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Friday Is Just The Beginning

2018 Black Friday Deals

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Where Did "Black Friday" Come From?

It starts shortly after your Thanksgiving dinner, when you are waiting in line at 3 a.m., swallowing large amounts of coffee to counteract the turkey induced tryptophan. It starts when the store's doors open at a ridiculously early hour and masses of people flood into it, seeking the biggest discounts of the year. This isn't a sale, its mass hysteria, and it doesn't go away for an entire month. It's the biggest, most intense, most brutal and most rewarding shopping day of the year. It's the official start of Christmas season. It is simply referred to as Black Friday. This infamous day falls on November 28th this year, are you ready?

The term Black Friday can be traced back to the middle 20th century, and was made popular by retail employees. A somewhat negative connotation was used for the day because it was the hardest, most intense retail-working day of the year. While their families were enjoying a day off, retail employees were getting ready to deal with a non-stop mass of shoppers. The term gained famed with everyone as even shoppers dread the day, knowing that an early wakeup call is required and the entire day will be spent competing, fighting and jockeying for position when it comes to the amazing, once-a-year sales that happen on this day.

There is no need to fear Black Friday anymore, with the prevalence of online shopping most of the hard work can be removed. At, you can bypass the large crowds and do all your shopping online. Benefits include:

  1. No early wake-up call, you can sleep in!
  2. No standing in line in the early hours of the morning waiting for a store to open its doors
  3. No large crowds and unruly shoppers to deal with
  4. No finding your desired product is sold out and realizing you just wasted a colossal amount of time. It is a Black Friday worst nightmare, but it won't happen to you online.
  5. No more missing precious time with your family because you are at the mall.
  6. Don't fret over Black Friday anymore, do all your shopping online. The day after Thanksgiving should be for rest and relaxation, not stressful shopping.

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