversary of the passing. Or if an illness took the life of a loved one, custom t-shirts for memorial walks and runs can bond participants together while memorializing the person that was lost.

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