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Recent Testimonials

Love these shirts. Design a shirt did an awesome job setting up the artwork and printing. Thank you! 

Peggy T. | Jul 26, 2020

Customer Rating:

This canvas tote is super cute and design a shirt did an awesome job seeing up the artwork and printing. Thank you! 

Peggy T. | Jul 26, 2020

Customer Rating:

4.5 stars, but I rounded up! I loved how easy it was to design the shirt, and then, to save it. Then ordering it was pretty easy. Design A Shirt is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, and has a A+ rating by the BBB. Now I see why. Although the shirts were on the more expensive side, the quality of the shirts was very high. The only things I didn't like was: (A) it was a day late, and (B) tracking numbers were wrong on the website. However, in defense of point A, I was called and ASKED if I was flexible with time. I had ordered 6 shirts, and they were set to be delivered on a Friday. However, Design A Shirt was backlogged a bit, and called to see if I could be flexible, and have it delivered on Saturday. I was fine with that, so I ended up receiving them on a Saturday around 10:30a (which was earlier than I expected—it was set to be delivered that Saturday at 4:30p). So, all in all, I am very happy with how my shirts turned out. If I need to make more shirts, I would definitely look here! 

Asia M. | Jul 25, 2020

Customer Rating:

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