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Recent Testimonials

We love everyone at Design A Shirt and Anton Sport! Best quality and fast turn-around time. Always pleasant to work with. 

Lorelei B. | Oct 18, 2016

Customer Rating:

Print Quality: 4 1/2 stars Customer Service: 5 Stars Packaging: 2 Stars Print quality was overall great. On the right owl wing, some places a very faint white bleed through. Bit overall not very noticeable. Maybe, my expectations were very high based on online reviews of DesignAShirt. Based on my experience from a prior order with a different design, I will certainly hesitate printing anything with fine lettering that is not white. This print had large lettering so there were no hiccups here. Customer service was great. Samantha was very helpful as was the other staff who I spoke to over the phone. I ordered 36 t-shirts --the box arrived quite a bit squashed. I guess, maybe it was the poor quality of the cardboard box. Most of the t-shirts were gifts, so I had to iron\press each t-shirt because of the poor\squashed packaging. A prior order of 24 t-shirts came in a much better quality box and the package was fine. 

B | Oct 16, 2016

Customer Rating:

I sent you guys a fairly crappy, low-resolution image, so I was skeptical about how it would turn out. But the t-shirts turned out amazing! You guys must have done some extra work to get them looking so sharp. Will recommend to friends and order again. I'm really impressed. 

Jordan E. | Oct 15, 2016

Customer Rating:

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Taxidermy Tee

I run my own taxidermy business. I designed this howling wolf logo to represent my business and used Design A shirt to create just what I wanted! Here is me and my husband showing off these awesome shirts!

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