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I like this website even though it is kind of high but the shirts comes a day early 

Adazah J. | Aug 21, 2016

Customer Rating:

My order came out perfect. Thanks for nice job done. 

Kathleen F. | Aug 20, 2016

Customer Rating: exceptional experience. I am a return customer. I designed shirts last year for my sister's trip and was so pleased with the experience that I wanted to repeat it. This was so much fun easy to do and then receiving a quality product. We received many compliments on our shirts. I had already designed shirts for this years trip with friends but didn't submit the order yet and wanted to do another special and different one for the trip. I designed the shirt and was so pleased with the results. After I designed the shirt and submitted the order, I went again to look at it. I realized that I didn't place the figures correctly. I got in touch with Amber at help center/customer service and explained that I already put in the orders and wanted to know if I could have one adjusted. Amber assured me that it can be done. Later that day I got an email from Amber about the positioning of wording on this shirt and the other design I ordered. The wording on both shirts was not in the normal range. Amber asked me if I wanted to keep as is...or send a measured adjustment...or leave it up to the art team. I had the art team use their judgement. Best choice. This shirt and the other ones I ordered came out amazing. I am so pleased. Not only do you have a great experience designing an original, one of a kind, get a quality product with beautiful printing....and great customer service to receive the best results in what you designed. Thank you Desing a Shirt and Amber for all your care and concern in providing such great and making satisfied and repeat customers. 

Marylou S. | Aug 19, 2016

Customer Rating:

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Cask & Ash

As a member of a newly formed scotch and cigar club, I wanted to create t-shirts to add another element of fun to the group. Playing around with your t shirt software was so easy and fun! I was able to scale art, choose type and layer elements. Distressing the type and images gave a weathered appearance overall to the graphic. In short, the club fell in love with the design and now we have a logo for our group and everyone wants more t shirts!

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