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Autism is a development disorder that originates in the brain that usually affects young children. It has become much more publicized in recent years. Autism usually consists of impaired social interaction and communication. Some current facts about autism, courtesy of

There is no known cause for autism. There is no way to predict it. All we can do is raise money for Autism research and hope someone finds critical information about it. Raising awareness for autism has become a popular cause this decade. Many people want to bring attention to this condition, educate families how to cope with it and raise money to fight it. Autism walks are fantastic ways to raise this capital and awareness for the disease.

If you’re part of a group, hosting an autism awareness walk or run can increase your value and credibility within the group. Organizing an autism awareness event should be fun and rewarding but to make it a success evaluate the following before sending out invitations.

When choosing a date make sure to consider possible conflicts or other factors that might impact turnout like holidays, coinciding popular events, and whether school is in session.

Choose a route that will be easily accessible and will offer the least danger from traffic.

Don’t go overboard with the length of the walk or run. A reasonable distance is about 5K for people of most physical fitness levels.

Do reach out to local businesses for sponsorships and set tiers with perks ascending from lowest to highest. Perks can include mentions on social, their logos imprinted on your autism awareness t-shirts, and banners displayed at the event.

Reach out to local media to see if they will help to promote your event. Create a Facebook event page and ask friends and neighbors to help build momentum on social.

For people that cannot attend your Autism walk or run you can still encourage participation by hosting pre-events at venues like local restaurants. You could organize a neighborhood BBQ, a kite flying festival, skate night, or a swim party.

Contact people in groups that already have a passion for social walking or running such as organized Facebook groups.

Contact local sorority and fraternity groups as they typically have community services mandated as part of their membership.

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